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30th Anniversary News Roundup – 09/14

It’s been a great week for announcements of ways you can blow yet more money on Macross stuff! So, without further ado, lets get into it!








1) Macross 7 BD Box Set art/design revealed

Courtesy of Amazon Japan, the design for the new box sets definitely places its thematic emphasis in FIRE! rather than the more subdued design of the old DVD boxsets.

Box 1 will be released on October 26, with Box 2 due to follow on December 21.









2) New merch and 3D posters

Clear files of three Macross collaborations with well-known manga artists will go on sale from Sept. 14. These will also be available as postcards and will only be available at MACROSS: THE DESIGN at Fukuoka Parco.




The cover artwork of Satelights creators files official doujin is also getting the same treatment. Again these go on sale from Sept. 14. Each clear file costs 367yen, with the collaboration postcards priced at 157yen each.




Two pieces of art are also being re-released as 3D posters on September 22 for 2100yen each. These, as well as the creators files covers, will beĀ available at several Macross events as well as at the Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop.




(3) Miss Macross 30 Contest – Winners Announced!

The winners of the two ‘Wings’ of the Miss Macross 30 contest have been announced!

Singer Wing: Haruka Chisuga (20y/o from Iwate)

Actress Wing: Yuki Katagi (19y/o from Osaka)

Interestingly, while Haruka outright won the Singer category and the album contract that came with it, there was no grand winner for the actress category. Yuki was an applicant who the judges thought had a character that they wanted to portray in the Musicalture. Yuki’s first appearance on stage was at the Megaroad launch ceremony last Sunday.

(4) Oshare Macross FB7

Following up from the previous Oshare Macross fashion/merch stores, not one, but TWO new displays will be held at Shinjuku Marui One – Oshare Macross 30 and Oshare Macross FB7 (which will focus more on mens wear and merch).

The first 50 visitors to to Oshare Macross 30 on September 29 that spend 3000yen or more will receive an eligibility ticket to get an autograph from Hiroki Marufuji – one of the animation directors from both of the Macross Frontier movies.

(5) Tokyo Dome City Super Dimensional Amusement Park






News continues to trickle in regarding the special Macross themed attractions that will be featured at Tokyo Dome City to coincide with MACROSS THE MUSICALTURE. Apart from the stamp rally, merch shop, and four attractions that have been themed around Macross, a menu of Macross-themed foods have also been announced. The most amusing of these include: Pine Salad (NOOOOOO!) for 1100yen (death is cheap, it seems), Ranka’s Maguro-man for 720yen, and Kakizaki Beef steak (!!!!!) for 2300 yen (Kakizaki’s death apparently costs more than Fokkers).

Tokyu Dome City Super Dimensional Amusement Park will be held from September 28 thru to November 4.