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  1. Not gonna missed out this time, please add me to the list for 1.
  2. I think you guys nailed it on the armor, it's defintely the proportion that makes V2 looks good. If Yamato do make Q-Rau TV style, I think it will be quite impressive. It's one of my fav ememy mecha. Here's my very first Rau custom and you can see how I gradually upgraded to a ver2. LOL http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...m&album=161
  3. Thanks for the compliments everyone. If they ever released the GBP for V2, don't be surprise if they reused the old mold with some slight modification. Created in Illustrator and printed on some transparency decals papers.
  4. My next custom will be another Q-RAU TV style. Here's one that was commission work for a member on here during the Summer.
  5. Couldn't resist and I brought the new 1/60 VF-1J Superpack last week. It arrives yesterday and as I was comparing the toy, I noticed the fast pack have some similar characteristic to the old 1/60 GPB armor set. So with a little motivation and determination, I was hacking away at the armor set to make it fit the new 1/60 line. Took me 1 full day to do this mod and tools used are a dremel tool, #194 high speed cutter tip, 1/4 sand drum tip and xactor knife. Some parts on the old armor that required no modification are the booster pack and the shoulders parts only. Here are some pics of the armor on the new toy.
  6. Always a fan of your work...beautiful Jung!
  7. How bout this version, the one from my avatar.
  8. Hey guys, Some fantastic work in here, keep it up. Here's my wallpaper created after building my 1/48 YF-19 & 21 kit. Thought I share w/ya. Enjoy!
  9. Hey Eric, Great job on detailing your 19 w/ the stickers. It looks great! Can't wait to get mine
  10. I tried Takatoy's shoulder mods, had no such luck. I ended up with a big ass gap and got nervous of removing more before the grey plastic piece falls off. Takatoys- Did you also shave off some of the grey plastic part too? promethuem5 - I sort of dive into it, and rather then sanding the tab down, I trimmed it. It's alittle lose when in fighter mode, but still holds fine. Transforming it, effortless
  11. Short/long/tall or shot...Overall, I'm very impressed with this toy already. I think wat I'm worried bout most are the joints and how durable it will be after a few transformation. Seeing all the QC problem on the VF-0S & 0A, hope Yamato will make this one a winner
  12. Hey promethuem5, That's a very good tip bro. can you provide some step by step photos? Sorry, I'm illiterate.
  13. 1st and foremost, my hats off to Yamato for making this beautiful bird, my 2nd favorite to the Yf-21. I'm sure there can be some modification & tweak to make it more accurate to the lineart. But if no changes made by Yamato, that will not stop me from owning one regardless Anyway, just playing around w/ the composite Dobber had put together and wat if the following modification was made to have a longer nose and shorter tail fin, will this be more accurate?
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