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  1. I've seen many pictures of the actual Enterprise model and I agree that the coloring is too saturated. Don't forget though that the Enterprise was repainted and matted over several times during the course of six movies; the Bandai release is supposed to be from The Motion Picture era, but I haven't really seen any good photos from 1979. Even as early as The Wrath of Khan the Enterprise looked totally different from its original form, as ILM matted over the old paint job from TMP. EDIT: I've also seen the Enterprise-D 6 foot filming model in person, and it is most definitely blue-ish and not the warm grey seen on screen.
  2. I think the difference between the CG model and the DX is Bandai trying to reproduce the "actual" colors (since no physical filming model exists) over the low lighting model seen in the TV show. They did the same thing with their Enterprise model, based on data provided to them directly from Paramount. I'm pretty sure Bandai got the exact coloring data from Satelight as well. Actual colors Low lighting Whichever one you prefer is a matter of personal preference of course. Just throwing that out there as to possibly why the DX colors differ from the anime. Or it could just be that Bandai wanted to make the colors stand out more to make it more noticeable as a toy? Because, you know, it is a toy... Besides, the coloring of the Quarter is way less problematic than the craptacular design, engineering, and QC that went into the VF-25 DX line.
  3. Wowzers! Now that you point them out, they really stand out. It really does look like the clearcoat is still a little soft, as I get problems like that if I don't leave it out to dry long enough. I dunno if you're anything like me, but I press and rub the tape down pretty hard around where I'm masking to prevent paint leaks, so that might be why the Tamiya tape leaves more of an impression than the standard tape. I forgot what brand of clearcoat you were using. Can you apply another coat to eliminate the impressions?
  4. What kind of impressions are they leaving? I use Tamiya masking tape as well, but haven't had any issues except the adhesive coming off a little because I'm such a lousy masker and have to shift the tape so much. Though now that I think about it, I don't believe I've ever used masking tape over clearcoat. I usually do all painting first before applying any clearcoat.
  5. The smartest thing that anyone has said in this thread in awhile.
  6. I prefer it over big red blocky messes that carry samurai swords, yes.
  7. There is no available model. I was just being a dick.
  8. Ohhh! I like that they have the custom decal VF-25s!
  9. I know too well the pains of an unsatisfactory DX. Just get the model kit.
  10. Anime magic strikes again! Thanks for the pics. Can't wait to get mine.
  11. Monthly cycles, childbirth, Robotech... truly women can endure far greater pains than us lowly men.
  12. Maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me, but I swear it looks like Basara with guitar! http://www.amiami.com/shop/shop?vgForm=Pro...amp;set=english
  13. That actually makes a lot of sense. I know that back in the days of motion control photography, ships in Star Trek were painted primarily in duck egg blue, but once lighted and filmed, they appeared grey. I have the Bandai Enterprise model which is supposed to be a faithful reproduction of the studio model, and as such has areas painted in shades of blue and green... just like the Quarter.
  14. Probably the same way they managed to turn this into this
  15. Nice. I can't wait to own Southern Cross on DVD.
  16. I know the truth about the Sun. The Sun revolves around the Earth. I've had a running battle over at Nasa.com on the subject, and I'll be just as glad to have one here, which will not be stopped until Galileo himself settles the argument.
  17. Anyone wanna buy my Takatoku "SDF clone" for $200? Be warned, it's cute skiddle-colored red, white, and blue.
  18. I'm currently reading a little known Jane Austen novel called Dense and Densibility.
  19. This may come as a shock to some Robotech fans, but there are some people who don't live in the United States. They're not even US citizens! And they don't speak English! And they have their own TV shows! Those aren't in English either!
  20. There's a saying that I've heard among people I know who like to watch bad movies which I think is relevant here: Never remind the audience of a better movie. So yeah, I'm sure Robotech fans hate seeing homages to things they've seen in "The Macross Saga" and knowing (or maybe not knowing?) that those moments really belong to Macross, and they'll never be able to get such homages in their precious Robotech; all they get is The SHATow Chronicles (not my name for it). It reminds them of a time when Robotech could simply steal better material than anything HG could produce. Oh, and I also watched Robotech: The Untold Story for the first time tonight. My god... how can anyone like that POS? And then say it's better than DYRL? It's utterly incomprehensible, the change in film stock between Southern Cross and Megazone is painfully obvious, I actually became physically ill about 30 minutes into it and wanted to vomit, and the hero defeats the main villain by... yelling really loud???
  21. I can't tell from the photos, but will there be a pilot figure of Basara with guitar? If so, I'm sold.
  22. So many excellent VF-25G builds. I'm going to assimilate all your techniques.
  23. I was about to ask where the heck all those little nozzles came from, but I remembered the super packs. Nice paint job, especially the gold section of the ankle armor. No wrinkles!
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