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  1. I'll be moving to Vegas in about 5 months....
  2. Late to the party once again. I couldn't get into Delta and never finished it. I don't even remember where I left off at in the show. Here's hoping for something better with the new TV series.
  3. Hopefully this still applies to Delta and we get something completely new and different. It was several months ago that Delta aired. Fans have had 128 days (and counting) to reminiscence...3000+ long hours of nostalgia for the show...it's time to move on and move forward.
  4. Does anyone know if the limited edition includes the extra tracks on the cartridge itself, or will the extra tracks need to be downloaded via DLC? Thanks in advance.
  5. Even though I already have the original box set, and with all of the HG/legal issues aside, I most definitely would buy it on Blu-ray again if it came with subtitles. In fact, I am hoping for a 4K/HDR remaster to eventually come. One can dream....
  6. I didn't see this posted anywhere in this thread so I thought I would.... The link below contains the full list of songs that are (supposedly) included in both editions. http://thevitalounge.net/2016/08/25/new-macross-delta-scramble-trailer-full-song-list/ For those that don't want to bother clicking on the link, I've quoted the article down below. Edit: The only songs I have any interest in from the Limited Edition are Dog Fighter (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) Watashi no Kare ha Pilot (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) 0-G Love (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) Macross (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) Shao Pai Long (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) Tenshi no Enogu (Macross: Do You Remember Love?) Information High (Macross Plus) As someone else suggested...I dunno if 30 additional tracks are worth the extra money...especially when they aren't the full tracks. Then again...it would be pretty sweet to play this game on the go with "Dog Fighter" playing in the background.
  7. The link is dead. Is there any chance to get these uploaded once more? Thanks.
  8. So...I know I'm a little late to the party and I'm sorry but...did I just watch the pilot/first episode (.89 teaser...whatever you want to call it) for Mahō Shōjo Makurosu Deruta? Don't get me wrong; I really, really, really like Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika - it's a great anime. I even found Sailor Moon to be entertaining when it was on Toonami. But if this is a sign of things to come for Macross.... I was hoping for Chōjikū Yōsai Makurosu, not Mahō Shōjo Makurosu. I'm with Roy Focker, Duke Togo, and others. This just seems like the wrong direction to take Macross if this is where they are taking things. I seriously hope we see less magical girls-esque type stuff and that the show leans more towards it's roots...you know...more akin to SDFM and DYRL?. Edit: As it is "Macross"...I'll watch a few episodes to give it a chance...and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I seriously have my doubts though. Edit #2: Yes...I have read that they're trying for a mix of Plus and 7...and I hope they lean heavily towards Plus. Edits galore...
  9. I remember having trouble, in the past, trying to find some Macross merchandise for one reason or another. I still struggle mightly with Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana...which makes trying to Google this stuff even harder. I imagine I am not alone in this, so I just thought I would help save others some trouble in trying to find other options to pre-order this. If I find any other websites I will update this post, unless 'treatment' decides to update his original post. I am going to include the two links 'treatment' already gave in the original post. Amazon.co.jp 'Standard' - ¥3,996 - I am assuming this is the 'standard' edition; please correct me if I am wrong. Amazon.co.jp 'Exclusive/Limited Edition' - ¥5,400 - I am assuming this is the 'exclusive/limited' edition; please correct me if I am wrong. AmiAmi - ¥4,320 CDJapan - ¥5,000 YesAsia - ¥5195.66 I haven't been able to find a pre-order link for Tsutaya or Animate. I am assuming AmiAmi, CDJapan, and YesAsia are all getting the 'standard' edition. To quote Renato http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=30860&page=49#entry1225647 : Edit: I do not know if this is the actual website for 'Animate', but I believe that is the pre-order link. Outside of something like Google Translate, I do not know if there is an English translation for the page or if they will even ship outside of Japan.... The 'US' website does not have a pre-order link, but here's the address to the main site: https://en.animate-onlineshop.jp/
  10. If it is only 8 years after Macross Frontier then my guess is that there are going to be some strong tie-ins with Frontier. If it truly is "Macross Delta" then, by going off the name, I bet we probably will see some (possibly somewhat big) changes. Here's hoping the show will be more 'space opera'-ish and less of a music video. Playing devil's advocate...let's assume it is "Macross Delta" (delta as in change) and we enter through the "scary door" where everything is vastly changed. Kawamori revisists the events of SDF-M where it now takes place in 2067. Both Britai and Exsedol are miclones where Britai is the captain of the SDF-1 and Exsedol is the idol aboard the SDF-1. Lynn Minmay is supreme commander of the Minmay Main Fleet.....
