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  1. Last time I moved (thought it was only a few miles) I fully disassembled them then took the glass panels and shelves and put cardboard between them then did basically what Benson mentioned with couch cushions and mattresses.
  2. Alternately if someone wants to sell me their box, I'm open to that as well ... I'd rather not have to buy a new uncomplete model, just to scan the box.
  3. Back in the late 90s I had a small but decent little collection of 1/55 valks. I had a Takatoku VF-1S, VF-1J Hikaru, VF-1J Max, GPB-1S, a Milla knockoff (JOONS I believe), and a custom VF-1A brownie. None were in great condition, but they were rugged toys and I liked my little display of them. Skip to the dot com bubble bursting around 2000 and I found myself out of work, doing odd jobs to make ends meet. I ended up moving twice (to cut costs) and eventually put everything I had in storage and couch surfed for about a year. Eventually things turned around, I got a very good job with a company I've now been with for 10 years eventually bought a house and ended up with a nice little home office/man cave. I had sort of forgotten about Macross focusing on other collecting (it's a disease, I swear) but recently I got the bug again. The tragedy is that I always assumed my 1/55 valks were nicely boxed away somewhere, but now I can't find them. I talked to one of my friends and he swears I talked about selling them when I was out of work - and I don't doubt that I would have, but I have meticulous email records for eBay going back to the mid 90s and have no evidence I ever did sell them. I moved now 3 times and twice had everything in storage units. I wouldn't be mad if I knew I actually sold them, but it's killing me I really have no clue whatever happened to them. Oh well, now I just have an excuse to start over with 1/60 valks
  4. I'm not worried about assembling the image from multiple scans if that's what it takes or doing the retouching work with the sticker (had already thought about that) - I'm pretty handy with photoshop. The finished image I plan to print and frame it and display with my meager collection of valks.
  5. Looking for high res scan of the box art from the 1/100 Armored Factory Hoping someone has a box laying around they could take of scan of. Thanks!
  6. Yeh I looked into shipping and it was going to be like $120+ shipping for two Detolfs because they'd have to ship it freight. I looked at the price and gas back then and realized I'd rather drive so I could see other stuff at the store I wanted. I am glad however that was just one 4.5 hour each way trip - after that I waited a few years until they completed the store 30min away from me.
  7. My first trip to get Detolfs I mentioned above was 4.5 hours driving - each way ... still worth it.
  8. Paid $300 for the Low Vis on eBay ... still getting back into the swing of collecting so I don't know if that was a decent price or not but I jumped on it.
  9. After having and losing a decent little collection of 1/55 valks in the late 90s, I've recently gotten the collecting bug again. Here's the results of my recent little spree:
  10. Detolfs are awesome - simply the best display cases you can get for the price. I actually needed something that was comparable to a Detolf but a little smaller to fit in a specific area - I ended up paying 2.5x as much after shipping for something else (this).
  11. Personally I think these stands are going to push me to buy more valks
  12. Guessing Detolfs by the price. Consider yourself lucky, I live in Cincy and when I got my first 2 Detolfs, I had to get them from Pittsburgh because they didn't have an Ikea in Cincinnati yet.
  13. Purchased a SVF-26 Cavaliers on ebay, only to be told by the seller 3 days AFTER he marked it as shipped that the wing was broken. Then had second deal with someone else fall through yet again due to another one that had a broken wing. So still looking for one of these in the $250 ballpark if possible. Third time's the charm, finally got my Cavaliers.
  14. 1x YetiStand regular 1x YA standing adapter 1x YA banking adapter Thanks!
  15. Got a nice big box of valk goodness from Singapore today - thanks to barurutor!
  16. A belated thanks to DarrinG for a nice set of gunpod straps.
  17. Awesome - I hadn't seen that yet. Great news.
  18. The only references to the SCV-8 Blue Roses I found were on many custom valk models posted on these forums - before that I had never heard of them, hence the reason I asked. I couldn't find any reference to them either of the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie book #1 or #2 (I don't have the Squadrons books yet). Nor was it mentioned in This Is Animation: Macross Plus Variable Fighter's Aeroreport where some other squadrons are. As for the SVC designation, there are references to SVC-133 "Starhunters" (pg125) and SVC-131 (pg91) in the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 #2 book. I actually was organizing a list of the printed squadrons (bored waiting for the VFMF Squadrons book from HLJ) when I came across multiple posts here talking about SVC-8.
  19. Newbie question: where did the SCV-8 Blue Roses come from? I looked through 8 pages of search results going back to 2003 but couldn't find anything that mentioned the origins. Thanks..
  20. Looking for: 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo w/Armor Parts, preferably from 2010 with the fixed shoulders, but I'll take what I can get I'm also open to a VF-J Grey Goggles and GBP-1s armor separate I'm going to hold off and see what Arcadia comes up with Finally, I'd love to find a SVF-26 Cavaliers Picked one up on eBay recently The search continues, after not one, but two deals fell through to get one of these. Thanks
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