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1/72 Destroid Tomahawk MBR-04-MkIV (WAVE)


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a friend of mine bought this kit...

made a rush job of putting it together and "accidentally" glued some of the parts

without first painting the hard to reach parts..

he then gave it to me and said "fix" it....

i instead bought it from him for a symbolic price...

i needed a couple of days of from my other build, and this was a perfect little

project to do so with...

i dissembled the parts as much as possible...

then primed and preshaded the parts...


didnt like the flat grey some of the parts was to have...

so i painted them black, and then used Tamiya weathering master Dark gun metal and snow.

gave them a very thin coat of Matt Varnish...

another layer of snow and Matt Varnish

post-14728-0-74825600-1447018084_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-38572500-1447018086_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-72226700-1447018088_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-60439200-1447018090_thumb.jpg


next was two thin layers of the "desert pale sand" and "muddy dark green" that i mixed

post-14728-0-11133700-1447018233_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-70214100-1447018235_thumb.jpg

now some detailing with black ink....

post-14728-0-41464500-1447018338_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-50638300-1447018341_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-91062000-1447018344_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-79167200-1447018346_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-72078200-1447018349_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-76079400-1447018351_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-17047100-1447018354_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-44847400-1447018356_thumb.jpg


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Is your friend kicking himself in the butt now? ;) It looks great! Nice photos too. You can never have enough Tomahawk! - MT

lol yeah... yesterday he did the stop and stare.... for 5-6 minutes.... (exaggerated of cause, more like 3 mins)

you remember that micro destroid defender i made for my first sdf-1

its size actually fits the new one im making... ;)

im gonna try and make tomahawk in that size too.. :ph34r:

maybe trough shapeways... dunno if they can make them that small?

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