  11. You all make a lot of good points. It's said that the only constant in life is change and I agree that without change things can go stale. By that same token, I would argue that people naturally resist change as they are more comfortable with what they are familiar with - no one likes to be uncomfortable. My fondest memory of Macross is obviously SDFM as I grew up on it and it's what got me hooked. I know that's not the case for everyone else. My love of Macross seems to be one of the few constants in my life...if that makes any sense. I'm sure the same goes for everyone else here when I say this...I just don't want to be left feeling disappointed and alienated.
  12. I like the idea of a prequel taking place before the events on Earth happened. Aside from or including the Protodeviln, Supervision Army, and Vajra, it would be nice to see all of the threats the Protoculture might have been facing back then and to see the Zentradi come into being. Well, I'm considering anything past SDFM and DYRL? as "new." I don't think I would be too far off in saying Macross 7 brought in a ton of new fans....
  13. Yeah but when the original band members are no longer apart of the group it makes going to see them in concert a little less special, wouldn't you agree? They wouldn't sound quite the same as you remembered when they were all together (either in concert or on new albums). For example...while I'm not a huge fan of Limp Bizkit by any means, but when Wes Borland left the group and Mike Smith joined them they sounded like a different band. While I wasn't a huge fan to begin with, I stopped listening all together with Borland's depature. I don't claim or pretend to speak for everyone, but I find it hard to believe I would be alone in this matter with regards to no longer being able to relate, feeling alienated and the likes. I suppose you're right though in that the old fans don't matter as much when they have ten times as many new ones to replace them with.... That said, I still would like to think that we matter very much to Kawamori and co.... Edit: Edited to try and convey my thoughts better.
  14. If by old you mean the animation is dated, then yes I would completely agree with that. If you tried watching the show before it came out on Blu-ray then I highly recommend you try to give it another go. The series looks absolutely amazing in HD and the story alone is worth watching. I wouldn't go that far as to claim that. Take Shingeki no Kyojin for example, I can't imagine that show being aimed at the younger demographic considering the grahpic content and what the people of that world deal with. I would probably even lump Sidonia no Kishi in too considering the tone of the show. Unless I'm just that far out of touch with the younger generation and the things they watch... I think it's possible and very doable for Macross to take on a darker tone.
  15. I know this is a 'little' late...but better late than never.... I would argue that that isn't always the case with sequels. Though I suppose those sequels may be considered exceptions more than anything else.... I would also argue that making sequels different enough from the original can also breed such contempt. Take Macross 7 and Macross Zero for example. While I am well aware of Macross 7's popularity, I know there are many on this board who do not like the direction those two shows took. Personally, I don't particularly care for Macross 7, but I do enjoy Macross Zero. The way Zero was scripted feels more in line with the original whereas the former is somewhere out in left field. Macross 7 is about as broad as I would want the formula played with. While it's great that these new TV shows have brought in more fans, I believe there comes a point where you start to alienate fans the further you move away from what made the original so great - hence my roots remark. Take music for another example. There are several bands that I used to really enjoy listening to, but over time their music deviated just enough (from what I liked about them) that I stopped listening to them a long time ago. Now Im not suggesting that I want to hear the exact same rifts, melodies, and beats in every song composed slightly different...just that it would have been nice if these bands had stuck to their roots. Some of these bands I simply can no longer relate to. As far as roots and Macross are concerned, I mean more than just the three pillars here. As long as this new television series plays out more like a space opera with hard/military science fiction and less like a music video I will be happy. Edit: Edited for grammar...mainly spacing between some words.
