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Hasegawa rereleases their 1/72 VF-11 B thunderbolt, now with Fast Packs

Sorry about the lack of toy and models updates… aside from the VF-4G, The 19F and P from Yamato and the find it or suck it Bandai exclusives, there’s hasn’t been much on the toy front. Hasegawa did announce a reissue of their Macross Plus 1/72 Thunderbolt model kits, this time with Fastpacks. So if you missed it the first time, you get a bonus.

Bandai has been hinting on an another Macross 30th Anniversary announcement at the next Hobby show. If it’s a model then it’s most likely at the All Japan Mokei Show at Mukahari, Chiba on October 13 and 14. If it’s a toy then maybe the announcement will be at the show at their Tamashi Nations Collectors Department on Oct 26-28. At that same show will be an exclusive recolor of the Figuarts Zero “Shine of The Valkyrie” Sheryl, also known as the Shining Blue Sheryl. It will be available for 4500円.