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  1. I found this to be very particular and odd.. out of all the ways you can treat her, she's all bondage'd up... wtf. And yeah it looks like he's perving out on her. Cant unsee.
  2. Its been so long. Looking at it from a financial perspective at this point if a 4th movie is made, wouldn't it rack up less cash than it would have otherwise done had it been released closer to the 3rd movie? I know hardcore fans and everyone that is a fan is hooked and waiting for a 4th, but at some point the whole "playing the waiting game to build hype" starts to work in reverse doesnt it?
  3. Green haired pilot chick? Best ending would be that it all ends within 20minutes, then they cut back to an outro where DELTA is being shown on a TV. Its in the living room of Misa and Hikaru's apartment/quarters on the MEGAROAD. And they just laugh and look at their 3 year old son with a VF-31 model plane.
  4. Delta's focus is anywhere and everywhere BUT on the mecha. Its a shame really I would have loved to see an armored version of the VF-31
  5. Don't get me wrong, I do not see it as an excuse for a second, this is completely unacceptable any way you look at it.. It just has been mentioned so much as the reason why it went the way it did. In the end DELTA to me, exists pretty much just for a Walkure merchandise ad. That's what I have to look at it now as and nothing more. Ok thanks. Does anyone know if the writing team changed midway? Or are credits the same all the way thru? Because while I wasn't a complete fan of delta prior to 13, I was ok with it. After that, it just spiraled out of control as if a different team took over for writing.
  6. Well there are now conflicting reports about Delta not having been originally planned for two cour (full 26 episodes).. It serves to give an explanation of why it all went downhill but had this been confirmed as true or false? Some are now saying it was always meant to be 26 episodes. With that said, even if he "jumped ship" he had to have at least seen the script and given a green light on it or something? The thing here is just how much of a creative command he has on the series? Is it full unadulterated "its my way or the highway" or is it at a consultant level. Either way doesn't bode well for his title as Mr. Macross guy. This is a big crap stain that will forever stay on his shirt.
  7. Frontier did not have movie finales. The two movies were a re-imagining of the events told in the series with a different ending so I wouldn't say they can be tied to the series' universe in any way. However I would say that if they do this for Delta the story will have to be very very different to reach an acceptable level of storytelling and pace. Sad thing is that Frontier was enjoyable as a series for the most part (at least for me), and so the movies didn't feel like they existed to fix a wrong to me. Just felt like additional frontier content in an alternate universe. So ultimately I found both mediums to be enjoyable. That wont be the case with Delta.
  8. wow. the writing and pacing is horrible. How are they going to wrap this up in 20mins. Haha. I just dont see how you can hope to cover everything unless you add another season.. and hopefully that doesn't happen cause if its more of this blablablabla it will be just as awful. So that Private merchant guy always appears to dump lots of info for the main group and the viewer for like the 5th time......twice in this episode? that is so crappy.
  9. ayaxr

    3P SD VF-1S

    Wow. This makes the Hi Metal R line seem like a massive bargain at that price point.
  10. Just got payment request for this. Very happy now. Its sitting safely in my private warehouse.
  11. I have not received a payment request for this yet at HLJ. It shows as an "in stock" item now.
  12. So true... I wanna laugh.. but then I get sad.. :/
  13. ayaxr

    Hi-Metal R

    Ok I'll be on the lookout thanks. At least it sounds like it wont be mission impossible.
  14. ayaxr

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks. So I did jump on the preorder for the mass production type VF-1A at HLJ, seems it was the last one or close to the last one, its now on order stop. Like a minute after I ordered. Its going to be my first mass production "anything" on my macross collection, but the price seemed decent enough at 6,120. I have my figinstock alert setup for the Max use version, fingers crossed one becomes available.
  15. ayaxr

    Hi-Metal R

    Having missed out on the preorder at HLJ, Is there a probability of the Max use to be available for purchase after its officially released(not thru resellers that jack up the price), as in they will continue making more units than the initial preorder Been interested in this line for a while but have never actually bought one.
  16. Thanks. Much appreciated!
  17. Damn that haul, but thats the only way to get you all 3 independent modes of each other. Seems a shame to cannibalize two kits for Gerwalk but.... It just looks soooo good.
  18. Yes you can panel line the F-Toys. The lines are just deep enough for it to be possible. I did and I suck at it haha. Turned out great. They have a surprising amount of detail for the "initial price" when they were originally sold and have aged well.
  19. ayaxr

    Macross figures

    If it wasn't for what he's wearing, I wouldn't be able to tell that's Hikaru.
  20. The writers themselves have long forgotten this is a Macross show. This could pretty well have been "generic anime x of the season" if you took out the VFs. And I mean there's so little of them onscreen that it really wouldn't be that hard. Haha. - A restored VF-22 piloted by MCs father.. lol... so cliche'd its not even funny. Watch Hayate save the day in a badly CGI animated VF-22.
  21. Looks massively cool! The landing gears could benefit from at least a wash/ preferribly some small painting.
  22. Thanks for the play by play! Hope to see more pics. Really good to see these kits built in the wild! Just reassures that the final product is indeed THAT good. I'll have to wait so long... makes me sad.. haha.
  23. That looks amazing, as expected. the quality is there just as on the VF-1 kit. Going to HAVE to get a dedicated VF-31J fighter kit now... haha.
  24. Yeah thats a CVN-56 Admiral carrier. And man that lift-off scene sticks with you doesn't it. It was very well done.
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