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Macross Frontier Episode 22 Talkback Thread *READ 1st Post*



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  1. 1. Episode 22 rating?

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    • Negative (Ranka is a self-centered b*tch. Sheryl will die of Space AIDS)

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And yes, I am watching it with Lunar's glorious subs right now and Luca is the most useless tool. He's been able to jam fold waves all along!?

I think he's now able to Jam Fold Waves, because of the research LAI/Frontier/SMS did (thanks to Alto and those did Vajra he was towing back towards Frontier in one of the earlier episodes). Remember in Episode 22 they have a new Anti-Vajra Laser (mounted on the VF-171EX) and they put something new into those missiles (in both the VF-25 & VF-171EX) that gave those Red Lobsters a run for their money.

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Could the mistake be due to bacteriophage being confused by the subbers? bacteriophages are viruses, but I could understand why that got messed up.

Nope. You would have heard "phage" being spoken by Luca if that were the case (since the Japanese adopted the word for their language). Lunar took a safer route, subbing "saikin" as pathogen the first time and then "germ" the second, which still points towards the case towards bacteria - esp. germ which is another listed definition for "saikin" (while pathogen is not). Nonetheless, it seems Luca made a concerted effort not to use the word "virus."

Perhaps it was thought to be a virus earlier (I don't recall how the disease was referred to in previous episodes), but now the evidence in the continuum points to a bacteria. Or you can go with yaiba's interpretation that Luca's just trying to sound cool and doesn't actually understand the words he's using.

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Anybody catch this in episode 22? I re-watch the episode and I saw this!!! It's between the fight with Ozma and Alto, after Ozma say "I'm a MAN"


I just hope that isn't our only chance to see the VB-6 battroid!

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Just rewatch with gg subs, one awesome episode !

I just could not believe Ozma was willing to shoot to kill Luca ! Following your path is one thing but to shoot a former comrade, that's really nuts !

I just hope Sheryl don't die at the end of this series, otherwise I am going to personally go to Japan and kick SK's butt ! :)

If you do that, I'm going to do a LISTEN TO MY SONG !!! with your heart.

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Ok, I'm way late to the party but... OMFG !!!!!! :o

One hell of an amazing episode !

Man Sheryl is back singing but she's gonna be Leon's tool now... duh.

The Macross Quarter and SMS breaking off from Frontier... OMG I definitly did NOT see that coming. Somehow I felt the whole moment just had a Babylon 5 vibe :D

Gotta love Captain Whatisname speech "From Now on We're pirates !" Yeah !

And Ozma VS Alto.... OMG :o

Will the Quarter go head to head with Battle Frontier now ? :o


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