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  1. Actually from what I see I beg to differ... While I love the design and scheme for both the luca and micheal models, the japanese public and others didn't seem to care for them as much. I can't tell you how many times I've looked online for frontier products looking for an ozma model and the only ones that are in-stock almost always is the micheal and luca models, and its usually more than one. I do check the for sale and trade section now and then for good deals and I tend to see those releases still up for sale while the alto and ozma releases fly off the shelves. Its kinda a shame really because I do like these other models. I have the ver 1.0 atm for both and even with all their flaws I love em and would never think of selling them unless maybe a ver 2.0 came out. That being said I don't think it's likely were going to see a ver 2.0 of these anytime soon due to the poor sales they seemed to have on the first run.
  2. While I do like this model, the price point atm is a bit out of reach for me. Also the availability seems equally scarce. Most websites were already sold out the minute they were posted for pre-order. This is another reason I wish bandai weren't so stingy with their production runs. At least with yamato you know there will enough available upon release. Which strikes me as odd because bandai is a much bigger company with all the other properties and merchandise they have already. They should realise by now that the macross brand is profitable and does sell, maybe not as much as gundam sales per say but they can still make considerable profit from this franchise. I know Japanese companies don't like to take risks but this trend has been getting on the extreme end of things lately and not just for the toy industry...
  3. Hmm, I have the YF-21 and although it is a pain to transform and I always feel like I'm gonna break it, since the joints and locking mechanisms are so tight. I in no way see a reason to release a v2.0 of the model. Its fine as is and is really meant as a display piece to be posed and transformed now and then. The proportions compared to the anime are just right IMO. I don't see how they can do better by making the legs thinner. Might make the toy too flimsy to pose no thanks. The only improvement I think yamato could make it making the transformation process a bit less tedious. But if that is at the expense of transforming anime accurate than no way.
  4. In the past I used to think the prices were more reasonable and could justify spending $250 to $280 on a valk but prices have been getting too ridiculous lately. All of the first releases at least came with a set of armored parts out of the box. You at least got your monies worth. I can't help but feel like bandai is trying to gyp us out of out hard earned money by just providing the bare minimum of accessories and making us pay through the nose for the super or armor parts by not boxing them with the figure itself... Yeah I can see that it is a new mold and redesign and all but I really can't see them justifying this price point at all... I mean if you calculate the total amount of money were gonna have to spend on just one valk with all the accessories its well over 350 U.S dollars... That is just waay too much for any single toy IMO no matter how nice it may be... I can get a laptop that can play skyrim and all the latest games for that much at bestbuy right now... The armor parts are just plastic molds and in no way do they cost that much to make... This is an obvious money grab that bandai is doing here and they're laughing all the way to the bank as long as we all keep buying this crap. This gets me really upset because I have seen the prices for their macross line inflate exponentially over the past 3 years and it is uncalled for IMO. From looking at their gundam lineup I can't say the same... I Have been collecting most of their metal composite lineup since their debut and the prices have generally stayed the same all these years. You also get all the accessories boxed with the fig from the get go. You definitely feel you get your monies worth. With the macross lineup not so much... I feel like I just pay full price for just the figures and have to pay 150 plus for some plastic parts... its really absurd when you think about it... If more people boycotted their products and were more vocal about it this would not still be an issue. For now I am disgusted with bandai and their business practices and plan on boycotting all their future macross releases as long as they keep doing this crooked crap... I encourage everyone here to do the same... At least with yamato you still get everything you need for the valk out of box... This crap is getting out of hand bandai...
  5. I was looking into this thread myself recently and it really got me thinking. Yamato really needs to give us more options regarding stands here because right now our choices are rather limited IMO. The products that exist for the most part are ok. The launcher arms stands are of great quality but are waay too expensive for a stand IMO. The other recent offerings were a little better price wise but they're not sturdy enough for more extreme poses. Many ppl buy stands just for that reason as well, if Graham or anyone out there are listening I think it's a good idea that they provide some more options for stand products.
  6. Just my two cents but I most likely would not buy another rehash of a VF-1J if I had one already. One of each piece is good enough for me as long as its noticeably different from other models and this doesn't look that different IMO. I prefer the movie and TV series renditions any day over this sculpt anyway.
  7. I just saw this movie over last weekend and thought it was great. One of the best action movies I've seen in a very long time. Here's hoping for a sequel.
  8. Its actually a very good toy. There isn't a zeta figure quite like it that can do perfect transformation as well as maintain sturdiness and playability. It's really a masterpiece of engineering. The toy is made of high quality ABS plastic and die-cast metal for the joints and legs. The transformation is flawless and the poseability is good. You don't really have to worry about breaking it unless you really put some force on the figure when posing it. I've droped mine on a hard floor before and nothing broke. If you want a zeta figure that you can play with without it breaking on you this is it. Only con is that it doesn't have a stand and can be sometimes hard to put in a standing action pose. Other than that it's a great figure with no major flaws.
