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  1. I've been considering watching AO. What's so bad about it if you two don't mind me asking?
  2. Oihan

    Macross 30

    Ugh...I always seem to be 3 to 4 months behind on these games. I really ought to keep up on this stuff. I just finished reading all 569 posts in this thread. While the LE is tempting, I just put my pre-order in for the regular edition over at AmiAmi. I cannot wait for the game!
  3. I agree with the author, of that article, in that The Super Dimension Fortress Macross is the greatest love story of the 20th century. It's one of the reasons why I love the series/franchise so much.
  4. No subs?! *sigh* This is awesome news! I cannot wait! Another boxset I have to save up for....
  5. Call it however/whatever you want; whatever makes you sleep better at night.... Edit: I apologize. I don't want this thread to get locked up for going OT and over nonsense.
  6. ...Yes, because bullying another person for no good reason, other than for that bully to feel better about their pathetic and ignorant life, is completely acceptable.
  7. Great post and nice quote! It is interesting to see how people (can) change over time. Looking back at my own life I see how my own tastes, beliefs, values, and the likes have changed over the years. Just the other day I was looking back at my musical tastes and how they have changed over the years. It made me wonder where my tastes are going to be years from now. I should have tried cancelling my pre-order when I had the chance...but a few days notice of the changes and my indecision got the better of me. Even though I paid good money for the LE -- even if I hadn't opened up the boxset -- I don't think spending the money to send it back would have been an option for me.
  8. DNR and artificial sharpening is not what I had in mind. Sadly, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this.
  9. That's just one of the "edits" that people have been complaining about. Like you, I too think that they could have done a better job of restoring and cleaning up the film. I feel that there are some scenes where the grain is really pronounced and jarring. I wish DYRL? had the same kind of treatment NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind had on Blu-ray. That film looks gorgeous and nothing appears jarring. This is definitely not thE "definitive" version of DYRL? to own, that's for sure. I am tempted to almost go as far as to say the HD Remaster on DVD is the "definitive" version to own. I seem to have lost track of just how many DVD versions there are out there...so pardon me if there's a more "definitive" version out there on DVD. This all goes without saying that I do think the movie on BD looks stunning - minus the foolish edits. Edit: Does anyone else feel like they might have half-assed this remaster, giving some scenes more/better treatement than the others? I don't understand why they couldn't have made some of the blury scenes sharper. I only ask because I keep thinking about the animes that have been restored on Blu-ray....
  10. I bought my LE from CDJapan and paid in full through PayPal months back. I forget which shipping option I chose, but mine shipped through FedEx on the 25th and arrived today.
  11. My copy just came in! While it perturbed me to open the thing up, I was curious to see what film strip I got. I don't know if I have it in me to open the thing up again as I just put it everything back into the plastic sleeve. I just might buy another copy after all...... >_< I went ahead and attached two images, one of the strip and one of the actual scene itself from the HD Remaster on DVD that I copied onto my HDD.
  12. Zinjo, unfortunately I paid for the thing in full many months back. I blew the chance to cancel the order, in the short window of time we had, upon learning about the edits being on the BD. Hence my want and need to show my displeasure. I originally planned on buying a second copy of the movie, so that I could watch it and leave the LE intact and untouched...but that has gone out the window.Edit: Too late for that. I guess I'll need to type it up again and do just that...find someone to translate it for me. Thanks for the heads up! Again, I now fully understand how the Star Wars fans feel about the changes made to the original movies.
  13. This is essentially what you're getting from the LE. http://www.macross30.com/1stmovie/anniversarybox/
  14. Haha, definitive Blu-ray version it is then. Why thank you! It more than likely won't accomplish anything, but I feel it'll be the least I can do.
  15. Definitive? I don't know about that... If ONLY they hadn't edited it. I wonder how this compares to the HD Remaster on DVD. Edit: Aside from our wallets, is there anyway we can show displeasure with the edits? Is there an e-mail address I can send an e-mail to? Anything at all?
  16. No, you never said that. I had inferred from your post that he was trying to send a good message to the younger generation and appeal to them. I don't see any other reason to alter those scenes. I apologize if I inferred incorrectly. My poor choice of words probably doesn't help either...I can't really think of a better way to put it at the moment.