  16. I just wanted to preface this by saying that I am not trying to pick on you or anything, but I wanted to throw my two cents in with my thoughts on the new show with regards to these three-pillar remarks people are throwing around. Then there's that Macross II comment... If it weren’t for SDF Macross none of us would be here right now. Be it new fans to the series, or whatever the Japanese fan base now seems to desire as you suggest, it’s not unreasonable to want something that is rooted in the original. Otherwise you might as well call the show something other than Macross. A new alternate universe could be just what we need, whether it is a success or a disappointment is all a matter of opinion. As for Macross II, calling it a disappointment is, again, all a matter of opinion – there are many of us who adore the show.
  17. QFT and FTW I love the polling options btw! No mystery here as to how I voted...
  18. Edit: Edited for grammar and spelling mistakes...and I added a quote after further reading the last two pages. Also, sorry for the wall of text, but I felt it would be better if I put everything into one big post rather than several posts. If a remake were made I too hope they stick with the story and just make it visually breathtaking. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 comes to mind...not the best example though. I know there are some differences between it and the original, but it was done really well in my opinion. I couldn't agree more with the above sentiments! Frontier is fine for what it is, but I too agree in that it didn't quite deliver on the same levels SDFM, DYRL?, and Plus did. It would be great if the next Macross series hits home...recaptures those magic moments...for lack of better phrases/words. I hope you guys catch my drift. I know you posted this long before I ever posted, but I'm not convinced or believe that this series will be a remake... I only entertain the idea because I would love to see it happen and it's something I think is long overdue, personally. Macross TV looks absolutely beautiful on Blu-ray, but the animation just hasn't aged well comparatively (Star Pro anyone?), but that's neither here nor there. Whatever the next series will be, I cannot wait! I don't see how you can say the show is not gritty and realistic. For example, Hikaru had the courage and resolve to keep moving forward. He often thought about if he would make it alive or not when he went on his sorties...and he found his resolve to keep piloting after Focker and Kakizaki passed away...to protect the ones he cares about. If that isn't gritty then I don't know what is. I know there are more examples than that.... I feel Macross is also very realistic for the most part. Yes, the show is a space opera for the most part, but it's also hard/military science fiction. The show and characters deal with more than just lovelike Claudia and Hikaru dealing the death of Roy for example. I feel that Roy's death is pivotal in Hikaru's growth as a character...and I feel to dismiss that is like dismissing the significance Roy had in the show. Now I am not trying to say that Macross is nothing but gritty, but that gritty has been a part of Macross. As for "teaching aliens about love and peace through the power of song"...I find it realistic and totally plausible. We're talking about a race of aliens who know no other culture but war. These concepts of love, peace, and song are so foreign to these people, they're bound to learn about it once introduced to it for the first time...not to mention the culture shock. Weren't you ever curious about things you encountered for the first time? I also don't know why you, or anyone else for that matter, seem to equate gritty with dark. I think you're right in regards to what fans, of the various eras of Macross, come to love and expect from the show as a whole. I too would like to see some balance of everything that makes Macross Macross in the next Macross series. That said though, I would like it if the next series were more like SDFM, DYRL?, Plus, II, and Zero...and a little less like 7 and Frontier (even though I did enjoy Frontier a lot). There's always going to be some moments in any remake where we all just wince at a change or deviation. DYRL? on Blu-ray being a perfect example as you've noted. That said...considering how DYRL? turned out with respect to SDFM...another retelling of the story may turn out just as wonderful. Could turn out horrible too...but man to see updated animation for the entire show would sure be awesome! Thanks for the sentiment, it's appreciated! =) It's always nice being able to come here after all of these years and still talk Macross (among other things) with you guys.
