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  1. I don’t own a Messer, but believe the white plastic is unique to that version. Other HMR VF-1S head lasers are gray. The original Hi Metal 1S is closer, but still off white, and also sculpted differently. If Bandai had decided to give us a true TV version VF-1S in HMR, that white color would have been perfect.
  2. Looking forward to seeing that Q-Rau painted up in TV colors, @sh9000
  3. That Lego NES looks sweet. I'd be tempted to get one as an accessory for my retro game setup. The mechanism inside the TV makes me think that some could design their own game screens after other titles.
  4. From what I’ve seen, the original Hi Metal TV Hikaru 1J was much more likely to yellow than the DYRL 1S and 1A versions, with its really bright white plastic.
  5. Agreed. Whenever a review starts with anything resembling “DO NOT BUY THIS” they lose me. I understand people’s need to vent, but I don’t need to be the recipient.
  6. Glad that some of you were able to get a Roy PO in at HLJ. I missed out on this round. That said, seeing it pop back up on HLJ was how I got my Hikaru VF-1J, so I'd be confident they will fulfill the order. Hopefully I'll be able to secure a Roy eventually.
  7. Yeah, that’s too steep for me at this point. Sorry to hear about your health situation. Hope things continue to improve.
  8. While I’d be all about a proper TV Super VF-1S bundle, it’s very possible that I’ll have all the pieces in place already by the time Bandai gets around to it. Pilot from the 1J (or a possible 3D print) and super parts now on pre-order. All I need now is the valk itself, which may open up at some point later in the year.
  9. Yamato did this combo in 1/60 v2.
  10. I think it’s more like a red UN Spacy kite.
  11. Here's another angle of the Tamashii Nations display with a clearer view of the super VF-1.
  12. I’m pretty sure they will eventually do that. It appears to me as if Bandai has taken several cues from HMR in their development of the DX.
  13. So let’s say it was TWE for a Super VF-1S bundle. What might the price be? Maybe around ¥25,000? Surely less than ¥30,000.
  14. I agree that the GBP is one of the highlights of the HMR line. I'm kinda surprised they haven't made more use of the mold and re-released in other colors, like the VF-1A version they teased way back when. If you can find a GBP 1J for a price even remotely close to ¥15,000 I would jump on it.
  15. Based on the timing with Roy’s 1S, as well as the potential lower appeal of the combo, I think TWE would make more sense. I’d personally love it, since this is my ultimate DX wish, and it’d eliminate the madness part. From a canon standpoint, I think would it also make sense for Bandai to just release the TV supers with the valks that wore them. M&M will need to be included with the valk due to unique coloring, and the only other valk that wore them in the show besides the 1S is the CF, which who knows if Bandai would ever make. At the same time, this goes against their habit of giving us things in piece meal...
  16. Here's my growing VF-1S "Booby Duck" collection. Aside from a potential 1/48, any other versions or scales I should add?
  17. This. In the music world, guitar companies often produce “signature” models based on the look of an instrument owned and used by a famous guitarist. Occasionally there will be technical features different from the standard edition, but usually just mimicking the look. Since it wasn’t the only VF-1S on the SDF-1, I really think what made Roy’s special was the paint scheme and the fact that he flew it.
  18. I was thinking the same. Would be great to have a closed fist TV hand for each arm like the Yamato 1/60 V2 (and Bandai's own HMR TV versions for that matter).
  19. Bandai has given us HMR versions of the Wasp, Phoenix Hawk, Shadow Hawk, Marauder, Rifleman, and Griffin, but still no Warhammer...
  20. Cameras and lighting—not to mention photo processing—can have a big impact on how colors appear. In that magazine scan, there are 2 shots of the fighter on the stand, and you can tell by the black base that the white balance is different. I'm guessing (or hoping?) that the actual color in real life will be somewhere in between the two shades of yellow.
  21. Interesting... I've definitely seen loose hip joints on the original Hi Metal line, but none of my HMR VF-1 examples have the problem. I had thought it was something Bandai had fixed with the HMR update.
  22. This comparison reminds me of the difference between Bandai's 1/100 Hi Metal and the Hi-Metal R. The DYRL version above looks more like the HMR, while the TV Roy head looks more like the older original Hi Metal sculpt. Courtesy of Jenius's Anymoon site...
  23. That’s cool that Roy’s VF-1S is coming, and I’m really glad to see it’s the TV version. I’m in for one for sure, whether PO or otherwise. I think the newer head sculpt looks good, and I could even live with yellow head arrows if needed, but it seems Bandai is fixing that. Am I correct in assuming that it will not come with a Hikaru pilot, but it’s just shown in that article for scale with Roy?
  24. As someone with a background in graphic design and a soft spot for old arcade games, I'm impressed with your work and dedication. Interested to see how it all turns out.
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