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  1. Nice. Have you tried doing a pic where you can see all their tail fins together with the Jolly Roger? That’s something else they all have in common.
  2. This has mainly been true for HMR than DX, but some of us have seen even Bandai tease upcoming potential products and then not deliver, which I think tends to make people more than a bit skeptical when it comes to new releases. I’m hoping Bandai doesn’t make us wait too long for a DX Roy.
  3. Understatement of the year.
  4. I re-watched Rogue One this past weekend, and was reminded of how strong a movie it is. It shows how important a good story is to a movie, which is something Rise of Skywalker didn’t have, in my opinion. Rogue One includes almost as many OT tie-ins (or Easter eggs, if you will) as RoS; but executed them in a way that felt less heavy-handed and less fan-service-y.
  5. VT-1 is now sold. Thanks to all my buyers! The Hi-Metal 1/100 boxes are still available.
  6. At this point, the VF-1J Max, VF-1J Hikaru, VF-1A Hikaru, and VF-1S Roy have been sold. The VT-1 and empty boxes are still available.
  7. I'm thinning out the collection a bit, and offering the following for sale. Prices include shipping. Payment via Paypal Friends & Family. Shipping only the continental US. I'm just including one photo of each here for now, but additional photos are available on request. ---------- Hi-Metal R Super VF-1J Max: SOLD MISB. Never opened. Box has some minor damage. Hi-Metal R VT-1 Super Ostrich: SOLD MISB. Never opened. Box is noticeably bent on the front. Hi-Metal R Super VF-1A Hikaru DYRL: SOLD Opened but never displayed or transformed. Box is in nice shape. Super parts are NOT included; otherwise it's complete. Hi-Metal R VF-1J Hikaru TV version: SOLD Opened and transformed, but in very nice shape. Almost complete, with the exception of the pilot figure, neck cavity filler, and missiles, which are not included. Hi Metal R VF-1S Roy Focker: SOLD Loose, no box or super parts. Broken shoulder joint, but otherwise great shape. This formerly belonged to Jenius. I bought it from him intending to use it for a custom that I’ve just never been able to get to. Missing the larger optional battroid hands and mini battroid wing part. Hi Metal 1/100 VF-1 boxes: $40 Complete set of empty Skull squadron boxes, including Hikaru, Max, Kakizaki, and Roy. No toys or parts are included. Both Max and Kakizaki include instructions; Roy and Hikaru do not. Does not include the outer sleeve that holds them all together. Original plastic inserts are included. Condition is reasonably good. Appropriately, it appears that Max is probably in the best shape, and Kakizaki is in the worst shape. ----------
  8. Just a guess, really, but it could be they wanted to place those games into later, future timelines and thus wanted updated designs to show development over time. There’s evidence that Kawamori designed the concept for the valkyrie in the Super Famicom game, if not the actual sprite art. His name is in the game credits, and the battroid line art appeared in a book of his design works. I don’t remember the one in the 2036 game being all that different from the VF-1. Just a revised head and super packs, I believe?
  9. That is a good price for the Monster. Thanks for sparing all our wallets.
  10. Agreed, that customs declaration is a little too detailed. I've never seen one so specific. Does AE tend to do that?
  11. @sh9000, that is one great-looking setup. Can I come over and play?
  12. I think it depends on the source material. In the case of DYRL, going to higher resolutions is likely to only exaggerate the out-of-focus shots throughout the movie. For a more modern production like Frontier, if they could re-render at 4K, it could look really nice.
  13. Same here. I’d have been lucky just to get one!
  14. Bandai did the 1/100 VF-25 around 10 years ago. But they are not known for being very good, and I didn’t know they made an armored version. Knowing @sh9000, it could be some custom work.
  15. Almost like Disney is tired enough with the whole thing that they themselves just want the entire “saga” to be over with, so they don’t have to worry about continuing to mishandle it. I wonder if after this movie they will breathe a collective sigh of relief.
  16. Pretty sure that’s the original Hi Metal Strike VF-1S, which is more white in color. Some of us are using it as a stand in for a TV version.
  17. The chess set idea sounds really cool. Though you’re not kidding: the pawns will be expensive on both sides.
  18. This may have been pointed out already, but I’m just noticing that the head lasers on the 1S are positioned differently in battroid and fighter. I guess that means they are individually articulated?
  19. Since these are going to be more appreciated in battroid, where the stand adapter isn’t going to matter, I’d say keep it as close the line art as possible. But it would still be great to have them be able to work with the existing stand adapter. Count me in as someone who’d be up for buying multiple sets, assuming price and color are agreeable.
  20. Bandai Hi Metal 1/100 VF-1S Roy Focker Strike (for those prefer the more TV-oriented colors instead of the HMR version) All original parts included, plus instructions unopened in the bag. Good condition overall, with some minor wear and a few loose joints. I noticed that the “backpack” may have been glued together by a previous owner. Box has some moderate wear, mainly on the top. Feel free to PM for questions or details. SOLD
  21. Yeah, I suspected the 1D came with one, but wasn't sure. I actually haven't opened mine yet. And @vlenhoff, you're making me want to go ahead and pick up a Spartan. It's not my favorite destroid, but maybe it would satisfy my desire for a Tomahawk in the short term. I would really love to get a Monster, but realistically don't have the space.
  22. I think it was just the VF-1J armored and the VT-1. The original Hi Metal (non R) VF-1J and VF-1A models came with one as well.
  23. You’re not the only one.
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