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  1. I think you were just too convincing for him to consider that.
  2. Believe the frontier homepage had a notice on this for over a month saying it would be... noone ever mentioned it here? I believe there was a fan voting that decided what song Megumi should cover on her next single, Angel's Paints won by a large margin. http://macrossf.com/announceranka.html
  3. The comment: "Sou da yo" that was played during the PV for the theatrical movie was a nice song. You could be moved to tears just by the melody... More than Ao no Ether, or a love song, it had the feeling of being for a scene where you have to part ways even though you love someone. Even though I'm writing this myself its getting too abstract and I don't understand what I mean, but the postproduction was really good. Megu and Endo-san were both good, but I'm falling in love with Nakamura's great voice. The lyrics fragments: That's right, your voice.... always.... No matter how many times, I'll go deliver it. Light and energy. I can't see you now but I'm alright.... so ... not but... That you alright... how good They're really just fragments, making it next to impossible to tie them together. I'm assuming its so full of holes because its missing parts from voice overs or soundeffects making it hard to hear. At any rate I stink at translating lyrics. Especially woefully incomplete ones.
  4. Now this is highly amusing. Too bad my one comment was something utterly forgetable Anyway, funny seeing it all in japanese. Makes me wonder who comes to the site and reads it..
  5. She's in the booklet, but I see that page is not with the scans. Same page also features Leon, who looks the same save for different hair, and about a dozen helmet designs.
  6. Half of them look really similiar to the finished design though. The only two I wouldn't have been able to recognise without reading the name would be Luca and Klan.. and the glasses is a big tip off for Michel.
  7. I'm a bit at a loss for words concerning this video... It's tv footage of a K-1 kickboxing match. Featured is kickboxer Yuichiro Nagashima, who's famous for his anime cosplaying entrance performances. I think most of you can see where this is headed... so here's the video Only the first minute or so of the video is relevant really
  8. If so it has a delayed effect of about 5 episodes, during which time the subjects health improves, going from hospitalized to active duty, before kicking the bucket suddenly.
  9. Hmm... something along the lines of: Ranka: "Say Alto.. What do you think of Sheryl?" Alto: "No way! There's no way he/she would..."... Alto also likes to use あいつ, so it could be reffering to almost anyone. Sheryl: "I've misjudged you, Alto. I'm after all I'm soon going to leave." Ranka: "No matter how hard I try I can't be like Sheryl!" Sheryl: "During the real thing, push yourself to the limit to fly in a cool-looking way!" ... Ew, this one was not easy to put into English. Alto: "Stop it, don't touch Ranka!" Ranka: "Sheryl? Why, my" ... really just a fragment... Alto: "No matter what happens you are not alone!" Not a serious translation mind, just the gist of it I get from looking it over. Anyway, it doesn't appear to be dialouge as much as isolated quotes, presumingly taken from the movie. Taken out of context most of them are really vague.
  10. The pilot would turn into mush. I seem to recall the reason the -27 having this ability to begin with was because its cyborg pilot is able to survive the process. A -25 human pilot wouldn't, so there'd not be much point in including it.
  11. I believe that can be answered at the earliest once it actually starts airing. Which is in april if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Ah, so it's been pushed back to autumn... (Or am I simply deluding myself when I recall it was to be out in summer?)
  13. If you want that, why don't you just watch some of his already existing films? While I'm a great fan of his work myself, they aren't Macross, and I've no real desire to see a forced merging of the two.
  14. Nice work! Been looking through the thread during its various stages as you built it up. What specifically interested me, as probably with many others, is the nice overview this gives you of all the unreleased BGM's there are. Like I mentioned elsewhere a BGM compilation seriously needs to happen.
  15. Indeed, Megaload actually makes for a third a viable option Its due to that the Japanese "R" (if it can be said to have such a thing), is somewhere between R and L in English and replacing both, as it were. Also the r in lord, isn't at prominent so it simply becomes an enlongated vowel in the same way as road and load.
  16. They aproximate the english words after how they sound. Since Peace and Piece are pronounced the same, they both become ピース (piisu). Hence why it could have been either. It gets worse with more complicated words like メガロード(megaroodo) which can be either Megaroad or Megalord
  17. A BGM compilation needs to happen. While I have many love for the vocal goodness in Frontier, this is Yoko Kanno BGM's we're talking about. Enough said, it needs to happen
  18. Err, doh. My bad. I think this is what Bandai will show.
  19. Its called Neko Nikki, you can find it on the seikan hikou single or the nyan tama vocal collection
  20. Vajra are from a different galaxy, and the protodeviln were from a different dimension alltogether, right? Ie not the same.
  21. Syngyne is Bilrer! Bilrer too wanted to find out what happened to the Megaroad 01 (Minmay to be exact) and was hoping to find out through the Vajra. When he realizes he wont, he closes the the ring with her photograph in it with a symbolic sigh "Nope, not this time."
  22. Wouldn't the non custom be what the Jamming Birds were given? EDIT: No wait, seems that's the VF-11D... so I echo the question, what is a non custom MAXL?
  23. Does that make the attached Battlesections "Battle Big Ass A" and "Battle Big Ass B" respectively?
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