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  1. Thanks guys. I'm pretty proud of it. Here are some pics of all the parts. Cults3D has a hand CR2032 battery holder I printed out and attached the LED and a little slider switch to. It just barely fits under the tent!
  2. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Just before the Holidays I treated myself to the high metal super ostrich, as It has always bugged me that I don't own any depictions of it. It's great, and I love the little pilot figures it comes with, but it just needed one more accessory, so over to my ancient 3D printer to whip up a little tent to display it with. The final result is pretty cute, and it has an LED firelight feature! IMG_3182.mp4
  3. Ah yes. Very good. Got my Millia type VF-1J in the mail and I see how the parts break down works. Wonder why the standard types were never re-released? Bandai/Arii dispute? Lost molds?
  4. I can't really be of any help regarding box variations, but I still collect the 1/100 scale variables. I'm just not very diligent about it. I just recently aquired one of the non-super/strike versions after a looong time looking. Does anyone know if these are one of those cases of an injection kit's molds being permanantly modified to produce the up-armored kits?
  5. Nice! Just watched DYRL last night! Love the launch arm sequence. Do you display it with the arm pointing straight up, or on its side so you can see more of the hanger door detail?
  6. Exactly. Aerial displays are cool for sure, Macross is full of them. Valkyrie combat is cool to. It's just the extreme mash-up off the two that comes of as a little bit strange to me. Still going to watch it though.
  7. I for one have really been enjoying the podcast lately. I have listened off and on since the beginning, and decided to tune in for the premier of Delta. I listen to quite a few sci-fi-centric podcast, and as far as I am concerned, the speaker podcast is far and away the best. It's just easy to listen to and never feels like a chore to get through. All the better that it is devoted to such an obscure franchise. As for Delta, it seems a little bit silly on the surface, and I can see why some people would prefer a return to the more realistic, classic naval aviation aspects of Macross like we saw in Zero. I think it has great potential, if I had to come up with one criticism it would be that the Var syndrome doesn't make for a very compelling "villain" in the show. Keep up the great work speaker podcast crew, I will be listening intently from here on out, and waiting for the first few episodes of Delta to premier.
  8. If that is the same kit as my Revell 1:48 F-14A, your friend put a bunch of work into closing up the gear doors. By the time I got mine faired in, I pretty much gave up on building the rest of the kit. That one turned out great. I love the paint and markings. Did the cockpit insignia come from a 1:48 Macross decal sheet?
  9. Love it. The custom paint job on the armored 1J is cool. Wish I had the motivation to take mine out of the box and start it.
  10. A bit off topic I know, but does anyone have acces to the "ImaI Files" PDF, The legendary 108 page PDF of pre-production Mospeada art work. I found a number of old blog entries about it, but the links to the actual document are all dead. Any help tracking it down would be apreciated.
  11. OK, now I'm concerned, I just received a Nora type for Christmas. I have transformed her once, and noticed the knee joint on the left leg was very tight when straightening it. I used a toothpick to try and depress the little pawl in the joint. Might have helped. So the the part that broke was the ratcheting knee joint right?
  12. Nice comparo, I love to see the old mixed with new. If I ever get around to building one of my old 1/100 variable kits I plan on doing a photo comparison with toynami's offering. Again, nice work.
  13. I have a 1lb. batch of QSI purple silicone RTV. On the catalyst bottle the mix ratio is listed as "100 parts base material to 10 parts catalyst". Isn't this the same ratio as 10 to 1? Or, is 10 parts catalyst the minimum amount to be used, even in small batches. I have been having trouble getting the stuff to cure when I mix up small amounts. I have made molds with other brands of material, so I understand the basics of measuring, mixing, pouring, silicone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  14. Hey mickyg, if you are interested in saving some money, another source for clear acrylic is floor finishing products. In the states we have a product called "Future floor polish", and its basically pure acrylic and some fragrance. There are other products available from janitorial supply houses that work too. They range from crystal clear to a milky blue/white color, but they all dry clear, with varying amounts of gloss. To make them flat just add baby powder. I only use them for my R/C airplanes, but some people swear by them for scale models. I just go to the LHS and buy some Polyscale or MM, that I know will work. Good luck and happy hunting!
  15. Love it or hate it, the VF-2 has potential as a toy. When rendered as a SAP special you have the opportunity for a pivoting cannon (with face shield!), opening missile hatches, and two unique collapsible gunpods, complete with arm storage compartments. I can understand why many people have second thoughts about the Valk, as it does straddle the fine line between canon and non-canon Macross designs. Regardless though, the design came out when their was not a lot happening on the Macross scene, and to this day it holds a special place in many fans heart's, as the poll shows.
