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My 1/48 Yf-19 & Yf-21 Finally Built!


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Finally completed the YF-19 & YF-21, after sitting in my storage for over 3 years. I wish I had an airbrush or any other skills to apply to these kits, but guess the "clean-look" will do. I had made some modification on both kits, added a few option parts, pilot & detail cockpit. I have all the landing gears installed w/ metal rod, but have decided to keep both birds in the air, until I get bored, then it will be install later on.

All decals are from Devin, with a few of mine which I had to create w/ waterslide decal printing paper.

Well, I'll let the picture speaks for itself. Hope you guys enjoy it.






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Thx guys for all the compliments. I'll try to upload more pics when the camera is fully charged.

For the YF-21, I should of painted all the marking yellow first, then painted the blue. After the 1st attempt was not successfull with masking and spraying, I ended up printing decal for all the yellow marking on the 21. So those are decals, not paint

For the YF-19, all those lens on the nose are option part, along with the intake which I had to create from styrene...my putty skill sucks, so this was my other option.






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Wow!! Nice kits man. You should be proud. I've gotta ask tho...what are the two awesome Battroid figs from the first pic?

Hey Prometheum5,

Those are the Wave 1/100 full action resin kit of the YF-21 & YF-19 Battroid. It's was fun to build. The only thing that bummed me out, the YF-21 is top heavy, so all his stance is very "wide" in order to stand. Will probably have to go back and try to stiffen up the joint of these days.

Enjoy the sequence shots. hehe

Very nice! It does look very clean like it was airbrushed. Did you use Gundam markers for the details?

Hey Specr0101,

Sharpie's fin tip my brother. Of the area which was hard to get at, I used a sakura .5mm tip marker. There were a few area which was dry-brushed to get the weather effect though. Wish I know how to use an airbrush, I've seen great kits built from the master in here.












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1/100 huh? Were they expensive? I kinda want a set of those now....

You're in luck, just came across this from Yahoo Japan. Great price for this kit w/fast pack option. Once in a while, you'll see the 19...you have to check constantly though. You will need to find someone to bid for you, most Japanese sellers don't ship internationally. Good luck!


those are some great looking kits, nice detail work! it must be hard to come back to a project after being away from it for so long, but it's a good thing you did, those are top notch.

Thanks Veritas, it's was a great way to get back into modeling with, I enjoy every moment of both kits. Wish I didn't start tho, now I'm in this building mode and working on like 3 different kit at the same time.

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