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  1. Right before that, she asks him to stay by her side, she says 帰っちゃだめだよ。 帰る (1) to return; to come home; to go home; to go back; (2) (of a guest, customer, etc.) to leave; (3) (of a baseball player rounding the bases) to get home Nothing much open to interpretation in that. You don't use that particular verb to someone who is already 'home'.
  2. Whatever gave you the idea they were? As late as episode 23, Sheryl told Alto he wasnt allowed to go home, something she wouldn't do if they actually did live together. Conclusion: they don't.
  3. Indeed you're right about that. Yet I get the impression people here only think it may be a hoax, when it's most definately a hoax. It was a 4chan user trolling. The guy who posted it probably can't even read japanese, and hoped to sucker a few others who can't either. That's part of the daily routine there. And well, given that we even have people here thinking there may be a chance of truth in it, I'd say he was successfull.
  4. I've seen this picture before, from some magazine, covered with text. Where'd you get a textless version?
  5. 100% Fake, as a lot of people have pointed out. The japanese text that those supposedly came from, says nothing of the sort. It's just a guy trolling.
  6. Macross fufonfia? they're 1 minute shorts that are shown on the macross F site. Believe it's up to episode 19 there. The fif translated eps been out a while now.
  7. Looks to me like the punch more or less goes through the torso... the upper half seems to be drifting away upwards for that split moment before the focus shifts away.
  8. Grace wasn't alone. There were the voices who she was working with, which I believe were revealed to be the Galaxy top brass in a magazine interview (think it's still in the news thread some 20 pages or so back.) Aside from Battle Galaxy, which I doubt Grace had any hand in controlling, we saw at least 4 of the Galaxy escort vessels present (2 'dulfim class' and 2 'kaitos class) as well as at least a dozen VF-27's. Probably a significant portion of the Galaxy militairy present, the most notable absense being the Galaxy Mainland.
  9. Here's two nice sketches of Sheryl and Ranka. Don't think they've been posted yet...
  10. Believe its been stated in magazine interviews that people wearing glasses in Frontier do it for fashion and not because they need them.
  11. I thought it was too short as well. Actually I'm convinced it was cut short somehow, bad sales perhaps? The transition between episode 4 and 5 is just so hideous and reeks of it getting the plug pulled, giving them one more episode to wrap things up. Makes me wonder how the sales fare now that Frontier has made more than a few references to it...
  12. Oh yeah, no doubt about that. Fake or real, shopping in Hong Kong was cheap but I got the impression you were going to look for a complete series set. Given that they're up to volume 2 right now, any full series set you do come across assuredly wont be real.
  13. Depends on the maker of the disc in question, doesn't it? Of course I realize i'm walking on thin ice here since I don't even own the disc in question... EDIT: Also, realize I'm expressing what I mean very poorly. What I really meant is that a lot of discs (I think) released in Japan, are in fact Region 0. If the disc in question is indeed a R2, then of course it wont play in an untampered region 1 player.
  14. Just watch ep 25 already. Edit: Seriously just watch it right now. Don't waste another second.
  15. Japanese region 2 discs rarely enforce region coding, I believe. Tbh, it's mostly just hollywood that even give a damn about the feature, I think?
  16. I'd say any Blu-ray set you'd be able to buy of the series there at this point would just be a burned collection of TV-rips. We are talking about Hong Kong after all. Anyway, the japanese Macross F Blu-rays play on any region player so I'll just continue with that gorgeous (and admittedly a wee overpriced ; set.
  17. With Grace more interested in doing 'culture' with Leon than anything else
  18. *while throwing pots and pans with a fervor* I think I recall lelouch seeing both Suzaku's and CC's past when he touched her during that time in the Narita arc in season 1. He also learned her true name then.
  19. Like I said, there were more, but mentioning them would just be redundant.
  20. I shall now rage at all of you for not realizing the simple truth. Namely that Nanase is in fact Grace O'Connor. It is SO obvious that I cannot fathom why you all refuse to see this. I mean the evidence are clear as day, yet you still refuse to see it. Let's review them shall we: 1. They both have glasses. All people with glasses in this show are evil. This alone should dispel any doubt, but I shall go on. 2. They have roughly the same haircolor. 3. They have roughly the same eyecolor. 4. They both have sizeable female assets. Now you could argue that point 1 is invalid because Michael had glasses too. Boy are you wrong! It is clear as day that Michael too is in leauge with Grace, and he will reappear as her righthand man in the movie. Adding to this I list no less than 3 similiarities between the two. Giving more would just be redundant but I shall mention that another very strong hint is the fact that Nanase wakes up just at the end of episode 25. Why? Obviously because Grace's other body was killed so her mind transfered to this body. That Nanase earlier appeared to be moving under a will of her own, is simply because that body was installed with an android program to draw away suspicion. Anyone who cannot see this are simply narrowminded fools. Do you all really need to have it spelled out for you in plain text before you see the obvious?! Be thankful that I have educated you all, fools!
  21. My guess is his standing preference uh.. stands. After all, both VF-171 and VF-171EX can be seen as variations of the VF-17...
  22. I'm gonna make you eat those words if the scene ends up looking different
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