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  1. Again, I think what I quoted earlier has some merit. "If a big budget movie or a movie from a big franchise dosn't live up to its hype or bypass decades worth of thousands of movies then its complete crap. It's pretty insane how we expect every new movie to be better than the best and if it isnt its crap." Yes, the movie isn't without flaws...but what movie is? Like everyone else was essentially telling me in regards to The Avengers...why can't Prometheus be enjoyed for what it is?
  2. Hahaha...all of my friends and I are looking forward to seeing this movie. Good to know it's getting positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I can't wait to see it!
  3. Well, they're including Flash Back 2012 with the limited editions...so I'm guessing/assuming we're getting the theatrical version of the movie. Why else include FB2012? :X
  4. There's a great article on Tom's Hardware on micro-stuttering. From everything I've read on the matter, some people are sensitive enough to notice the problem; others are not. As I see it, it's like with DLP TVs; some people will notice the rainbow effect - color separation that occurs with moving images on the screen where the projector is rapidly changing the colors through the color wheel. Some people aren't sensitive to it and will never notice it. I've thought about going the SLI/Crossfire route in the past with my current rig...yet I can never get myself to follow through. I've come to prefer the single card setup over time. The next rig I plan on building won't have SLI/Crossfire in mind. Like you, I too am looking to buy another graphics card. I've come very close to making a purchase...but ultimately I'm waiting for the AMD and nVidia "enthusiast" cards to come down in price...hopefully when nVidia releases the rest of their Kepler cards.
  5. I ended up uninstalling CCCP again and re-installing everything individually. I then went with xy-vsfilter for the subtitles rather than going with MPC-HC's own. I also reduced the GPU queue size down to 5 from 8 in the madVR rendering settings. That seems to have fixed my problem. So if anyone else has a similar issue...they may want to try what I tried.
  6. Where's that evil-eye-stare emoticon at...? I've been taking my time with the series and I've made it as far as "First Contact." I'm still amazed at the quality of the picture. I too am excited to see how DYRL? comes out!
  7. Anyone here familiar with madVR that knows how to properly configure the settings? I'm trying to make the jump to 10-bit and I can't seem to make a smooth transition. I have a couple of 10-bit sources, one 720p the other 1080p. The 720p source plays just fine with no issues whatsoever. However, when I play the 1080p source, the video plays fine for a while until some "complex/busy" scenes...where the video starts stuttering. The first thing I did in this transition was uninstall CCCP completely. Afterwards I downloaded and installed the latest versions of Haali Media Splitter, LAV Filters, madVR, and MPC-HC, and I manually configured MPC-HC (auto load subs, add LAV Video Decoder, etc) to use all of the above. I eventually went back to the latest version of CCCP and kept madVR - everything else was uninstalled. I've tried tweaking a few settings from what I've read, like the scaling algorithms and some of the rendering settings.... I don't know if there is an order in which things should be tweaked or if I'm just not finding the right combination of settings. I've read for Chroma Upscaling that SoftCubic with softness set at 100 is preferred and that Lanczos or Spline at 4 taps for Luma Up/Downscaling is preferred. I'm not sure which of these settings to tweak to gain better performance while losing the least amount of quality. I can't seem to find anything concrete out there on the web either. The rendering settings I'm not sure about either. When I was using the EVR Custom Presenter I had the EVR Buffers set to 5...but I'm not sure where to go with the madVR rendering settings. I've read that some graphics cards and or CPUs just aren't up to snuff in regards to handling 10-bit sources...but from my understanding my HD Radeon 4870 is 10-bit able/enabled. I would hate to think my Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.8GHz is a/the bottleneck. I initially thought this may be a GPU issue but then I saw my CPU being utilized at 100%.... I don't know if it's a combination of both the graphics card and CPU, if it's just one or the other, or if some settings need to be tweaked. I simply don't know enough at this point in time in regards to video rendering. I apologize for the long read, but I am stumped and am in need of help. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Thanks!!! Edit: Edited for clarity
  8. I was just looking over some E3 videos over at IGN (I didn't bother to watch the thing live) and saw this in the stories section. http://www.ign.com/a...rn-might-reboot I saw this movie on opening weekend and I actually really enjoyed the film. From the looks of things though, the majority of you (and the rest of the world) did not. Like a lot of you, I really liked Mark Strong's Sinestro! I'm hoping they bring back Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, and further explore the Sinestro Corps (I'm assuming that's where they were heading with that very last scene in the movie). If anything, I hope they bring back Mark Strong as Sinestro.