  19. I know I am late to the party as I just found out about this...and I know this has already been mentioned, but what if it is a reboot/remake of Macross TV? o.O Considering how well Space Battleship Yamato 2199 turned out...I can only imagine with Macross TV. Considering how good the pachinko footage looked too...oh the possibilities! Whatever the case may be, I cannot wait to find out more on this series!
  20. I never did redeem that code. Is the game still available on the PSN for purchase? I did a search for マクロス and I came up empty. Would anyone know where I could find it?
  21. SOLD I am glad they are releasing this on Blu-ray. I cannot wait to see how it looks!
  22. To each their own! Absolutely positive! The number of players in multiplayer is significantly less, and the graphics aren't as impressive. I can paste you links if you would like. Adequate gaming PC for the same price of an Xbox One? You're joking, right? If you want to play on medium settings...sure. ~$215 for a CPU (i5 3570K) ~$120 for a quality mobo (DDR3 32GB RAM max, USB 3.0, SATA III, SLI/X-fire) ~$400 for a GPU (7970) ~$150+ for a quality PSU (Gold Certified) ~$125 for 16GB of DDR3 RAM ~$40 for a quality case ~$80+ for 1.5TB HDD ~$30 for a DVD-ROM +- RW...probably more for a Blu-ray drive ~$10 for thermal paste Comes out to about $1,170. I call those specs adequate. You could probably skimp on a few things and bring that down to $1000 like you were saying. I currently have an i5 3570K and a Radeon HD 7970 and I couldn't run the Battlefield 4 beta on the highest settings (1920x1080 res) w/o experiencing some kind of lag. Hell, I can barely play Crysis 3 maxed out with acceptable frame rates (40-50) Back to BF4, granted it was a beta and I'm sure things weren't as optimized as they are now, but it was what it was. I doubt I'll see that huge of an improvement with the final product. Minus a few discrepancies, the PS4 and PC version on the highest settings are nearly identical. We're looking at $400 vs $1000 while skimping on some parts. In a year or two my 7970 won't be enough to play some of these games on the highest settings and I'm going to have to spend another $400 to play on the highest settings. Whereas on the console, I won't have to worry about upgrading for another six...seven+ years. I don't know about these recent consoles, but it was my understanding that consoles were coded direct to hardware which allowed developers to get more 'juice' out of the consoles than they would on a PC w/all of those APIs...which should help with the longevity of these things. Sure, the graphics on the console will eventually not be able to hold a candle to the PC, but that's the nature of the beast. Anyway, with PCs you're constantly having to upgrade every couple of years if you want all of the eye candy whereas on a console, you're paying one flat rate once every six years. Again, to each their own! Edit: Figured it would help if I added the resolution I'm playing at.
  23. I just saw that video Jefuemon linked and I have to disagree with that. There are some games, like Killzone, that are going to be exclusive to the console. I don't know about the rest of you, but Killzone: Shadow Fall is a day one buy for me - I've always enjoyed the multi-player in the series. As for CoD and BF4, yeah, they'll be on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but they're neutered versions in comparison to the next-gen versions. Not everyone games on the PC either unfortunately (or has the money to rather). My friends do most of their gaming on the consoles so that's where I'll be too if I want to team up with them. That said, this will probably be the first time where this gaming circle will be fractured...as we're not all getting the same consoles and some only have intentions to buy one or the other, but not both...at least not for a long while anyway. I'm actually in that boat where the more I hear about the Xbox One the less I like about it and what Microsoft has to offer. Anyway....
  24. Thanks to the Chromebook commercial I've had this stuck in my head for days. I dig this song and the music video!
  25. Anyone else picking up Killzone: Shadow Fall? Oihan: Ashmedae
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