  17. I have some mixed feelings about this whole ordeal. All things considered, it makes me wonder how such a release like this could be botched. As far as the glitches are concerned, I seriously hope there is nothing wrong with the discs. I would really hate it if there was some kind of recall (as some have suggested) and I had to send the disc back to get it replaced. My hope is that the firmware on some of these players is out of date and that it needs to be updated. I remember having an issue playing a Blu-ray and HD-DVD, on the early generation players, where the video would stutter or not even load. I soon found that to solve the problem an update to the firmwares was needed. Now, if these people were having issues playing the Blu-ray on their PS3s...then I am quite concerned...as I am not sure how that would be resolved. I sure hope these issues aren't PS3 related...because that's how I plan to watch the movie! Hopefully it's just a firmware issue for some older players and not a disc issue too. Going back to the alterations made in the movie. With the various releases over the years, with no alterations made, why go to the extent of editing the movie now? To quote and re-iterate a point Strumvogel made: If Renato is right in that Mr. Kawamori and co. want to appeal (for lack of a better word) to the younger generation or what have you...then why wait till now to make the changes? Why even bother in the first place with the changes? Wouldn't it be better to leave the film unaltered for the younger generation? To quote Renato and re-iterate what I happen to agree with, by removing the BGM As for the violence...granted it's just a couple of seconds removed that doesn't change how the story is told...I feel the graphic nature of those clips helps give a more visceral feel to the movie. By removing the BGM and removing those two short clips, I feel it changes the overall look and feel of the movie to some small degree. I feel any change, no matter how small it may be, is detrimental in that it takes a little away from the overall experience and that it changes a little how the overall message of the movie is conveyed.If anything, why not include an unaltered theatrical version and then have your "Special Edition" version included on the same disc(s)? Conspiracy theory time: Could they have grabbed a print that had been altered and not have realized it till it was too late? In doing so, rather than finding another print they say to themselves "screw it, we'll just toss in a bunch of extra goodies, make an excuse, and call it good"? I know that's not very likely the case at all, but I have been trying to wrap my head around all of this and none of it makes much sense to me. /rant With all of that said, I got a notification from CDJapan that my order has shipped! Hurray!
  18. I am torn between cancelling my order or going through with it. I got the LE for $193.74 USD. While the edits are "minor" (ugh!), the fact that it has been remastered is very appealing! But then there's the damn changes! I wish I could go back in time and not read the DYRL BD threads...and hopefully miss the changes upon watching the Bluray - ignorance is bliss! I'm debating if I want to cancel the LE and just pick up the BD itself...or skip it all together and wait another 28364234234 years...hoping for the movie to be done right on BD or whatever the next format might be. :cries: Edit: After reading these threads and other stuff online, I still see no logical sense in making these edits. Yes...the changes are "minor" (ugh), and yes, I can go re-watch the unaltered DVDs and digital copies on my computer...but they're changes all the same! I now fully understand how the Star Wars fans feel about the changes made to the original movies. Edit #2: Who am I kidding? ...I'm a sucker for Macross!
  19. The more I think about it, I believe you and Mr. March are probably right about the film being unaltered on Bluray...at least I hope you are anyway.... There's still that missing BGM however.... While my fears about the print have eased up, I'm still quite nervous about the missing BGM track.Here's hoping that it's just some inferior edit for promotional purposes!
  20. Before reading that other thread I had no worries. I wish I were as optimistic about this release as you are, Keith. Now I'm reconsidering purchasing this. I'm sure you or someone else will tell me I'm crazy for doing so, but I'd hate to spend money on something that has been altered like this...regardless of how "minor" the changes are.
  21. I sincerely hope NOTHING is removed/missing from the BD release. I'm starting to reconsider making a purchase. If all of these changes are there...perhaps they'll do another DYRL? release way way down the road with nothing missing?
  22. That's just awesome. I think they did a fantastic job; it sounds great!
  23. I beg to differ, but since this isn't The Avengers thread I won't digress. I don't see why everything has to be clearly defined with written rules and plausible to be considered a good movie in the eyes of some. What's not plausible about some of the character motivations? What else is so implausible? Just because we don't know more about the characters in this movie doesn't mean their motives aren't plausible. I know the movie has been out for some time but I'm going to use spoiler tags all the same.
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