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  1. I wonder if there's going to give away any free swag for this. I got a pretty nice booklet when I saw the new My Hero Acadamia movie last month.
  2. I like this guy's review and size comparison video. Seeing the UCS Falcon, Star Destroyer, and AT-AT together just looks amazing.
  3. When I first immigrated to the U.S. in 1985, I saw this kid in the aisle accross from me on the airplane playing with a cool jet plane that transformed into a robot. I had no clue what it was but when the flight stopped for a layover in Japan, I found the toy in a gift shop and asked my mom to get it for me. It was a VF-1A from Bandai and was my first introduction into Robotech that would later grow into my love for Macross.
  4. I started watching the new remastered Robotech on Funimation, just the New Generation part, a couple days ago. Today, I got hooked on Reataurant to Another World and just been binge watching Season 1.
  5. I was curious about this release and decided to do the 2 week trial on Funimation since they have the entire series in the new version up already. I have the first digital release on iTunes and compared to this new one on Funimation, I can definitely see the improvement in sharpness (probably baecause it's in HD) and brightness. The sound effects are from the classic TV show that I remember and not that crappy new version they did when the 5.1 mix first came out. But one thing that threw me off is how grainy it is. For a version thats much sharper and brighter, the overall graininess feels like its been added on as a special effect and doesn't seem natural. Edit: I also checked out the new digital version on iTunes and can confirm it's the same quality as the one up on Funimation.
  6. I'm trying to find this tweet so I can follow them, but I can't seem to find it. Was it deleted or changed?
  7. I don't think I'll be buying the new version of the UCS Tumbler after seeing this video. The build is pretty much the same as the old one.. I did get the mini Tumbler and was pretty impressed with it.
  8. I broke one of the hands on my VF-1J Trainer. The ball joint was too tight and when I tried to twist it, it ripped off. Is there anyone selling replacements? Maybe 3D printed replicas?
  9. Quick questions... Were there any issues with the VF-1S Hikaru Movie Valkyrie or Strike Parts set?
  10. The movie was okay,.. it was really short. I think the end credit scene was the best part of the movie. I'd give it a 3 out of 5.
  11. I got a question about these Macross Delta Valkyries, I used to get the older Macross Frontier toys and was dissapointed in how loose the joints got right away. I even purchased the Renewal versions of some of the toys but was still dissapointed. Since then, I stayed away from Bandai Macross toys until the 1/48 SDFM VF-1J came out and have been buying those. What are your impressions of the Macross Delta toys? They look similar to the Frontier toys and I assume they have the same issues.
  12. Realistically, something that size and weight, you probably not gonna be moving around at all and keep it a display piece. My UCS Milennium Falcon just sits there on the shelf... it's pretty to look at thought.
  13. I have the old Tumbler set too and will be skipping the new set. I like the front side panelling on the older set but the rear tires and turn table on the new set is nice. I'm really hoping that the rumors of a UCS AT-AT are true though. That would be my holy grail of LEGO sets, even more so than the UCS Milennium Falcon.
  14. Better off using the gunpod hands from the VF-1J and just have it hold it like normal.
  15. With the shoulder missiles closed, he's a little under 12 and 1/4 inches. With them fully open, you're looking at 13 inches. The big goofy hands are bigger than his head... they remind me of those giant Mickey Mouse hands you buy at Disneyland.
  16. Even though his movement limited now, You still have some movement in the legs and arms, and a little twist in the torso.
  17. Here are more photos for comparison. The chest doesn't stick out as much and the backpack boosters isn't as spread out.
  18. I do, but I don't have the stickers attached to it. The new ones are hands down better.
  19. I got mine today. I'm not sure if I like the super big hands or not. The super big hands don't twist and you have to place them in 90 degree angles. Anyways, here are some pictures:
  20. I love my 1/48 low vis. My other 1/48s turned yellow though so I’m kind of sad about that.
  21. After being stuck in ISC Los Angeles since Jan 2nd, I finally received my VF-1J from Nippon Yasan today. I gotta say, I love the heft and stability on this thing. I have a question to those that already received it. In Gerwalk mode, I tried to attach it to base it came with but noticed the adapter doesn't seem to be fit tightly to bottom of the 1J. Am I doing something wrong? Are the two little tabs on the adapter suppose to go directly into into the holes next to the head's laser or just over it? I'm afraid to try inserting the tabs in fear of breaking them off. In fighter mode, when it's attached to the same base, I can pick up the entire thing, including the base, just by picking up the 1J. But now in Gerwalk mode, the 1J just detaches from the base when I try to pick it up. Edit: I'm referring to the regular base it comes with and not the limited edition one.
  22. rsvictor1976

    Hi-Metal R

    Do you think they'll reissue the VF-1S Roy Focker or the Armored VF-1J?
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