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  1. Sweet, only the colour of the beam needs to be changed to blue.
  2. Yeah, the awkwardness could get in the way.
  3. Does your kid have his own computer or access to one and is he on it unsupervised sometimes? If yes, then he has probably already seen more behind your back than you would ever dare show him. Hell, i remember even having seen "Tokyo Decadence" when i was like 11 or 12.
  4. I just got my VF-27 and damn that thing looks great. Very nice and sleek. Good Job, Bandai. Yamato really needs to release some more valks if they want to catch up. Haven't transformed it yet, but its fighter mode is the best I have seen yet.
  5. If anyone needs some Shepard faces there are some sweet ones on the http://www.masseffect2faces.com/ page. Also for far more clothing and hair options go to http://www.masseffectsaves.com/ and get gibbed's save editor.
  6. The movie quarter looks cool, very militaristic. I am glad I didn't buy the baby blue version. I just hope the first quarter sold well enough that they will do a movie version of it. Also it better not be a Damashii web store special!
  7. I so have to get that Monster. Hope its only like 6000 yen max though.
  8. That definately moves it to my must-buy list! When does over-drive finally add it for preorder.?
  9. Post pics and you instantly become the most awesome guy on this board. Come on do it! Do it! Doooo it!
  10. It was shown in a semi-gerwalk mode when it first transformed in ep. 7 It's basically ship mode with the legs swung down.
  11. I guess the klingons can't cope with being ridgeless.
  12. Wow, that was an awesome cartoon short. I wish the all the other shorts would have subtitles as well, as a lot of them are quite interesting.
  13. My Alto Ex-Gear is currently sitting at the customs office, and import tax will probably cost me as much as my fuel costs getting there and back.
  14. Whats that pale blue VF-19 doing next to the VF-27? Are they doing the VF-19S and VF-19F in 1/100 now?
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