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  1. Can anyone clarify if the TV style figures are still being made? From what I've seen, it's only Rebuild stuff everywhere. I am looking for Eva-02 and Soryu specificlly. Not a fan of Shikinami and horned Unit-02.
  2. Now it makes me wonder why did they replace this anime accurate design with the famous "angular" look.
  3. 1) Is it OK to not like Macross Plus? Many say that it's the best Macross ever, but extremely unlikeable characters ruined it for me. I appreciate the valkyries animation quality though. 2) Who was the designer of VF-1SOL from Scrambled Valkyrie? Afaik Kawamori was not involved with Macross at the time, but the design is sick. Edit: aren't these from the Kawamori book though
  4. Sorry if this has been already brought up, but can anyone shed some light on why does the VF-1S head look like this on a Takatoku-branded poster?
  5. How often does this happen?
  6. 0S is basically my favorite Valk design and a holy grail right now, but I can't really afford Arcadia 0S. Congrats to everyone who has one! I hope Bandai makes an affordable alternative some day. Too bad Macross Zero popularity in Japan can be perfectly described by its name. I feel like 0S is the one and only Valk that surpasses 1S in the badass factor.
  7. Has anyone made a repro of Kakizaki's exclusive decals set yet? They are marvelous, but I don't feel like getting the whole toy for them.
  8. Hi everyone! I hope you won't mind me asking a couple of more noob questions. 1) Is modern white plastic used by Bandai and Arcadia immune to yellowing? 2) Has Shoji Kawamori designed actual 1/55 toy? Or it is designed by someone else using his mechanical designs for Valkyrie?
  9. Has anyone seen the MP-52 seekers transformation sequence yet?
  10. So, after checking numerous reviews, I've ordered a DX Roy VF-1S via Japan surface mail. Wish me luck. Even with the inflated price, it still feels less overpriced that Arcadia or Hi-Metal R releases. I am not planning to get a full collection anyway, will probably add DYRL Hikaru and Strike parts a bit later while it's still available. Now looking for a good deal on the missile pack.
  11. Anyone else has a feeling that a Hikaru TV VF-1S with Super parts giftset is in the plans? I mean, that valk release itself is a must for a Macross toyline, while Bandai has to add an extra to differentiate it from Roy Focker version.
  12. Can anyone clarify what does this agreement mean regarding the 1982 TV series and DYRL? From what I see, Big West announcement concerns only post-1987 works. Does this mean the parties will stick to Robotech version of the original in the West? Which probably means no Japanese VF-1 toys. Or at least, no DYRL ones, though I can't imagine DX Bandai VF-1 with Rick Hunter marking below the cockpit... ugh.
  13. Thanks! Actually, 1/60 scale would be perfect for me. Will keep an eye for Arcadia. I wish Bandai DX was 1/60 as well. Any opinion on KitzConcept?
  14. That's a good price for a strike valk, but the item condition of this lot scares me. BTW does anyone know if "first release" subtitle for DX Focker means that another release is planned soon?
  15. Hi everyone. A noob here, looking for recommendations for my first valkyrie purchase. My first exposure to Macross was Robotech sometime in early to mid 90's. I've owned a junky KO Roy Focker 1/55 valk at that time. So, I've rewatched Macross again recently, proper Japanese version, then DYRL. Naturally, the nostalgia kicked in and I decided to get a proper VF-1S this time. My first idea was to look for a legit 1/55, but to my disappointment, the latest rerelease was almost 20 years ago, so finding one unused at a reasonable price is out of the question. So, studying other options I've came up with this so far (big thanks to anymoon.com for the reviews): Hi-Metal R: I've decided against it because my nostalgia is bound to a bigger toy. Furthermore, for the level of detail these toys have, the second hand market prices are too much. Arcadia: would be ideal, but again, second hand prices are too much. For the same amount of money I can get a DX Chogokin one, which looks like a superior choice. These option are the ones that I currently choosing between: 1) Pre-ordering KitzConcept VF-1S v2. Pros: Looks like KC valks have a good amount of detail. Also I can get a super pack version at a very reasonable price. Good customer service. Cons: While Robotech licensing does not bother me at all, I *feel* like I would want a second one, this time DYRL related, in the future. 99% KC won't make one, although I wonder if new HG and BW agreement opens this possibility for them. 2) DX Chogokin. I see unused ones sold at Mandarake for about 27000 yen, which is, while far from MSRP, is reasonable for a valk of this detail. Pros: it's magnificent and superior to other valks. Cons: Strike parts are sold separately, for around 50% of the valks price. Being a second hand item from Japan, no customer support for me. Any other recommendations? Thank you!
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