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I don't play the game, but after watching the shorts, this would make for a really cool tv series. 

Gotta agree with your sentiment that a Macross series like this would be great.

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LOL, so retarded. I don't play OW myself but I have highly enjoyed the various toon videos Blizzard has created since OW's inception. Reunion is just another feather in a cap filled with lovely feathers...

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Huh... so, does anyone here actually play this game?

One of my coworkers put a lot of effort into convincing me to get back into PC gaming after giving it up like a decade ago, and he and several other members of our department apparently have their own group (is "clan" still the right word?) for Overwatch.  I was rather surprised to learn that this kind of thing is now taken seriously enough for there to be televised professional competitions.

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1 hour ago, seti88 said:


They really should just cut out the middleman and make Overwatch into a TV series or OVA instead.

It'd be a lot harder for them to f*ck it up or generate controversy that way.


15 minutes ago, anime52k8 said:

That trailer has me convinced Overwatch would be much more interesting as an xcom style RTS

I doubt it'd translate well... and that'd require Blizzard to put in some actual effort, whereas the current way forward Blizzard has chosen for Overwatch 2 is to promote an expanded version of the Left 4 Dead-style four player cooperative PvE gameplay used for some of Overwatch's seasonal events to a main game mode.

It doesn't seem to have dimmed the enthusiasm of my office's Overwatch team much, though.  They've roped me and my secretary into it.

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