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  1. Nay. It was correct. But it is not Battle frontiers bridge. It was Battle Galaxy's bridge. Ranka sang Anata no oto, title song of the episode.
  2. I would say Frontiers story is not finished yet, with us getting a movie. Of course we have no idea if said movie will even be a continuation but I think(hope) so...
  3. I can make out the ones that state length for fighter mode: 18,72 m Height for battroid is 14.53 meters... it weights 8450 kg... Lists the weapons at the bottom. These are all known from that magazine posted earlier right? Anyway, need a better quality scan to be able to really read it. EDIT: So fuzzy! lol, didn't help much. Uhm. listed weight is for when its empty. Anyway I'm fairly sure this doesn't show anything new. It's the stats from before
  4. At this point, why bother? The first raw that's going to pop will be HD (or semi-HD) anyway.
  5. That's a lot to translate. Think it might just be the back of the box? Anyway looks some general introduction of details on the model as well as some character introductions at the bottom. Do you have a better resolution scan? Gonna end up hurting my eyes squinting at all those Kanji.
  6. First raw we'll see might even be a HD one, which will be several hours from now at best, I think.
  7. I refuse to even acknowledge this was ever an issue. But you get your yoshinol for specifying at the Guantanamo wreckage
  8. Cuz Grace did bad sh*t to them? Think it's been fairly obvious for a long time she and Galaxy was the source of the conflict.
  9. We never did get to see a proper transformation of either Battle Galaxy or Battle Frontier. I still say Kawamori was getting back at the fans for complaining about battle 7 always transforming before firing in macross 7. But heck, the episode had Koenig Monster in Battroid form, so i'll forgive him
  10. Ranka is a human/quarter zentran. Ranshe had green hair so she would a zentran half.
  11. I'll get back to you once I can see the end credits my guess it was the Vajra themselves perhaps?
  12. Don't take speculating fans words as facts Of course me saying that it was the Vajra also falls under that category. But since Aimo is a Vajra love song, I can see how it could be them. Need to review the episode with a proper raw.
  13. I was right in that Aimo was in fact, a Vajra song.
  14. She said she won't lose at love. So it's as close as 'direct' you can get without saying it
  15. Believe Kawamori said everything would turn around 180 degrees in the last episode, and it sure as heck did It did feel a little rushed, but it was a lot to squeeze in in one episode. Heck they used both the opening and closing of the episode to show more.
  16. Truly? Missed that, because of the stream quality. But this is definately great news
  17. wasn't said. but you visually saw how the varja germs left her brain. She was cured
  18. Over the top episode. Awesomeness throughout. Only quibble is the love triangle wasn't resolved.
  19. I was right in that peace between humans and vajra would be the end of the conflict, like many others Frontier became a true Macross in the end when song overcame Grace's control of the Vajra.
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