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On 4/24/2024 at 7:18 AM, wm cheng said:

Has anyone ever made a proper cockpit replacement for that all-resin-one-piece cockpit that we can't ever paint?

Yeah almost done . will send you a pic once i've painted Jack.

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On 5/3/2024 at 8:43 AM, jammaker said:

Remember these that almost came out! 

Oomoolie toys was going to release these along with the Banshee 4.


I remember those photos!  It's really a shame that most of them were never released. 
I have one of their Banshee IV kits, and it's really impressive!

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Looks like the Bandai Yf-21 came out this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly i missed out on this one. I'm interested if anyone ended up getting one if It comes with a canopy replacement for Battroid mode as I read it comes with one but I haven't seen a photo yet. when they finally arrive could someone post a pic just so I can wallow in misery some more. Ha ha.


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 I finally got my Final Sortie Mave yesterday.  It looks like it's the same as the Ramjet version, with the obvious addition of the beam cannon and generator turbine parts. 
But what I didn't expect is that the new parts are 3D printed resin!  No real complaint, since the parts still  look fantastic, but it's really surprising to see on a retail resin kit.


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11 hours ago, electric indigo said:

Makes me wonder one more time what the production numbers of these kits are.

Yea, they can't be huge, if they couldn't justify making one more set of molds for this new version.

But then again, that beam cannon is a pretty damn complicated part.  It probably would have had to get broken down into a few smaller parts for it to be cast-able with silicone molds.

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