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Winter WonderFest 2013 Macross Stage images and summary


As previously announced, two Macross-themed talk/stage shows were streamed live through Nico Nico on Sunday, courtesy of Max Factory and the Good Smile Company to promote the new Macross 30 game, some Nendroid figures and a Sheryl statue, featuring  the Macross newcomer, Haruka Chisuga and friends.

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The first stage in the late afternoon began at 4:35pm and began with a rendition of Planet Dance by Yoshiki Fukuyama.  He was without his band or even guitar, and they just played the BGM track and he sang over it with the normal PA mic.  The sound quality was therefore not the best by any means, but the spiritia was there.

nico nico2

After that, he and the over-enthusiastic host welcomed onto the stage Miss Haruka Chisuga, winner of the Miss Macross 30 Singer Wing and  star of the forthcoming new game “Macross 30″.

nico3 nico4 nico5 nico6

Miss Chisuga looked nervous, and admitted as much, as this was only her second public appearance.  Things kept moving on, however, and next the emcee announced that they would take this opportunity to reveal upcoming products, namely character figures.  When the staff brought the tables onto the stage, Fukuyama did a bit where he suddenly started proclaiming how amazing these things were, gasping, “OMG this is so AWESOME”, to which the host replied, “er, no, these are just tables.  The figures are coming…”

The Nendoroids and Sheryl figures were brought out on display and Fukuyama and Chisuga were asked their impressions.  Chisuga commented that Sheryl’s ass was pert.

nico7 nico8 nico9 nico10

Then it was Chisuga’s turn to sing, and though her voice was somewhat wavering because of the nerves, it was a good heartfelt performance.  You could tell she was starting to taste the magical feeling of her dreams slowly being realized.

nico11 nico12 nico13 nico14

The performance was accompanied by a Macross 30 promotion video projected behind her, featuring a lot of new footage.

nico15 nico16 nico17 nico18

After that it was time for Fukuyama to close the event, and he did this by singing Holy Lonely Light and Dynamite Explosion.

nico20 nico21

During the break, there was one major announcement, and that was the revelation that there would be another “Macross Crossover Live”, this time with a “30″ added at the end, to be held on July 13th, 2013.  More details here:

nico22 nico23

Later at night was a longer talk session with Haruka Chisuga and producer Shiro Sasaki, head of the Flying Dog label.  We got a closer/better look at the promotion video for Macross 30 and Mr. Sasaki had some interesting stories to tell, reminiscing about Kentaro Haneda, and even mentioning how Macross II was somewhat of a failure but still has good music and it is close to his heart, like all other Macross series.

nico24 nico25 nico26 nico27

At this point, May’n joined the table and Chisuga revealed herself to be a giddy May’n fangirl.  Frontier was all the rage when she was in high school and she idolized her, singing “What ’bout my star” (which was a subject of discussion in itself regarding its correct pronunciation).  She also mentioned she had preordered tickets to the May’n documentary movie and was at that moment wearing the T-shirt that was given away with preorders.  When May’n asked if she was a fanclub member, Chisuga enthusiastically responded that she was.

nico28 nico29

The presenter at this point noted that this was almost bizarrely identical to the first encounter between Ranka and Sheryl in the show.  Then he compared it to what it would be like if Amuro met Banagher, a reference which he soon after questioned, “too geeky? Sorry”, and to which Mr. Sasaki responded, “yeah, wrong show, dude”.

nico30 nico31 nico32 nico33

Then, once again it was advert time, meaning that we got industry people to show us the latest hobby wares.  These were the same figures shown in the afternoon, but May’n and Sasaki were seeing them up close for the first time.  This time it was May’n who made her big reveal, coming out as a closet figure collector.  Apparently she loves Nendoroids and character figures, and was very excited to see the enormous Sheryl figure.

Chisuga once again commented on Sheryl’s pert ass.

nico34 nico35 nico36nico37nico38

After another quick round of plugs for Chisuga’s CD, May’n’s DVD and Mr. Sasaki reminding us about the Macross Crossover Live 30, the session was over.

Overall, it was a nice way to promote not just the products, but to give insights into the personalities of the people involved.  I imagine May’n and Chisuga’s enthusiasm carried over to the young Macross fans, making them relatable and approachable.


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