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  1. Someone ought to do an SDF-1, or at least an Oberth or ARMD.
  2. And if you haven't, the DRAGOONs on Akatsuki can generate a Hyperion style barrier along with shooting stuff. Mwu also likes to use them in the same way Rey likes to use the large cone DRAGOONs on Legend. I'll be nice to see Mwu whack Minerva the same way Rey took down Girty Lue.
  3. When is the sountrack supposed to come out, all I can find are samples.
  4. Yeah the music is pretty much the one bright thing about Destiny, that and Mwu finnaly getting a decent mobile suit (well decent sans the fact it can survive a direct hit from a positron cannon and still come out all shiny).
  5. I can't tell by the video, but did the allied fleet take heavy damage from Messiah? Didn't look like it got hit too bad.
  6. Jumped the shark? Try failed at that too, fell in and got eaten and craped out by the shark. Fukuda and all the "writers" ought to be fed to a shark. The only thing left is for Shinn to go into beserker mode, almost kill Luna (then later have Impulse blow up with her) then have Athrun chop Destiny's arm and legs off and let it get caught up in some huge explosion.
  7. 331056[/snapback] That one's kind of obvious just by looking at it... The real question is, does it have a trench.
  8. What, my friends have too much of a life? The 60 GB internal HD on my laptop is pretty loaded. A disk that could hold up to 50 GB would come in handy. Well since these disks aren't out, externals for my win.
  9. So what are the chances of Sony making some kind of external Blue Ray burner for PCs? It'll be nice being able to back up my computer on one disk. Or go to my friend's comp and get all his videos and MP3s on one disk.
  10. Are there any figures of Meyrin with her hair down or Ramius in the Orb uniform?
  11. Well you did have to fight him in FFVIII.
  12. $5 says this will be a premise for another piece of crap from hollywood.
  13. That would be the greatest thing to ever happen in this series.
  14. Kept me entertained and beats the Hell out of anything from Hollywood lately, though that isn't say a lot really... Yeah, the story was pretty weak but I wasn't expecting much from the story department to begin with. Definatly nothing on the level of a full RPG. The ending kind of left me lost, is JENOVA now in the Lifestream and is Sephiroth going to show up every now and then like a case of herpes? I got the OST and I was pretty dissapointed it didn't have the remixed versions of One Winged Angel and JENOVA. If it came out here on DVD I'd probably buy it.
  15. Yeah I noticed those Nelson-classes and the Agamemnon-class with the Izumo fleet were the original versions. I'm guessing their crews went over to the 3 Ships during the last battle and they just stashed their ships away for a situation like this. At first I thought they were survivors from the Alliance base that just got blasted. I'd like to see epi 49 start out with a huge Lohengrin barrage from the Archangel and the Izumos.
  16. If they left the METEORs on the Eternal and gave Neuman the helm, Eternal would factor in more like a giant mobile armor than a capital ship. Minerva wouldn't stand much of a chance if Eternal and Archangel effectivly tagteamed it. Eternal could use it's defensive capability to cover the Archangel, while Archangel focused on attacking. Only thing is, can Eternal's helmsman keep up with Neuman.
  17. Well not quite, Legend can be just as screwed if Mwu or Kira got their DRAGOONs behind him. Mwu would probably have a slight advantage with the beam reflecting armor forcing Legend to take him on close combat or use the beam drills.
  18. What would be cool to see would be for Archangel to time the fireing times of it's Lohengrins and "rapid fire" them at the Minerva.
  19. And all in all, would that be such a bad thing? 329168[/snapback] I also saw a couple Viggens in the trailer. As far as wepons go, hopefully it'll be more like AC4 where you can select what load out you want to use.
  20. Just to toss this out, a couple people from one of the other boards I'm at started a political forum up. So if any of you guys are interested in this kind of thing check it out. http://s13.invisionfree.com/Political_Forum/index.php Mods, sorry if this is against the rules. I don't know if it is or isn't.
  21. As long as it comes with the DRAGOON pack I'll be happy. 328141[/snapback] Dragoon pack = more pieces to lose. :-( 328165[/snapback] Not really a problem for me, I'm on of those guys who just poses it and doesn't touch it for a month when I get tired of it's pose and decide to repose it.
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