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  1. Selling some kits I'll never build. Plus it would be nice to have some Christmas money. Hasegawa 1/72 VF-11B. New in Box. $40 US ARII 1/100 Millia Valkyrie Battroid. New in Box $30 US Revell 1/48 AH-1W Super Cobra. New in box. $30 US Revell 1/72 RAH-66 Comanche. New in box $15 US Hobby Craft 1/72 AH-1Z Cobra. New in box $20 US Revell 1/48 T-65 X-wing. New in box. $65 US each or both for $120 Moebius Colonial Viper MK II. Box opened, unbuilt. Comes with resin pilot. $30 US Moebius Colonial Viper MK VII. Box opened some pieces glued. $30 US 1/24 Colonial Viper MK VIIE. Never assembled, excellen
  2. Clearing out my stash and selling the following. 1/32 Terminator hunter/killer tank by Pegasus models. new in box. $60 US 1/24 BSG Viper MK7E, excellent casting, no flash, comes with clear pieces for helmet and canopy, decals $160 US Prices are in US dollars, buyer pays actual shipping. Kits are located in Ponoka Alberta Canada
  3. Selling some of my collection. Open to reasonable offers Revell (Fine Molds) 1/48 X-wing fighter New in box $60 Blue Moon 1/48 Tri-wing (Tie Defender) New in Box $60 Moebius 1/32 Cylon Raider New in Box $40 Moebius 1/32 Viper MKI New in Box $25 Pegasus Terminator Hunter/Killer tank New in Box $60 Resin 1/72 Valkyrie II New in Box $60 Resin 1/72 VF-29 (full kit) New in Box $50 Prices are in US dollars, Buyer to pay actual shipping kits are located in Alberta Canada Pics available upon request
  4. Looking great, is it possible to order some of the AIM-225's separately (1/72)?
  5. Hi all, I have a 1/72 YF-19 Hasegawa. I accidentally threw out both intakes and upper thigh pieces. Does anyone have a set that I could either buy (or whole model if cheap enough) or borrow and cast a set for myself?
  6. Thinning the herd. All prices in $US, shipped from Alberta Canada. Reasonable offers accepted. 1/72 Fine Molds Millennium Falcon. New in Box $200 1/48 AMT/Ertl twin pack TIE Fighters, New in Box $25
  7. Thinning the herd. All prices in $US, shipped form Alberta Canada. Reasonable offers accepted. 1/72 F/A-36 Talon. New in Box makes 1 of 4 variants $80 1/72 EDI UCAV. New in Box $65
  8. Thinning The herd. All Prices in $US, shipped from Alberta Canada. Reasonable offers accepted. 1/48 Viper MKI, Barely started, has JBOT decals, Vac formed canopy, 1-2 seat variant options, landing gear. $55 1/48 Viper MKII, New in Box. Has vac formed canopy, decals for various Battlestars, masks for stripes. $55 1/48 Viper MKIV, Built $40 1/48 Viper MKVII, Barely started, has 2 vac formed canopies, plug for resin canopy, decals $55 1/48 Stealthstar, New in Box, has decals and vac formed canopy. $70
  9. Hi guys, selling some kits I'll probably never build. Kits are in Alberta Canada, prices in US dollars and shipping will be calculated per request. Fantastic Plastic FA-37 Talon, resin, 1/72, never started, new in box, can build any of the 4 variants. $95 Fantastic Plastic EDI UCAV, resin, 1/72, never started, new in box. $80 Hasegawa VF-11, plastic, 1/72, new in box, never started. $35 Hasegawa YF-19, plastic, 1/72, new in box, never started. $35 Recast VF-2, resin 1/72, started, disassembled, stripped. $35 Recast VF-11 with FAST packs, resin, 1/72, new in box, never started $45 I c
  10. Man, It sure would be a shame if those missile pods accidentally fell into some mold agent I bet anyone selling those could make a nice profit. I know I have need for at least 2 sets!
  11. Still trying to pay off my lawyer, so yet again more of my collection for sale. 1/48 SMT Viper MkI, Primed $75 + shipping Pending 1/48 Black Sun Viper MkII, Still in Box $90 + shipping 36" Super Star Destroyer Executor, started, primed $200 + shipping Pending AMT Tie fighters kit, sealed in box $30 + shipping Testors 1/48 SR-71 new in box $30 + shipping 1/72 VF-2 Valkyrie fighter (Musisaya) $75 + shipping Pending 1/72 Hasegawa VF-0S, fighter still in box $20 + shipping Pending 1/72 Hasegawa SV-51 fighter W/twin boosters $25 + shipping Sold 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1A fighter sti
  12. Hi all, I'm working on a Star Wars model and I need a set of the boosters from the SV-51. I have 2 and need 2 more (need 4 all total). I'm in Canada and only need the booster parts. Don't want to buy a complete model just for theses parts. If you have extras can you help me?
  13. Awesome work. I love the stand as well, but am relaly liking the flaps. Has anyone thought of doing a resin upgrade set? I think itwould go over well. Sorry to get off topic, definately nice work.
  14. I did not know this..... Still looks very cool!
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