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  1. True, though Bandai hasn’t included that detail yet for their VF-1S in either Hi Metal or HMR.
  2. The pilot, the hands, and the fact that the TV versions are usually whiter. Plus if it came with super parts, those would be more green and less blue.
  3. The Scout was probably not at the top of many people’s lists (mine included), but still very exciting to see it potentially get made. Also seems logical for Bandai, since they can reuse the leg molds from the standard Regult. And count me as another one who would rather see a proper TV Roy instead of a reissue.
  4. I see their photos of the stands holding an HMR VF-1 wth super parts, but I think I’d be a little nervous doing that. Haven’t people had some trouble in the past with similar arms from Tamashii failing?
  5. @UN_MARINE, this is some amazing work! Very impressive. If I had any Joke machines, I would totally want one of these.
  6. Best color in my opinion would be the light tan from the anime, but at this point, I would take a Tomahawk in just about any color that Bandai decided to release, even that purple-gray that they teased earlier.
  7. Congrats to all who were able to score a Max. Based on pics here, he’s looking great. It will nice once Bandai decides to release Kakizaki and Roy to round out the TV team.
  8. Yeah, same here. I missed the fact they were now available.
  9. Very cool! On the bottom of the right hand page, that appears to be the VF-1SOL-S design from the Super Famicom game. It says "scramble valkyrie" above the image, and the year matches the year the game came out. I recall there being some debate as to whether or not Kawamori was actually responsible for that design.
  10. Agreed, but that’s not saying much... This will be a pass for me, but I am glad to see the line still going. Maybe this will help some get a VF-4 that missed the first one.
  11. It does seem like they are trying to do one of each VF-1 variant to start, so according to that logic a 1D would make sense. I'm just waiting for the inevitable VF-1S Focker, hoping it's a TV version...
  12. Mandarake has a Hi Metal 1/100 Super Parts set in stock, if anyone is interested: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1072978100&ref=mail
  13. Thanks for the links, @no3Ljm. I’m thinking those might not be the official release, and I’m hoping to get the real thing.
  14. Looking for the official set of Blu-rays for the original Macross TV show. If anyone has a set they’d be willing to part with, please let me know. It doesn’t have to be the Complete Edition, in fact I’d probably prefer that it not be, for cost reasons.
  15. Don’t you mean “Kyuun, kyuun, kyuun, kyuun”? They didn’t, to my knowledge. I think @Kinzoku VF meant that they were re-starting on building a line at a new scale.
  16. The Hi Metal Super Parts set did not include a gunpod. It did include a stand adapter, however.
  17. All those boxes look great together. Seems the only one you're missing is the VF-1S Messer (which is skippable, in my opinion). If we're talking future releases, my top most wanted would be: 1. Tomahawk 2. VF-1A Max 3. VF-1S Roy/Hikaru TV version 4. Q-Rau TV version 5. VF-1A Armored
  18. It definitely seems to me like they’re just following Bandai’s lead here, but it’s still nice to see this getting made.
  19. The Tomahawk is my favorite of all the destroids, except for maybe the Monster. (Still wish I had the space to display one of those beasts...)
  20. Nice combo, @sh9000. Agreed that the TV color works much better. Even though they were originally intended for DYRL, I typically only put the HM green packs on TV valks. My DYRL valks get HMR blue packs.
  21. Not sure if you're seriously asking, but in case you are... I take it you haven't seen Delta?
  22. Yeah, that’s like saying that Macek and HG made that R-thing.
  23. Exactly. Anything to keep the line alive and give us hope that we will eventually see the Tomahawk, the Q-rau, and the rest of Vermillion.
  24. I think that’s mainly the forced perspective of the VF-1 being farther away from the camera.
  25. I’m ready, though I may just get the orange 03 for my 1D. I’m wondering if the blue 02 might look good for Max. Not quite the right shade, but might still work.
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