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  1. I hate it because it's forcing me to wait another week for an epsiode that just can't air soon enough! Oh the agony!
  2. Okay so both names are official Megalord/Megaroad is official... strange, but oh well. Anyway, if the Global is neither the SDF-04 or the Macross 04, shouldn't we be calling it the WTF-4?
  3. Is there an actual english offical source that states the name "Megalord" anywhere? Otherwise I'd just write it off as a transcribation error. Both words would be メガロード in japanese so there's no distinction there.
  4. I have a nagging feeling Brera will be the one to nail Ozma. Would be ironic if the real brother disposes of the surrogate one. That might then push Alto over the edge resulting him into taking Brera out. All just before Ranka finally figures out who he is...
  5. Bored of her? The galactic fairy? Who's now into piloting as well? He'd be hard pressed to find a more multifaceted gal. As crazy as it sounds I guess you're right though. Plus there's nothing really Sheryl would see in Michael (though the same could be said of Alto) Just thought it'd be nice if they tried breaking the mold of the main triangle a little. And as stereotypcial he is (not to mention a little flat?) I think Michael's a pretty okay character...
  6. Somehow I don't just see Michael switching over controls to a beginner during what looks to be biggest battle yet in the series... Speaking of Michael and Sheryl, anyone else get a vibe of a possible pairing down the road? Can't say I find it likely, but I'm not objecting to the idea either. *earns the wrath of the KK-community*
  7. definately had to vote positive on this one. After some "Awww.." in the beginning the second half had me going "Whoa!" the rest of the time. Simply awesome stuff! Next week doesn't look like it'll disappoint either. Some nice Mecha Pr0n with Alto using armored pack, VF-171 battroid action (finally!) and by the looks of the biggest fleet battle yet! Can't wait!
  8. We don't know wether the Global uses the SDF designation at all. The ship is only refered to as the "04 Global" during the episode. While that might be its designation, its also the designation the Megaroad ships use. It could be that after SW1 the SDF designation was used interchangably between new Megaroads and Macross class vessels (with the Global and the original Macross we know there were now at least 2 completed) If so, that would make the Global one of the first new ships to be produced after SW1. Makes me wonder if any more will be popping up. Probably not but who knows? PS: Hello everyone, longtime-lurker-first-time poster here.
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