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U.N. Spacy Kite


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Uh. . . "indecisive" or fickle people probably shouldn't get tatoos. ;)

"Well, I thought it was cool a week ago!" :lol:

Just stick a Hasegawa decal on your arm. Far less painful and not permanent.


ROFL! If there's one thing I AM sure of, it's me getting a tattoo of the kite...just not which rendition of the kite -_- I guess I should have mentioned that I'm indecisive when it comes to the little things...like "do I want to eat at Burger King or Carls Jr?" and "do I want to watch Macross TV or Macross DYRL?" Either way I'll be eating a burger and watching Macross. :p

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Looking at those screen captures, the only questions I'm asking myself are what version of DYRL? on DVD is that and where the hell can I get such an awesome version? :)

I chose one of my two version at random. . . those are from the "fx" Perfect Edition. They look extra nice in those screenshots because they seem to get more vibrant when you shrink the image size from 720x480 to 400x???.


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All (save the last two or three) can be found in the Macross Hobby Handbook, along with alternate designs of the Destroids, the Earth Trekkers, alternate/new/experimental VF FAST and Armoured sets, and the only *official* print of the VEFR-1 Funny Chinese that I have seen (and I have a lot of Macross books...)

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If I was ever going to get a tattoo, I'd probably chose one of the girls from the GBP leg art, possibly # 26.


Dude you don't happen to have higher res scans of that art do you?

I'd love to get my hands on them.

I've never found a complete listing like yours before... B))

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This is the one I plan to get myself this year once I have cleaned it up a bit more in photoshop which I suck at. My only doubt now is were to place it I was thinking my left upper shoulder facing out ward like a squadron patch or maybe on my left shoulder blade or left breast of my chest. I got this from a fan sub of Macross 7 Episode 1 and had to clean it up in photoshop to remove the subs cause I am too lazy to dig out my dvd and get a clean image of it.

IPB Image

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Since I needed high-res UN SPACY kite logos in vector format for the X-9, I made one from scratch in illustrator. As there are so many different versions of the kite logo, I kept the design lines & circles that were used so modifying the logo shape is easier.

The colors are based on the X-9 color scheme, so the red is more browny than expected.

Available as long as Google drive stays up:

ai format: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B73TTzAOfAaaaG90TVB2MTk2aUU
jpg format: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B73TTzAOfAaaUXQzMVNWNGdoMjg
pdf format: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B73TTzAOfAaaYmJaNVZIdGc0aDg

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I'm really, REALLY, late to this discussion, but since it was bumped back up...

If the VF-1 Master File can be considered "official," it contains the following diagram showing how the dimensions and shape of the kite are determined. Sorry for the poor quality cellphone photo - I don't have access to a scanner and wanted to share the image. This subject seems to come up periodically, so maybe it will be useful. Hopefully the tattoo turned out ok!


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