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  1. Hello gentlemen Iam working on a 1/48 YF-19 ive been planning to do this idea for awhile I had to buy at least 4 kits to do a customize parts to fighter and gerwalk and battroid but am stuck I've a lot of research book photos and designs but its either do customize parts for transformation I've been wanting to do full LEDs too but it's figure out the fitting of the upper body so am using the Yamato figure concept as a base of design to fit it together am even using micoro magnets for some area where I think it would be problems I wish I had a 3D printer it would help to solve those problems with those areas
  2. hello looking for spare parts for this kit in need of wings assembly parts of this kit please reply if anyone one as one for sale built or unbuilt or buy parts please reply thank you
  3. Hello am interested in the 1/72 YF-21 macross plus kit Also can you hold till Feb 15 2013 please reply do want to buy it
  4. Hellooooo do you check your messages very interested in this please reply need parts
  5. Hi am in need of some parts the parts I need are the folding wings assembly please reply lmk thanks
  6. rykou

    WTB 1/72 YF-21

    Hi everyone am in need of Two 1/72 YF-21 kits offering $20 each
  7. hello everyone i have two rare Studio halfeye kits kits been open bag and inspected all complete 1/100 YF-21 1/100 VF-19 fire resin red version $235.00 both shipped is anyone interested paypal only willing to go $225.00 shipped final
  8. hi am looking for 1/72 HDM-187 25 messiah ozma custom anyone of them fine i am in need please with offer reply thanks
  9. Hello this post of your is old but came across it am looking to buy a 1/48 yf-21 club m built or unbuilt if u have either one It's a long shot
  10. Hello looking to buy and find a rare CLUB -M 1/48 YF-21 orginal or recast resin kit it's a long shot hope to get one really want one please reply if there one out there thanks
  11. hi can anyone help me in need of scans of this book basically the mechanic designs of this book don't have the $ now for the book can anyone help need very large scans for details doing a project thanks
  12. Hi thank you for replying does the kit come with the white metal parts I don't see any in the pics and I don't see the wings
  13. hi looking to buy one miss out one on ebay sometime ago please reply if anyone have one for sale
  14. Hello i havent been here for awhile does anyone have a 1/48 YF-19 plastic kit for sale in need of one for parts the whole kit unbuilt no glue added please reply with offer also can any one tell me if theres a 1/48 YF-21 out there for sale
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