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  1. AcroRay

    Red Legioss

    From the album: Other selected subjects...

    Nice piece I picked up loose, but which needs a wing & back-cover...
  2. Hi guys! As promised, I am starting a thread to gauge interest in a 1/48 Mospeada Legioss soldier mode (hereinafter referred to as Buster: Henshin Robo) resin model to accompany the Crabb army which I made a little while ago. I would also make all three head variations: Blue, Green and Redd to allow for more versatility in the collection. Kit would be free-pose type (build it in the desired pose only) although certain joints will allow for minimal re-posing. Decals and markings: I will do the artwork, which I will then offer as open-source so that you can download and print as you see fit. This is going to be quite a bit more of an undertaking than most of my previous models, simply by virtue of its geometric complexity so you'd be looking at a $265 Canadian price-point (about $218 US) plus shipping. I would need a minimum of 30 orders to get the ball rolling so ask yourselves: is Buster right for YOU?
  3. And so, we have come to the final 1/48 Inbit project: the Eager scout, hereinafter The Baby Crab. So here's what I had in mind: one kit would contain two complete Baby Crab kits w/beam cannons, as well as one space sled (booster.*) $115 for the set and I'd need 30 confirmed orders to get the project going. And so now I turn the microphone over to you. Who wants in? *Edited product description
  4. Hi all here is some time-lapse drawings I did for macross and mospeada fans enjoy! Dont forget to subscribe !!
  5. After reading some of the comments in the Southern Cross topic and thinking for a while. For the first time I came to the conclusion or perhaps realization that a lot of the anime I like might be past its selling point for most. I grew up with this stuff and it’s still cool to me. Sometimes it feels like yesterday even though it was back in the 80s or early 90s. I still want items from these shows but the majority either don’t or grew out of it. Which is sad because current technology allows many anime toys, models, and figures to be produced at high quality. I even came up with a new project idea while thinking about one of these older anime shows. To me Southern Cross is great. I still want a hovertank, hovercycle, and Dana figure. I was listening to the music from Zillion and remembered that we never got the full series over here. I only have some of the VHS tapes. Something happened to my SEGA Master System games. I need to get them again. I still want well done Dangaio team ships that are transformable with fairly detailed figures. Accurate Voltron lions ever since it was mentioned in a topic here. So much should be coming out but it's almost like we get a tease and then a cancellation. I’m still upset about Rook’s cyclone / ride armor. There was a good Noriko kit from Gunbuster that never came out or is so rare I can’t find it. And of course figures of Minmay and others from Macross since the days of unpainted kits being the best you can get are long gone. Do you guys still want this stuff? Or are you satisfied with what we are getting?
  6. As is if don't have my hands full enough, this is one of the projects that i have slated for the scratchbuilding class that i am teaching at Jerseyfest 2014 next friday so i was forced to start it before finishing some other longer running projects. Kind of dual listed IMO as 1/10-1/12 so it can be a companion to either the old Imai ride armour or the more contemporary offerings. Will be slightly over 20 inches tall with the cannons in place. Thanks, remember it's not to late to sign up for the scratchbuilding class at Jerseyfest. Hope to see some folks at the show if not the class. mike
  7. The time has come for the heavy artillery! So here's my proposal: a resin kit in my usual style and quality that will have the following features: -free-pose build (build it in the pose you want), fingers too. -the option of having open or closed missile bays (shoulders) -translucent canopy with detailed cockpit interior (no pilot though) -can be built as the dude or chick model (just sand off the head antenna) I'll also look into making the cockpit hatch open with the seat deploy. Worst case you'll have to choose open or closed build versions if the hinge mechanism is too intrusive/complex. We'd be looking at a price-point of $215 Canadian bucks (about $200 US) and I would need 30 orders to get the ball rolling. Who's with me?? I will also accept payments in Bitcoins for the brave pioneers among you
  8. Ando buscando esta hermosa figura de esta genial serie alguien la tiene a la venta o sabe adonde esta disponible asi la compro! soy de Argentina!!! Saludos!!!!
