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Steam Operating System

Mr March

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The problem is they have to support them with drivers. Or get the current tech developers to support their tech with new drivers. All kinds of things can go wrong - this is one of the reasons that Apple 'closed box' products like iPads don't officially support USB devices. Lots and lots of extra work. AND the future commercial considerations...

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The Steam Machine is a PC, so you'll be able to plug in any USB device, controller or otherwise. The only stumbling block will be the software side, drivers, support, etc. But again, the whole system is designed to be open, so there will be thousands building software for all kinds of Steam OS applications. If it takes off.

But I'd say that if people treat the Steam Machine as just another "gaming console" to be used with an existing X-Box or PS controller, the whole point of the system is being missed. The Steam Controller is designed for PC gaming and you're not going to play League of Legends, DOTA 2, Starcraft or Civilization with traditional gamepad. It's a PC for the living room, not a fourth playable faction for the Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo war :)

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*casts Raise Necro-thread* Ok my question isn't about Steam's OS (and since I'm here, to which, wtf happened to it?) but about Steam and blocking communications with other accounts. Does doing that effect CS:GO's competitive play? That is, for example, when I'm searching for competitive match's, will the game automatically take into account people on my steam [blocked] and won't match me with those players?

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