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  1. yeah, this one is going into the shopping cart.
  2. yep, just imagine getting screwed by nippon yasan for something this expensive...
  3. any of these stuff up for pre order yet? Also, a while ago on this thread, somebody posted a pic of a toy in development, i think it was a large scale vynil legioss. does anybody have any news on that? Cheers
  4. I would not recommend nippon yasan if you think the order might be cancelled. they do not give your money back and make it very hard to use store credit afterwards.
  5. if anyone wants to sell one of theirs hit me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. hi metal vf-1j max, new opened for inspection-80 shipped in us hi metal (v1) vf-1a red stripe- used , in great condition--70 shipped in us Arcadia vf-1j millia-opened , like new--170 shipped in us Hi metal r - vf-1s with armored parts , no box-100 shipped . (Condition, like new) all include box, cept the vf-1s model kits i have a few battroid and fighter hasegawa kits. if interested pm me
  7. Price lowered . Final price 175 shipped or just goes back on the shelf . Cheers
  8. wast able to find the box for the armored vf-1j, if anyone is still interested , send me offers for it without the box.
  9. Arcadia millia vf-1j $175 in the US Opened and displayed. Like new.
  10. box pic is just for ref. found online
  11. used, see link for item description and photos $250 plus shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/mospeada-Toynami-Robotech-Cyclone-MPC-Volume-2-Rand-1-10/302946377361
  12. beware one detail, if you chose to cancel your order, you can only get store credit, and they wont let you purchase anything with that store credit if its less than the amount that you have in credit. which means your shipping money will have to go to something in their store and you will still have to pay additional shipping money for anything you order.
  13. lol, thanks, i should have looked up how to properly spell it before i wrote it.
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