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  1. I'm beyond not qualified to participate in this discussion, and I realize SMS and the UN Spacy or NUNS aren't the same thing, but... If anyone can convince me that Jeffrey Wilder isn't a sea captain, I'll eat his hat. Which will be difficult seeing as it's such a large hat.
  2. Haha, maybe. That's what I got when I googled SV-252. It was apparently made by Bombardier, so there's that. Thanks, but to be fair I re-watch stuff a lot and rarely catch stuff like that on the first viewing.
  3. Did you mean Sv-262 then? Unless you meant this: Windermere must be getting pretty desperate. Though it would help with all the snow. I'm not sure who exactly was doing the shooting, only that the bolts were red. Also, it looks like Chuck didn't take any hits, but Arad took a few without consequence.
  4. I think the correct term is "conformal" but maybe both work. Just an aside. So, what kind of engines does the Tornado Pack have? It has four of them, right? Also, did you guys notice Arad and Chuck taking hits in the last episode? I don't know what caliber or type those guns were, but the -31s just shrugged them off. I can make a GIF if you don't know what I'm on about.
  5. Actually, Alto was able to carry both gunpods in fighter. The sniper rifle was just sort of stuck on there. I actually came here to ask a question: given the Tornado Pack and the advent the Sv-262's drones, do you guys think the trend toward multiple engines that can be rotated around is going to stick? Also, can the YF-29 do that? I can't remember but I don't think it can. Full disclosure, this was mostly an excuse to post this analysis GIF of the Tornado Pack that I made while keeping the topic on Delta.
  6. I can't decide what I like more: Keith's rune or Mirage dropping Querule.
  7. Found this on YouTube (apparently originally from NicoNico). Go ahead and axe the thread if it's already been covered. Too hilarious not to share.
  8. Now that the series has concluded, I find myself left with one, gnawing question... WHO IS THIS MAN
  9. I suppose if Walkure can control the multidrones with gestures of their arms and hands (and likely a mental component), then maybe the pilots can also do likewise with their fighters. Given the already established tech that made up the main control system of the YF-21, I wouldn't say that's too far-fetched. What with the implants and all. As for how the VF-31s avoided the patrols and whatnot, I guess the active-stealth system that has been on Valkyries for a while now, paired with careful maneuvering between concealment. As for why they left them behind, that I don't know. They should have just dressed the VF-31s up like Windermere soldiers. Nobody would have known. Ps: I wonder how many references to Back to the Future this thread will have by next week's episode. I, for one, hope the number is high.
  10. I don't recall seeing that anywhere in the subs I watched. I checked the scene where Berger was showing them the VF-22, but didn't see anything about ammo. Was it somewhere else that I forgot about? Or are there different subs? Though, if Berger really went to all that trouble, I wonder what his reasoning was. There was no way he could have known that far in advance that the Delta team would need an escape vehicle and/or distraction. Maybe, seeing as how things with Windermere were going sideways, he prepared the VF-22 as an escape route for himself in case he got into trouble? Lady M might stand for Lady Movie. A personification of the upcoming movie version that will undoubtedly meddle with the plot. Well, the VF-22 in question had no legs, so that might present a problem for that scenario. Can a VF-22 hover without its legs? IIRC at least some of the thrust from the main engines is directed downward in GERWALK mode. Really, the YF-21/VF-22 is one heck of a robust vehicle.
  11. Looking at the strafing scene again, were those shots coming from the VF-22's gunpods? So, did it have ammo loaded as well, or what? Someone with more knowledge of the VF-22's weapons help me out here.
  12. The VF-31's active stealth system must be pretty good. I also figure technology hasn't really proliferated through Windermere, since on the whole the place looks pretty archaic. About the VF-22, honestly, I'm more surprised it has weapons. I gather the weapons it used were the kind that don't take "ammunition" per se, but still... to have working weapons on a display piece is quite surprising. But, I'm willing to accept it. Why? Because we got to see a freaking VF-22 flying, man. That was great! Also, I'm pretty sure the reason Arad didn't do this, or Arad didn't do that, was because he was being shot at by AA emplacements and his chief priority was protecting Kaname and the others. I'm still not clear on how that whole rescue went down, but even if we don't get clarification it was a cool sequence and I'm happy it happened.
  13. I was referring to what was on that blue colored screen. I highlighted it in the image. Unless I'm missing something. Also...
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