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  1. As long as it comes with the DRAGOON pack I'll be happy.
  2. The first SEED wasn't too bad. The Alliance lacking the NJC made sence why they didn't cloak nukes and ZAFT didn't have the technology long. But Destiny just went straight down the toilet after the whole Break the World incident. With the Alliance and ZAFT on roughly equal terms in technology, the Alliance should have totaly smashed all of ZAFT's major Earth bases though sheer weight of numbers. Not only that but the Alliance controls four of the seven continents meaning they'd have far more resources and manufacturing capabilites at their disposal. I don't think Minerva would survive an encounter against several Archangel and Girty Lue class ships. Super Gundams or not, Destiny and Legend aren't comming out on top if about 200 Windams jumped them. Applying any kind of reasonable logic, there is absolutly no way ZAFT could have won in the second war.
  3. Does anyone have a pic of Fukuda? If I ever go to Japan I want to know who to pimp slap.
  4. Are you f*cking kidding me, another recap this close to the end. Someone in Japan please take a big nasty dump on Fukuda's car.
  5. At least the PS's D pad doesn't grind up my thumb the way the Dreamcast's did. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it was like the SNES's pad.
  6. That's why you can buy more than one kind of controller. The DC had some great arcade sticks available for it. 327248[/snapback] I hate arcade sticks too... Since my brother picked up his Dreamcast (and later left in my hands) after it was discontinued, finding anykind of PS controler adaptor was near impossible.
  7. I totaly hated the Dreamcast controler. The D-pad really bit into my thumb, my fingers would hurt from holding it after about an hour, and I was never too found of triggers, pain in the ass to use in fighting games. Which is a shame really, it had some interesting games, but the controler kept me from playing very long.
  8. I hear you on that one, I'd look forward to a third SEED if I knew they'd gotten diffrent writers, writers that acutaly care about and know what they're doing. I don't hate DESTINY, but I'm definatly disappointed over it. Here's a perfect example of a series with a lot potential that ended up getting totally f*cked up by it's writers. It really wouldn't bother me if Orb or another of the other characters made any reappearnce. Just as long as it made sence, like if they'd made Orb into Londo Bell or something.
  9. I've yet to run into anyone who dislikes the French for a rational reason.
  10. and up till now, it's been kicking his ass for the entire series. 326576[/snapback] Exactly, and now that he's a "good guy" again and ZAFT is now the "bad guys" again he should get his payback.
  11. I want to see Mwu take out the Minerva the same way Rey took out the Girty Lue. He should be the one who gets that honor, he's been chasing the damned thing for the whole series.
  12. I'm going to have to see this one for myself...
  13. I wonder how it would do now if they remade it.
  14. Well not quite like the Inbit, but the Marduk mecha have an organic look to them too. http://www.anycities.com/user/macross2/mardukmechs.html
  15. Yeah I got a bit of a laugh from her pink flight suit.
  16. The funny thing is, I've run into people who say anime is lame, but on the other hand they'll see some of my sketches (mostly mechs with a strong Gundam influence) and say "Whoa, did you draw that, that's pretty bad!"
  17. Can someone play "the Crying Game" for me? Ivano Gunther sounds like a man's name to me... Come to think of it though, wasn't there a scene or two where he/she/it is dressed in armor with giant spikey things on it's shoulders? I guess that shoulda clued me in too. So sad. I'm gonna go watch some Vandread episodes so I can feel better about my ability to judge male from female anime characters. Maybe ol' Geppy is a female so when she possessed Ivano it femmed Ivano up? 325886[/snapback] I always though Gunther was a "metrosexual"...
  18. You can go to 4chan and there will most likely be someone there who can point you in that direction.
  19. I don't think those even were commandos, it looked like Gilbert's "Lacus" crew decided to act on thier own. For such a high profile target, and not even a GINN to back them up? Well at least it was nice to see Mwu using his old "Hawk of Endymion" emblem on his helmet again.
  20. Just about anything mainstreem here in the U.S. sucks. It still trips me out that people think all anime is for kids given the level of violence in some of them. Yeah I'd like to see what some of these people would say if they sat down and watched Kenshin butcher everyone in Samurai X. Or Alucard running around with his two oversized M-1911s blowing people apart. I think part of the problem is when people here think anime they of lame crap like Pokemon, that is specificaly for kids. Anyone ever watch hentai while stoned? Now that's a trip...
  21. I like the Varuta VFs and seeing Max and Millia in action again was cool.
  22. So much for my belief that Gilbert is the only smart person. Nothing like announcing that "dreams are pointless, here's your life mapped out for you" to kill your support. 324260[/snapback] All this because Talia stopped f*cking him...
  23. "Both sides...mass forces..." Either Orb has a big space fleet know one knew about, or all the scattered Alliance ships rally around the Archangel. I'd like to see Talia be the one to finally off Gilbert.
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