  9. So, here we are. Again. Hot on the heels of the previous 1/48 Pinky Space Crab project, I offer you my next suggested modeling project: the 1/48 Inbit Gamo, or as I like to call him, Blueberry Crabs! The more I look at this thing, the more I realize that it can practically stand toe-to-toe with the Legioss and is probably more significant than the Legioss in terms of actual mass, long story short: it's biiiig. So tentatively, I'm thinking $160 for the 1/48 kit, which will be over 6.5" tall with a parts breakdown similar to the Gurab... So who's in? I need 30 orders minimum to get the ball rolling.
  10. A friend of mine is an awesome Prop builder so I asked him to build the H-90 Gallant and to make it Modular as a one off for me. I am aware of a project to make the Gallant for sale, however with import of RIFs to the UK, figured safer to just find a UK based builder. So with a little artistic license, Rare Earth Magnets, a Very stable and solid modular GALLANT weapon. Next step is now to find a Hard shell case for display/transport. I do have plans for a CV-3 armour set too.
  11. My second project: Build a variable alpha legioss resin kit (approximately 10 inches high for the battroid mode ) The right leg and landing gear prototypes were build with cardboards. I will make the real ones with plastic cards. Landing gear deployed Landing gear retracted The leg's design has been refined,it looks better than the 1/45 legioss : I like it.Softline design... B))
  12. Hi guys, I'm a fan of macross toys, especially the vf 1A and the legioss toy My future scratch build project ? a fully transformable 1/12 or 1/18 super valkyrie Vf 1S/J/A. Here are some pics of my legioss custom legs' articulations. I took the balls joints from my brown lego bionicle! Check it out! Tests: Final version balls joints
  13. El genio de la resina de MW, Captain america, ha anunciado que quiere intentar sacar adelante un proyecto para hacer un kit de resina del Gurab de Mospeada a escala 1/48. - Como en otros proyectos, el kit viene sin pintas y montar. - Escala 1/48, alrededor de unos 10,2 cm de altura una vez montado. - Incluye cañones de los hombros opcionales. - El precio: 100 USD cada uno. Para que el proyecto salga adelante se necesitan al menos unos 30 pedidos. El pago es por adelantado. Hay que apuntarse en el hilo en inglés: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=40117#entry1081601 Si podéis, por favor difundid el prooyecto Podéis ver algunos de sus otros trabajos en estos hilos: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35100&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35684&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=33405&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=38959&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=632&search_app=forums&userMode=title&sid=4c548a28d82b4a59f3d7a98399df5090&search_app_filters[forums][searchInKey]=&search_app_filters[forums][sortKey]=date http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35962&hl= :http://www.macrossworld.com/800/cool8tor-build-of-captain-americas-172-regult-scout/
  14. Hey everyone. After my ill-fated attempt at getting the 1/10 Protector project going, I figured I'd give it one last go for an inbit project. My idea is to offer 1/48 purple Gurab kits. -As per all my previous offerings, these would be unbuilt, unpainted kits. -1/48 scale, so about 10.2cm tall when built -Will include optional beam cannons -Price would be $100 each. I would need a minimum of 30 orders to get the ball rolling. Who wants in? Oops, forgot to mention that this will be a [pay up front] project.
  15. Did you miss me? After speaking with a fellow MWer yesterday, I realized that I was really starting to miss making kits! Since I'm waiting on a few other projects, I realized that I have a "window of opportunity" to work on some personal stuff, so I thought about offering a 1/10 Protector Inbit kit if enough people are interested. I haven't quite figured out a price because I don't know what kind of interest there would be for this thing, but I think it's safe to say that it would be under 200. I would need a minimum of 30 orders to get the ball rolling, and so I turn the mic over to you guys... What say you?