  16. Well, I got one today. I ordered from HLJ's first batch. It was listed as back ordered, but when I clicked on it, the main page showed it as "low stock". this was Sept. 21st by the way. I went ahead and ordered and I guess I got lucky. It shipped SAL, and showed up on Saturday, but I had to wait until today to pick it up (Damn you Columbus!). Haven't taken it out of the shrink wrap yet, but I am definitely a happy camper at this point. Mine will be fully painted with testors enamel and lacquer, acrylic clear coat, and an oil paint wash. Of course, talk is cheap when it comes to model building plans!
  17. I don't think that discussing the designer's possible real-world inlfuences is going off topic. This is a giant robot cartoon we are talking about here, and the machines in these shows are always built the way they are built for one reason or another.
  18. Art imitates life, and as such we know have a Macross series staring a "Blackwateresqe" valkyrie squadron.
  19. Generally rubbing alcohol is safe on toys, although it can craze vacuum metalized parts (like on Transformer trans-metals, or old Voltron type toys). You can always cut it with water just to be safe. I always dilute it first and then test in a hidden area. If it isn't strong enough, then step up to full strength. Incidentally, HP recommends a 50/50 isopropyl and water mix to clean their lap-top screens, safer than the ammonia and/or phosphates in most window cleaners. Just don't use denatured alcohol by mistake, that stuff is a serious solvent! Great for fueling those little backpacking stoves you can make out of a Pepsi can: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepsi_can_stove
  20. www.craigslist.org Its an online classified site for the bay area. Actually I think its all over the US, but it was started here by a hairy computer nerd type in SF named Craig. Its free, you just log on, write up a for sale ad, job posting, escort service, whatever. Tons of fun to read, especially the "alternative lifestyles" section. There usually isn't much in the way of toys or models listed, but sometimes you get lucky. One time a couple of years ago a friend of mine found an add for some "Robotech toys" for $25. We went to the guy's house and he had a super VF-1A JM, a large die-cast Godiaken (I think) in box, and a large Gakken blue Alpha, also in box complete with instructions, stickers, the little pilot figure, everything. We couldn't believe it. My friend asked the guy several times if he really wanted to sell the stuff (he said his dad had brought it back from Japan while away on buisness trips when he was a kid), and he said yes. His wife was having another child and she said they needed the room. Like a couple of awesome die-cast Japanese toys take up that much room! We gave him the $25 and took off! Anyway, my buddy gave him his number, just in case the guy came to his senses and decided to hang on to the last vestiges of his childhood, but we never heard back from him. I got to keep the VF-1A, which now occupies a prized place in my DYRL -1A collection, and the Gakken is the centerpiece of my friend's Mospeada collection. Good times.
  21. I just picked up this one and it seems quite nice. Yellow Submarine did several 1/144 scale VF-1 IIRC. [attachmentid=42590] Of course I just realized you were talking about toys, not models so this is totally irrelevant. Banpresto's are nice but I don't think they are 1/144 exactly. Maybe CM will make some Battroids to go with those cool new fighters they make!
  22. Looking through the Macross design works book reveals a sketch of a VF-11 with underwing stores. I'm not exactly sure what they are, they just look like big diamond plan-form pods. They are sort of similar to the pods mounted under the wings of the VF-0 with ghost booster. They could be missles, sensors, ECM gear, who knows. Actually an ELINT version of the VF-11 sounds kinda cool. . .
  23. Cleared my workbench (kitchen table) of Russian fighter jets and Star Wars models if favor of this, my latest addition to my ever growing pile of Macross models. Its a 1/144 scale recast of a Yellow Sub Super VF-1A Battroid. I haven't built anything resin in a while, so when I saw it on Craig's list for $10, I had to get it. I picked it up and started it right away. The sculpt is quite nice for this small scale with good detail. [attachmentid=42581] I have been working on it all evening with some soft brass wire and a #60 drill bit, trying to get the pose right. The picture on the box looks pretty static so I'm trying to fix it up with a little customization. Nothing fancy, just a better pose, a cluster of small brass tube gun barrels for the gun pod, and maybe a rifle sling. Bellow are some progress shots. The arms are tricky. Yellow Submarine was good enough to sculpt a set of wings complete with ordinance. Of course they don't fit because the arms and wings need to share the same space at the same time, but I have a plan to fix that. [attachmentid=42580] I can't wait to finish this thing, and add it to my 1/144 Macross collection. Of course now I will have to get some of those CM's fighter toys to go with it!
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