  9. I saw the movie yesterday. While I enjoyed the movie and liked it...it left me wanting more and, to some degree, somewhat disappointed. If this turns out to be a standalone movie, with no sequels, then I think I will become more disappointed.
  10. So I started watching the episodes (I'm up to episode 4) and I am just absolutely taken aback by how great everything looks! The color and picture quality are phenomenal! With that said...the animation does not age very well. SDF Macross needs a facelift. Edit: I must say that episode 4 is definitely one of my favorite episodes.
  11. And possibly ruin and or devalue the stuff? :X I know...crazy talk. Why spend the money if I'm not going to enjoy it...right?
  12. I think my problem is that I adore Macross so much that I treat any and all Macross merchandise as if it were the Holy Grail. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. That really sucks. Do you have the Authenticator? I've heard of some accounts being hacked...even some accounts that have the Authenticator. I've really been enjoying Diablo III...when the servers have been up that is. This has to be one of the worst video game launches... I've never played a ZOE game but I've always wanted to. It's nice to know they're making a HD Collection. Thanks for sharing that. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC is coming out this summer. The official trailer down below.
  14. I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to get myself to open up the LE box set. I've been staring at it for the past few days.... I have a feeling the same thing will happen with the DYRL? LE box set.
  15. From what I've been reading from the critics, the characters aren't too bright and the script is rather lackluster - they seem to enjoy the movie though. The audience seems to love it. Only 18 critic reviews so far but it's getting an 89% on RottenTomatoes.com. It's not doing as well on metacritic with a 63 from 5 reviews so far. I'm looking forward to reading more reviews. I'm still very much looking forward to seeing this movie. I cannot wait!
  16. Why not remove the dirt? Aside from time and money.... Is it to preserve the originals as much as possible, dirt and all?
  17. We should be able to use the same subtitles that have been floating around the net, right? Or do you guys think it will all need to be re-timed?
  18. I see no problem in asking if there are subtitles. As far as I know, there are none in this release.
  19. ...And the whole point of this was...?
  20. Perhaps I do NOT think his performance, his Joker, was "overrated" by ANY means. Let us just agree to disagree and move on. And to help keep things on topic.... From ComicBookMovie.com Edit: made this less inflammatory
  21. I was merely pointing out that there are a lot of people who do NOT think his Joker was overrated or "garnered a ludicrous amount of unwarranted praise." These people are on panels...I mean come on. Then you have the general public...like you, yourself, Keith. I'm pretty sure all of that negates an "overrated" claim. If all of these accolades don't negate such an absurd claim.... How's this for a claim? The Avengers is highly overrated for what it is, should not have made as much money as it did, and should not be praised as much as it has been. I'd love to see how many awards The Avengers will receive. Don't get me wrong, I think the Avengers is a fun popcorn flick, but nothing more than that.
  22. Highly overrated? You're joking, right?! In my honest opinion, he's one of biggest reasons why the movie was so damn good! The Dark Knight: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Australian Film Institute International Award for Best Actor Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture GQ Australia Men of the Year Awards (Best Actor) IGN Movie Award for Best Performance IGN Movie Award for Favorite Villain Iowa Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor MTV Movie Award for Best Villain New York Film Critics Online Award for Best Supporting Actor North Texas Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor People's Choice Award for Best Ensemble Cast People's Choice Award for Best On-Screen Match-Up Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor San Francisco Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor Scream Award for Best Fantasy Actor Scream Award for Best Villain Scream Award for Best Line ("I believe that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stranger.") Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Utah Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated – Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast Nominated – Gransito Movie Award for Best Actor in supporting role Nominated – London Film Critics' Circle Award for Actor of the Year Nominated – Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture According to some then yes. less fun more drama and ultra generic story. Staring Shakespearean actors They must inspire and talk about the issues that will be outdated in 5years. Example Avatar. Considering what the movie IS (action packed popcorn flick) with how much money the movie has made and how acclaimed it is - it's a BIT absurd if you ask me.
  23. Were you expecting the helmet to be significantly smaller? That would seem pretty unrealistic and impractical to me. As for the florescent orange piping...the only orange I see is on her suit and it's probably for aesthetic reasons. They probably have more of a luxury when it comes to designing suits. Are you talking about the florescent lighting in the suits perhaps? As for the technology differences. I'm sure if Ridley Scott and Co. had more advanced computers, back in the 70's, to handle the CGI then the Nostromo would have looked more advance than it does now. Compare any Sci-Fi movie from the 70's to today's Sci-Fi movies...the technology used is drastically different. Come on now....
  24. I guess emoticons aren't enough these days....
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