  16. Hello In a few days I have understood it was released ROBOTECH LOVE LIVE ALIVE, by crazy and disappointing that this is also a public facebook known this http://m.tu.tv/videos/mospeada-love-live-alive , and despite the truth that after the whole story of HG and see that "SHADOW CHRONICLE" at least had done something new, this gave me the pattern that these people do not get the lead to anything new and just some other country remasterizan adapt it and sell it. what you think? not even thinking about a new title?
  17. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-04-02/makoto-shinkai-hosts-the-garden-of-words-world-premiere-in-australia 'Additionally, the festival will screen a documentary about the Robotech franchise titled Carl Macek's Robotech Universe. The documentary will include cast and crew interviews, as well as pictures and anecdotes from the creation of the series and a sneak peak at the 2013 film Robotech Love Live Alive.' (I find this hilarious since the original LLA is alreasy legally available on DVD in Australia as part of the Mospeada DVD box set.)
  18. We just received word that our Macross/Robotech panel was accepted for Zenkaikon 2013 in Lancaster, PA. We are currently scheduled for Sunday the 24th at 2PM. We will delve into some ancient & pop mythologies and dabble in some 21st century physics. Robotech voice actor Richard Epcar will be a guest at Zenkaikon this year. www.zenkaikon.com
  19. Does anyone have any reference material for the little markings that appear on Fuke's Ride Armor? In particular I am looking for the two little triangle markings on the front of her fairing right in front of the wind screen. I am working on a piece of fanart and can't for the life of me find any images ANYWHERE that are detailed enough to make out. They don't appear anywhere in the original animation...so don't bother looking. Can someone help? I have a TON of ref material and have searched the web, but no dice! Thanks in advance. TheElf
  20. Hi, im a newbie.. trying to build transformable legioss for my cms mospeada collection. Some pictures..
  21. Hi everyone! Well I got kinda bored waiting for the decals and final parts for the Legioss to arrive, so I started working on a 1/5000 Ikazuchi carrier. A kind of scratchbuilding therapy, if there was such a thing! Captain's Log, stardate: Monday morning. The project begins as they all do: as an idea supported by a drive to create. While seemingly simple in design, the Mars expedition's Ikazuchi carrier, like most every other anime design from this era, suffers from a certain lack of consistency in the artwork. While certainly not impossible to overcome, it does make for an interesting challenge to harmonize all of the views and consolidate them with several different given dimensions for the ship. Once these little issues are resolved, I then proceed to draft my own diagrams for the various main structures of the ship and print them out along with a handful of artwork renderings. This way, I can refer to the reference drawings if ever I'm not sure about a particular detail or shape. In pic 1, we see some of the printed reference material along with a chunk of modelling board from which the Ikazuchi will spring. Pic 2: once the diagrams have been cut and placed on the modelling board, the real fun begins as I start to get my hands dirty. In this particular pic, I have to start by evening-out the master block to get the necessary plat planes. Pic 3: some back-and-forth between the mill and the band saw is quite common: the latter allows me to separate and chop off excess material quickly. Pic 4: Back to the mill yet again. This particular part will comprise the upper main hull, and is the single largest part of an otherwise small-scale ship. Pics 5 and 6: the main hull parts crudely assembled. There is obviously still a lot of work left to get it looking like the line-art, but it's progressing nicely and will take shape gradually. More to come in the following week
  22. Since I don't own one or seen one in person or physically held one, can you smarties give me your feedback as to which of the 4 toy makers produce the best Alpha Fighter. I believe there's CM corp, Toynami, Brave and Aoshima. What are their pros and cons between the 3, QC, worksmanship, paint or tampo apps etc.
  23. Okay the next new project that Thor and I will be attempting will be the Gallant H-90 sidearm from MOSPEADA. I have always thought the weapon was very cool and it turns out Thor does too. So we will be making the Gallant complete with interchangeable parts. (barrel extension, rifle stock etc.) I have attached the preliminary CAD drawing I have done and will be posting my progress as this replica is being made. Thor will be doing some #D renderings so that we can get the parts to fit together right so watch for those too. Any suggestions, comments are also welcomed.
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