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Awesome animated VF-11 by MW member neoexcaliber

Here’s a nice little treat. A CG animation of a VF-11…

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Update: New video after break!

The Vault

Welcome to The Vault!

What is The Vault?  Well, every so often, we’re going to dust off some content from the Legacy MacrossWorld site, update it, and post it in our new blog format.  In doing so, we’ll slowly (but surely) update and migrate the best content from the old site.

Our first entry comes from the TV Ads page of the Legacy MacrossWorld site.

So, sit back, enjoy, and keep an eye on The Vault!

The Bandai VF-1S Strike Valkyrie


Bandai SD Infinty VF-25F

Here’s one of the most overlooked toys in the Macross line in recent years. Released around September 2010, it’s the first and only transformable SD toy that we’ve seen from any Macross line since the Joke machines. Below is an excellent youtube review by Peaugh, whose reviews are more known around the Transformers circuit, so keep the pitchforks down as he calls them “veritechs” at the end.