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  1. Well right now we really can't say since we don't know the details of this Destiny Plan yet.
  2. What is the political situation with the Alliance. All we hear is about the military and LOGOS. We never hear about the Atlantic or Eurasian goverments? It's like they're all run by some junta. When I heard about the Destiny Plan and saw that episode about Gilbert's background. I'm fairly convinced this war isn't about peace and more has to do with his failed relationship with Talia. I remember reading something about the Destiny Plan having something to do with makeing everyone Naturals or something like that. And when Talia said she couldn't be with him because she wanted a kid, that seems to tie in togeather. The funny thing is if that is what the Destiny Plan is about then Gilbert and Djibril are after the same thing. So obviously the way the world is right now, he feels it's wrong, you can't really blame him either. And he's doing what he thinks is nessesary to make it right. He doesn't really seem evil or power hungry. If anything he seems more like Solidus from Metal Gear Solid 2.
  3. I'd be happy if they'd just made a 1/100 Gunbarrel so I could put it on one of my Strikes.
  4. Probably some Chinese or Korean ripoff or something. You can see part of something that looks like the White Base behind the robot's fist.
  5. That would only be useful if the standard issue MS units had no targeting equipment. ...Then again this is DESTINY...
  6. Meh, I like the stuff comming from Japan better anyway...
  7. They should just give Freedom to a killer, that way the whole thing would be over in a week at the most.
  8. What's the name of that song that playes when Cagalli takes the Akatsuki out in epi 40?
  9. Yeah, thats why you get rid of him and make it look like an accident...
  10. I sure hope that you don't have any, then. 318455[/snapback] I could say the same about you buddy...
  11. Has anyone ever scratched their butt then smelt their finger?
  12. I'd like to see at least one PLANT get blasted by Requiem.
  13. Just the fact we're even debating this is just more proof in my eyes that people should be required to pass a test before they can legaly have kids. Some people are just too f*cking stupid to trust to correctly raise a kid.
  14. I remember messing with a 1/60 Freedom a bit and it seemed more like a bigger version of an HG. The shoulders didn't swing forward like they do on the 1/100 Strike. It didn't have an internal frame either.
  15. When it all comes down to it JsARCLIGHT is right. So what if a kid gets ahold of a game like GTA, as long as their parents taught them right and wrong, reality and fantasy. I've been playing games like Doom since 3rd grade, and I've yet to pull of any homicides. If the parents actualy raised their damn kids then it really wouldn't matter what a game's content is. The entertainment industry isn't responsible for anyone's kids.
  16. Like I said in another thread, the morons are only going after GTA because it's well known. That just proves the politicos are just whoreing themselfs for votes.
  17. Yeah but then they'd just lose votes, because I mean God forbid, people would have to raise their own kids. These people need to learn it isn't the goverment's job to raise and police their godd@mn kids.
  18. In this case, it's a game that, knowing Rockstar, quite likely glorifies an activity that's already unofficially condoned by the majority of people in a position to do something about it. While I reserve final judgement until the game is actually out and real information becomes available, as things stand currently I am unamused. And quite bluntly, more than a little pissed. 317411[/snapback] Doesn't change the fact that it's still a game, a game not intented for kids to play anyway. That's the bottom line, it's not for kids, these people are getting mad for no real reason. The only thing I'm somewhat pissed about is that this game is most likely going to have repetative game play and not much in the way of innovation.
  19. I'm getting sick of these godd@mned p*ssified whiners! IT'S JUST A F*CKING GAME!
  20. A little miscommunication, it happens... Anyway, is it just Macross bases or would they do Gundam ones as well?
  21. I thought you wanted the actual dimentions so they could scale them themselfs.
  22. You can find most of the dimentions you'd need here. http://www.anime.net/macross/mecha/index.html I'd like to see a kit of the Gloria.
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