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  1. Fine, I yield, as I checking up on the age of the PC, learn their civilization is a mere 1 million years old.
  2. Yes? Ok perhaps I misread what you meant when you said "they came before". It never literally said which was first in the galaxy, Vajra, or PC. Which is what I what I thought you said, but I realize you meant it in a context of "they were greater than the PC".
  3. From the Vajra. Did they teach it to her, or did she decipher foldwaves from the queen as it sang? I dunno. To me it doesn't make much of a difference.
  4. It never said the Vajra came before the Protoculture, but it was made clear that the Vajra were not a Protoculture creation.
  5. Uhm there's a way easier answer than that. Her mother taught it to her. She used it as lullaby for her since she was baby. Heck we even have an episode called "mothers lullaby". For a reason.
  6. Dear movie, please come quickly, and give us a definate LT resolution so that the bickering about it may stop. Sincerely, VF-25 Messiah
  7. Think it was mentioned somewhere, maybe the English Fire album even?
  8. People wouldn't know good CG if it walked up to them and slapped them across the face. Macross Frontier's CG has basicly been PPB-punching you in the gut since the first episode.
  9. Maybe its both? Staff guy 1: "Hey this scene needs to be redone, but we got all our guys tied up with the following scene, we won't make it on time!" Staff guy 2: "I know, let's give it to our talented new guy, he's really fast!" Staff guy 1: "No matter how fast he is, there's just not enough time to do it properly" Staff guy 2: "We'll just tell him to do the best he can given the time, we'll give him plenty of time to do it properly for the DVD release!" Or some such ... not really sure what I'm arguing here anymore
  10. While I don't qualify as a non-speaker, I'm not native either. I did notice the change in lyrics as the episode aired, and it put a small smile on my face. Looking forward to listening to the full song on the second sountrack. Just one more week, just one more week... As for your other comments I can only agree. All the references really did make it feel that we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Loved it The wait for the movie is going to be an agonising one, but at least I will have BD's to contend with until then.
  11. You, Sir, are correct. The Battle Galaxy fires at Frontier and Quarter. Quarter barely dodging, also losing its cannon, with Frontier being hit directly. The gunship specifically is hit, taking it out.
  12. The guys just a pathetic RoboTroll who's bitter because his favourite franchise is basicly dead, getting crap and ultimately futile attempts like SC to revive it every now and then, while Macross gets celebrated with good sequels and is full of vigor to this day.
  13. Agreed. Or perhaps realized they needed to reanimated the shot, only hours ahead of it being aired Like I said earlier, I WILL be surprised if it ends up looking exactly the same on the BD...
  14. Are you trying to say all the people crying troll are in fact praising him?
  15. Couldn't agree with you more actually. Crying troll whenever something didn't go exactly the way thought it should gets old real' quick and is kinda grating on the nerves. People crying need to realize this was the way things were intended to go, and not their personal fantasy version of the end.
  16. Well, if we reverse the situation, I cannot fathom what there would be to gain from trying to connect the two. It'd be like trying to connect all the alternate universes of Gundam, equally fruitless. They don't fit, but they don't have to either.
  17. I guess this thread will be locked and directed to the newbie questions thread, but I'll sneak an answer in anyway: There is no word of a second season at this point, but there's a movie coming.
  18. Don't think anyone ever argued about it not being Macross. But it's not part of the Canon timeline by Kawamori and Studio Nue. And precisely because of the reason they denounced it as being such. End of story. And while its not one of my favourites, I liked Macross II.
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