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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you don't mind me bumping up the thread with a small question. I'd like to know if there is any difference between Bandai 2001 and 2008 Origin of Valkyrie reissues, box art aside. Which one is better? Thank you!
  2. A good thing about these KOs - they are ideal for custom works, like TF Jetfire customs. Not many are willing to sacrifice originals.
  3. Anyone else thinks that "Rick Hunter" decal under the canopy for VF-1J and future re-release VF-1S reduces the market for these toys? I was on the fence about buying one but ultimately decided against it. They should just release the toys without this decal applied. The box is double branded with Japanese SDFM logo and Robotech logo anyway - what's the point of that?
  4. DYRL one - yeah. TV Nousjadeul-Ger reminds me of some steampunk armor/diving suit.
  5. Ironically, the only thing could make Macross mainstream now is Sony's Robotech film.
  6. No love for TV Roy eh? I dig his contrasting flightsuit colors and bigger role/screentime in SDFM. Sorry for off-topic.
  7. I think Glaug's proportions (thin, long legs, small torso) make it look somewhat alienish, compared to other chicken-style mecha, like Timber Wolf from Battletech.
  8. I don't think changing the established dates is a good idea. Just think of it as of a parallel timeline to ours. My wishlist for SDFM remake is the following: 1. Hand drawn mech action. I know it's much more expensive than cgi, but it is so sweet in DYRL and Plus. 2. More screentime and character development for Vrlitwhai and Milia. There's just too little of them in the original series. 3. Careful combination of SDFM (Hikaru's VF-1J, flightsuits) and DYRL (Zentraedi, civillian fashion) designs.
  9. I absolutely love the characters. Not many shows come close in this regard.
  10. People praise Patlabor films for being clever Mamoru Oshii drama/political/techothrillers but I would also like to praise Patlabor TV series as the best lighthearted mecha monster-of-the-week show of that period. It's that good.
  11. It's... beautiful! Is that a KO on the right? I think I've had the same one as a kid. Another note: Roy's color scheme is just timeless and superior. Sorry DYRL Hikaru, you're just a ploy to sell more toy variations.
  12. Is the first shot from the LD release? The colors look really rough. Most of LD anime titles that I've seen look better than this. Thanks for the shots, this is what I wanted to know. Now I wonder if another BD release is in the works for the 40th anniversary, hopefully with a better artwork and further picture enhancements.
  13. Now that's a dedication! Looks good! I really should give it a try, thanks! TV Roy with TV super parts is just as cartoon inaccurate anyway
  14. Hey, does everyone have pics of Roy VF-1S with DYRL strike parts with black jolly roger insignia applied? I am thinking of doing ghetto DYRL Roy until the real one is released but I have no strike parts yet, looking for a good deal.
  15. Yes, I am aware of the blu ray remaster. And while I don't have the boxset myself, I've watched it by "other means". From what I've seen, the increased resolution made the noise and animation problems in some episodes a bit more obvious. I'd like for someone who has an LD box to share their opinion on the video and sound quality. I have some anime titles on LD and while the majority of them are very good, there are exceptions (for example Evangelion TV series LDs, which were made obsolete by the remastered 2003 DVD release - this is the case of original LD release quality being underwhelming).
  16. This really pisses me off. I am also a Patlabor fan and I've been delighted to find out that an ultimate blu ray box with full TV series, two OVA series and three films, all remastered to amazing picture quality, can be had for $60. No such deal for SDFM and DYRL.
  17. I mean the pics of a DX Valk with Hasegawa 1/48 missiles. TBH they look nicer than Bandai ones while being cheaper as well, although assembling/glueing is needed. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/mc04/
  18. Am I understand correctly that according to main canon timeline (and disregarding Kawamori's "lol what canon"), Prometheus and Daedalus were used during Zentraedi war and replaced by ARMDs sometime after the war, thus explaining ARMDs in DYRL with the fact that the film was shot in 2030s in-universe?
  19. Heh, this sounds interesting. Do you have any pics?
  20. I hope this doesn't sound like a blasphemy but has anyone tried adapting Hasegawa 1/48 weapon set for DX VF-1 yet?
  21. What about SV-51 and VF-27 connection? There just way too many similarities right to the every mode appearance, Nora's color scheme and Gamma designation. Is there any explanation lore-wise?
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