  9. Well for all those who are having issues with your xbox 360 your now in luck. The new model of the 360 is now being sold in stores today. It feature's a built in 250gb hard drive and built in WI-FI support. The hardware has been totally revamped too to insure your system will never red ring or overheat even after 5 straight years of use. The exterior design of the new system has been slimmed down as well and this time it it runs quieter than before. If you have the money to spare I suggest you invest in it so you wont have anymore issues in the future. Heres a link for more info. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hardware/x/xbox360250GBconsole/
  10. Well you pretty much got everything right except for the face. It's a little too japanese looking for the character, it doesnt match the lineart much at all and doesn't really resemble big boss or solid snake like it should. If you can do a recast or sculpt of the face that matches the character it would be perfect IMO.
  11. Hmm... Am I the only one who didn't like the movie all that much? The whole act of the characters just had too much bravado to them... They all acted as if they are gods among men with huge overactive ego issues. PPL just don't act like that IRL. Unless you are psychoticaly narcissistic. They're grown men with the mentality of teenagers that act as if theyre invincible... I dunno about the rest of you guys but that is not an appealing protagonist IMO. Face IMO was the most annoying of the entire lot... very superficial and vapid as they come. LOL Tony Stark in iron man was more likable than him, at least he had some sense of urgency and takes things seriously when they need to be. I just hope the actor IRL isn't as annoying as the character he played... The movie did had some cheap humor in it but it wasnt all that funny... The action scenes were a little too over the top IMO. So much so that the movie losses credibility in some ways. The one thing that bothered me most were the villains though... They seemed just as moronic and stupid as the protagonists they were up against... If the stakes of losing are that high in the conflict. You'd think they would have gunned them down immediately when they had the chance and not screw themselves over. The whole villain dialog thing was just lame... and overused... The plot was lame too... cmon would ne one really care if some douche bags got away with a few money printing presses to risk their ass and career over it? Most ppl even in the militray wouldn't give a damn about that. Besides the bankers and the fed are already devalueing the U.S currency as we speak. With all the printing that they're doing with the bailouts the money is gonna be worthless ne way. This movie is another forgettable summer flick that will go down in the anals of movie history. If they do decide to make a sequel, I ain't watching it.
  12. I totally agree with you on the whole animation part. In general many 70's and 80's anime productions were in IMO much better than what we see and get today from the industry as a whole. The most memorable and unforgettable moment's I can recall are all from older 70's and 80's productions. There are still some good modern shows out there but they are very rare and most don't catch my attention like the older shows did. Nothing seems original anymore. Everyone seems to be making the same kind of shows with a slightly varied plot and setting. I can name a few, mainly one piece, bleach and naruto... They're all popular because of the media attention they are given, but that doesn't mean they are great shows like so many younger ppl make em out to be. If you really think about it they bring nothing new to the table. It's dragonball Z all over again where the only point of the show seems to be how they can overcome the next more powerful or skilled opponent... They're all long and drawn out too, the same way DBZ was with hundreds of episode's and dozens of movies. So much so that the plot or setting becomes irrelevant and pointless. Still I can forgive DBZ because it had a good plot and was very entertaining to watch. It was also more original than the copycats of today's industry.
  13. Wow I can feel the love in this thread... /sarcasm. NE way Japan seems like a great place to visit and spend a vacation but I dunno about actually living there from a day to day basis. It's true that there is a lot of prejudice in the region but that stems more from their own history and lack of ethnic diversity than ne thing else. Still atm its a lot less dangerous in japan on the street's than it is in most other countries. The japanese may not like "foreigners" much but at least they're not outright hostile and abusive toward's them. Unfortunately that is something that may never go away in japan but you have to take the good with the bad. They have some cool stuff over there but they're still just ppl. Still its unrealistic and foolish to make the assumption that japan is a utopian society compared to ne where else in the world. I just don't like the kind of western otaku that think that japan and it's ppl are the best thing on earth... That's just fanboyish and stupid IMO.
  14. That kit look gorgeous, gonna get me one of those next month. The best way to paint the gold trim is to first paint all the black parts gold, let it dry. Then apply a black paint coat over the gold painted pieces. When it dries up. Take a cotton swap with some thinner and remove the black coat over the gold trim areas and the under layer of gold paint will show on the plated areas. So far that is the best and safest way I hear to paint the gold trim areas.
  15. You really think so? I am under the impression that it is a very solid and well thought out kit. I've only built one PG kit which was the zeta. That kit was a very fun build and the design was flawless. All I have heard was good things about the PG 00 raiser. The cost is a real turn away though. I'm not willing to spend over 300 USD on a kit. If I were to get another PG kit it would probably be the GP01 FB. The design is great and has so many accessories well worth the money IMO and cheaper than the 00 raiser.
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