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  1. Well, again, it could be that the source (other than galaxy) is just outside the arm, with Frontier just inside of it. Or it could be that before going to Frontier, they made a stop on the Galaxy which was just outside the arm... If you find that source again, let me know, would love some clarity
  2. Not neccessarily... I seem to recall Sheryl's heading to Frontier was at the end of a big "galaxy tour", so while she and Grace orginally started on the Galaxy, that transport would've orginated from the previous stop on the tour that they were at, before heading to Frontier, and that might've been somewhere other than on the Sagittarius arm. We don't really know where that was do we? EDIT: Grammar, oh the grammar
  3. Right on, except that the relationship will be resolved. Going by the wording it seems more like it's going to get more complicated.
  4. Think you'll find that the DVD's are almost just as expensive. (Looking at CDjapan, the bluerays are sold at 7000 yen, with the DVDs at 6000) This is more or less always the case with Japanese discs because creators aim to make up for the losses in creating the show through dvd/blueray sales. They get almost nothing from airing the show on TV. So in essence the people buying the discs are the ones paying for the show to be made.
  5. No, since it's the average per volume. Still a very strong performance though.
  6. It's a bootleg. The waterproof giveaway is that the official Japanese release hasn't gone past episode 16 yet. So a full series legit box-set is an impossibility. Video quality will probably start to suffer after the first eps as the later eps will be TV-rips. Hmm, seems to be this one? http://www.nineoverten.com/2008/10/21/macr...-boxset-review/ explains the seals..
  7. I'll just throw in my own translation since everyone's at it... Also, I don't quite agree with any of the other three translations I see on this page alone. 眉毛は三角関係に決着は着けたいけど、はたしてアルトに甲斐性があるかって問題ですから…とな Eyebrows [sK apparently] wants to settle the triangle but the problem is wether Alto has the ability/resourcefulness [to do so]. Perhaps this makes a little more sense.
  8. My bet's that is the one with wings that we saw briefly on the back of the VF-171 belonging to one of Alto's underlings... no idea what the third ranka one could be though
  9. That explains the great offense of them missing then
  10. Ranka singing the SMS song isn't on here either.
  11. We didn't even need the CD to confirm this. We see them all credited for the medley in the ending credits of the final episode.
  12. Seems the second OST has reached the top spot for the daily oricon ranking
  13. What exactly gave you this feeling? Nothing about the quarter strikes me as 'old', rather it seems to be groundbreaking on taking the the macross concept to a much smaller and many times more maneuverable package
  14. I think your question was indirectly answered however ;;
  15. Uhm.. you're quoting the answer to your own question
  16. While I agree with your last sentiment, 'frontia' is certainly not part of Swedish, and I doubt Norwegian as well. It'd become "Frontär" in the former case, but I don't think that's an official word. Instead something dull like "gränsområde" would be used... Anyway, "Frontia" to me sounds a lot like a japanese person turning the katakana フロンティ ア (Furontia) into roman letters. The person had enough sense to remove the u after the initial F, but didn't know to change the last part into tier and not tia.
  17. Winning without Minmay and the culture shock would've been utterly impossible. You can speculate what the results would've been with another singer, but in a straight up fight without it, no matter how many reaction warheads, valks or guns the humans could've mustered there was no way they'd beat nearly 5 million focuesed zentradi vessels.
  18. The booklet that comes with DVD/Blu-ray volume 2 has pictures that shows how the cockpit readjusts it's position inside the VF as it transofrms... unfortunately I don't have a scanner... maybe someone else does
  19. Ranka sings it too in the medley. In fact their respective parts go: Sheryl: "kyuun kyuun, watashi no kare wa..." Ranka: "...watashi no kare wa pilot"
  20. Look for マクロスF OST2 「娘トラ。」 under music on Tokyotosho for the torrent.
  21. Just hope it doesn't take too long until OST 3 gets released... not that I am unhappy with the contents of ost 2 or anything, but just releasing only two of 'em won't be enough...
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