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  1. 2205....PLEASE BE GOOD!!!! One thing I really liked about 2199 was that larger capital ships like SBY didn't turn on a dime or maneuver quickly. Because it was slow and lumbering, it preserved the illusion of being a massive warship....well, space battleship. Hell, even the main turrets didn't move quickly (something the movie failed at). I almost lost it when it fired conventional rounds, so awesome watching those giant fireballs erupt from those guns. I want to feel that magic again.
  2. Thanks guys I took that photo just to compare side ships that came with the bigger ones. Both the TOS and Yamato are 1/1000 scale, but I don't think the Yunagi is. Some other cross genre pics. While exploring the expanse in search of the Xindi homeworld, the NX-01 comes across Earth vessels from alternate timelines/universes. Also, Klingon Doc Brown and his time machine. Smaller 1/2500 scale ship (Mecha Collection ships aren't quite to scale). Same bit of fan fiction, SB Yamato, Musashi and Andromeda escort the Enterprise through the expanse to find the Xindi. And since this is a Macross site (sadly not to scale.... SDF-1 should be a lot bigger) OK, last one. These ones are to scale, all 1/1000
  3. Lol, there have been posts about who you would cast if Macross was made into a live action film..... Wonder how it would look if Michael Bay did it...... Post your worst case scenarios here, lol!
  4. I say dump them an e-mail in Englsih, subject line Nippon Yasan, let hem google translate the rest.
  5. Me too. 2202 was a totally out to lunch, but the models are still awesome 😁
  6. No problem. I probably put way too much effort into the Mecha Collection models. Primer, black base then shaded the colors in. I even used different colors between the mini Yamato (Kure gray) and mini Musashi (SSebo gray) but it's barely noticeable. I put in a lot less effort into this one (Yunagi) and it turned out ok. Some detail painting for the parts that weren't molded in color Just clear coated the rest, no primer, no color, no shading. Just gloss straight onto the plastic. Decals (not stickers). Some Tamiya panel lining. Flat clear on top of it all. The Yunagi is the only one using anime-correct colors, and that's because it's just clear on top of the plastic color it came molded in, which actually isn't that bad. Awesome little side ship that came with Yamato..... Too bad they aren't to scale.
  7. Honestly though, they will continue robbing people unless they get shut down. I don't know how else to go about it other than have people keep filing complaints to the local Consumer Affairs department. http://www.kokusen.go.jp/map/38/center0126.html (089) 925-3700 Looks like they have an e-mail address at this local level, but it will probably be the same, Japanese required: seikatu-center@pref.ehime.lg.jp There is also a National hotline that may have English services but I'm not 100% sure: 03-3446-1623
  8. There's also a Facebook Page about this. https://www.facebook.com/groups/271395437813426/
  9. I sent my complaint to these folks....Consumer Affairs for the area. I'll repost the info from earlier: http://www.kokusen.go.jp/map/38/center0126.html (089) 925-3700 Looks like they have an e-mail address at this local level, but it will probably be the same, Japanese required: seikatu-center@pref.ehime.lg.jp There is also a National hotline that may have English services but I'm not 100% sure: 03-3446-1623 Spoke to someone who has opened a case to investigate. I would suggest the more cases against them, the better, so they can see the severity of the fraud. Not sure if I will see my money back, definitely not counting on NY actually having the DX Chogokin Super/Strike parts, but at least this might be a step to get this fraudulent company shut down and prevent them from victimizing more people. Things they will ask for: Company name Company website Name of the item you ordered, description of the item you ordered, your order number, method of payment. What attempts have you made to receive your goods and what you have done to acquire a refund Probably some other stuff, but it would be good to have this stuff ready when they ask.
  10. Btw, awesome channel for battleship nuts. The guy seems really stressed out though. Dream job, yet probably a ton of pressure. Imagine the burden of preserving such an important piece of history.... Yikes.
  11. Setting aside history and politics for a sec, I think Yamato and Musashi were one of the most amazing battleships ever to to set sail. Someone did a rendition of what Yamato might look like today if she survived. The Man in High Castle did an amazing job of what-if as well, but I think it was set a bit earlier than today. I was binge watching this channel though: After this, I came to the realization that even if the Yamato class ships survived, even as museum ships, it would be financially crippling to maintain them, probably even as museum ships. Surviving combat is one thing, surviving against budget constraints, mother nature, corrosion, and gravity is a whole different ball game. Sadly, games, tv/movies, and scale replicas and is about the only place these ships will live on
  12. I would love to, but my computer is too slow to play Pac Man. Not to mention I am absolutely the worst when it comes to game..... Would probably sink my own ship without the opposing force firing off one round, lol!
  13. Thanks! I airbrushed the Mecha Collection models and I could barely see the things without magnification.
  14. But I do have the Queen's photo up on my cubicle wall 🤣
  15. I wouldn't risk it either, so many people have been screwed by NY, so many people continued to get screwed by them. I've sent them so many tickets, some e-mails, event tried to call the bastards a few times. In one of my tickets, I even requested that if they do not send me the pre-ordered strike packs I ordered in 2019, then to send me something else of equal value that they do show in stock. Ignored. I hate NY as much as I hate HG and RT.......possibly more.
  16. Some Yamato models. Most of the guys in the model forum have seen these.... Don't think I've posted them in the Yamato threads. Space Battleship Yamato and Space Battleship Musashi being fitted out. I didn't like the Ginga so I created SBY Musashi in my own head canon, lol! Slight variances in the gray paint (Kure for Yamato and Sasebo for Musashi). First models I have ever lit. Smaller Mecha Colle models. SBY Yamato SBY Musashi with the white range finder First Andromeda model I ever built. Just some fun stuff.
  17. I finally watched 2202 and was a bit let down, thought I posted a ramble about it but maybe not. Summary: Didn't like enemy ships behaving like a swarm of bees or capital ships moving like small fighter craft. I hope 2205 is better.
  18. 1/35 scale, wow, can't wait to see this thing done
  19. Lol, I didn't think that RT comic would come back and haunt us, yet there it is. Michael Bay up top compared to what it's supposed to look like. Yeah, I'd be concerned about the story somewhat, but I'd be more concerned with what a Vf-1 would look like under his rule. 🤮
  20. That would be awesome to have at your desk at work to stare at all day. Love the mouse pad. I had two toys at my work desk but apart from that, I didn't leave much of significant value there. Pic from the start of the pandemic last year.
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