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  1. Vajra. 36000 yen. Still open. http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f144746784
  2. Lo quebraste! Eran los últimos USD 67 que le quedaban. Mala onda
  3. Lo que me tiene asustado es que la última actualización de la cagaa fue en Alemania, ni siquiera acá. Más encima DHL ya me ha perdido cosas antes en Alemania! :@
  4. My unit has been without any update from the DHL since December 23 :/ BTW: I order it from Loopaza paying USD 58 for DHL (to Chile). The thing is they use DHLG whish is handled from HK to CL by DHL and from there by the local post office. Sucks! So far with the delay from DHL there is no difference with any SAL service from JP.
  5. It is from NY, there is a ticket still open. They are talking with Bandai if there is something they can do for me (long shot but still hoping the best). It looks like pure bad luck. The packaging is in pristine condition so I think it came this way from factory or warehouse
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I think I'll give it a try
  7. Man, next time in Antofagasta I'll ping you for sure!
  8. I just got my VF-1S with a typical Japanese souvenir inside
  9. Wait a minute!? The seller is Bandai??
  10. It looks like you got the only one in stock :/
  11. What about NY?
  12. Yes and once order is place you can't cancel it :|
  13. Well... The subject was talked during 31J preorder madness. One guy (I can't recall his name) went to the physical address in HK and it's a legit store but other than that we don't know much more BTW Loopaza has DHL shipment options. For me it was USD 58 (Chile) which is as expensive as some shipment options from NY or HLJ. Also on the 31J preorder madness they also opened their store one or two days before the rest.
  14. Loopaza pre order page is already open: https://www.loopaza.com/dx-chogokin-macross-delta-sv-262hs-draken-iii-keith-aero-windermere-custom.html
  15. Wena shoro! From what store did you get the book shelf? It looks awesome. Greetings from Valparaiso!
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