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  1. WOW those are pretty sweet. Hope there are LANDMATES as they are apart of ESWAT. Lets see what Appleseed goodness comes from the new film
  2. I certainly am not afraid of a little clean up on the 1/100 CVR-3 troopers. Though hey who knows it may just work out Exo, You have plans to do cyclone with rider and maybe just the Cyclone. Again 1/100 I hope will be one of them The stock didnt help from the drawings above so as said measured my fore arm and went with the 15" and tbh I think it works a treat.
  3. Exo need to get some of your SHAPEWAY goodies. BTW I was the one asking about 1/18th purely to customize with my CM Braves LOL Though would love to see these done at 1/100 scale too if at all possible? Doing the stock was the fun part. In the end I went with 15" long so should sit nicely in a shooters shoulder (does for me and I have it pulled in) so a smaller person would be more akin to your figure and the animated series. Thank You for the very kind words.
  4. I think a smaller person may find it easy. I am 6ft 6 with XL hands. So kinda of like LUNK. So weapons built for the average person do not always fit my hands as comfortable. Still I am so Happy to finally have a Gallant Prop that is modular. Now the plan is to extend the range with more from the Macross/Mospeada/RT world.
  5. A friend of mine is an awesome Prop builder so I asked him to build the H-90 Gallant and to make it Modular as a one off for me. I am aware of a project to make the Gallant for sale, however with import of RIFs to the UK, figured safer to just find a UK based builder. So with a little artistic license, Rare Earth Magnets, a Very stable and solid modular GALLANT weapon. Next step is now to find a Hard shell case for display/transport. I do have plans for a CV-3 armour set too.
  6. OMG that is A, Gonna Be HUGE. B, Looking like a thang of beauty & C, I Want one. What actual scale is this gonna be? I`d love to see mecha for 4" figures.
  7. @Black Valkyrie, Ed Norton DID want to reprise the role of Banner, Marvel studios cut him out & went with the cheaper option. Ed had even had a meeting with the director & thought it went well. Marvel CLAIM it`s nothing to do with money but it certainly looks that way. As for the RED Skull, well he`ll be appearing in the upcoming Captain America film & is being played by Australia`s very own Hugo Weaver. As for Avenger BAD GUY I guess they`ll be keeping that a close guarded secret as it`s got to be something EARTH SHATTERING to bring together EARTHS mightiest Marvel Heroes to band together as theAVENGERS. Or will they be sticking with the ULTIMATE Avengers & having those Aliens? As pointed out on another forum, when you watch IM2 near the end in the S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house, one of the screens is showing a map of WAKANDA whilst a news report shows the Hulk tearing it up (from the last film). So the Aliens are a plausable possibility though I personally think it`ll be something else (or I hope it is at the very least).
  8. Not seen Sunshine though I think I will now. Did enjoy his character in "LOSERS" but again a bit of a goofer in that too. As for "FANTASTIC FOUR", I liked his version of Johnny Storm just HATED the THING, waaaaay to small for my liking & a prime example of wrong actor for the role.
  9. Chewie I`m with you on the Ed Norton snub but I dare say we`ll see more of the hulk than banner to be honest. I`m still not 100% sold on Chris Evans as Captain America as he likes to play goofing around characters & Steve Rogers/Captain America are FAR from that. Here`s hoping he CAN act the part & god I hope he looks the part too. I am sold on the preview costumes (of Thor & Capt) that were shown awhile ago though.
  10. That is fantastic & I have to say LOVE the laser Beam effect.
  11. Damn I`d buy yours to the other. Excellent work indeed
  12. Great display pieces people. The Beagles do make you WANT them don`t they lol & that Combo (alpha+Beta) Awwww WOW such awesomeness.
  13. The Fighter/Tread together look fantastic & I may break down & get them,even tho they arn`t 1/18th scale. Gilermo,I`m so tempted to get the Beagle even tho it`s not my prefered scale & yea with the amount of CM one`s I`ve got,I could have gotten three Beagle ones. Just the scale that stopped me. Tho they are tempting. I`m really hoping we WILL SEE more Mospeada/RT New Gen merchandise in all scales & thos finished 1/18th CM figures in civil attire are sweet. Wooo Hooo the Gallant rifle version is coming too,awesome.
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