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  1. I'll get excited about it when I hear Morosawa got sacked from the project and isn't allowed within 100 yards of anyone involved with this project. And Okawara got replaced by I-almost-don't-even-care-who.
  2. MG Gundam X kits HG 1/100 SEED MSV kits. Gundam weapon sets and 1/144 Striker Packs MG 1/100 VF-11C, VF-19F/S, VF-17D/S, VF-22S, Fz-109 EX New Macross-class, Stargazer, Vallhalla, and Meltran Gunship A very detailed figure/statue of a Hellgast soldier. Detailed kits of, Jehuty, Anubis, Neith, Nephtis, Ardjet, Vic Viper, Phantoma, and Metal Gear Ray. Talking action figures of the Red vs Blue cast, including Vic, Andy and Gary. A life size Bernie Lomax "Doll". Cloud's bike, Fenrir. Not exaclty toys but... Seifer's trench coat Alucard's (Hellsing) suit
  3. It is the Red Frame. The Gelgoog-like armor it's equipped with is called the "Mars Jacket". This all came up since Lowe and the ReHOME went to Mars at the beginning of DESTINY ASTRAY. 369904[/snapback] The thing is, it's not Lowe piloting it this time. There was a pic on 4chan awhile ago of what was probably the pilot (he was standing next to it on the same page). It was some guy wering the kind of Alliance uniforms Extended pilots wear.
  4. The SEED series is definatly not beyond saving. All they'd need to do is axe Okawara and Morosawa. I mean think about it, they were the main reason Destiny is something that out to by flushed down a toilet. Okawara's ugly, half-assed rehases and Morosawa's sorry excuse for writing. Personaly I'd like to see a SEED version of 08th MS Team, or Lost War Chronicles.
  5. YES! I decided to give it one more shot, and Luther's @ss had an intimate meeting with my foot. I just had to keep Albel on Luther doing Aura Wall non-stop no matter what basicaly.
  6. Yeah I too love the difficultly of tri-Aces games. Still haven't beaten SO2 yet, since I keep tripping the damned games difficulty level every game. Druna Skass, you need about 15-25000 hp on your characters before you can deal with Luther and probably a different group set-up if your using Abel(quick but lacks strength). A good guide to your strength is going though the final level without getting killed and without taking short-cuts or avoiding enemies. I personally used the classic party set-up to beat him (Fighter, Multi-purpose character, mage/healer). Fayt, Cliff and Nel were my chacters with Fayt dealing the heavy damage(Dimension Door) from close to immediate ranges, Cliff giving close-up pressure and stunning at immediate ranges(Fists of Fury/Acrobat Locus/Hammer of Might), and finally Nel proving all-purpose support and damage via Whirlwind/Lighting Chain/Flying Guillotine It's also a smart bet to add those various immunity to damage(hp/mp) and immunity to status items to swords, armor, and items. Just what till you crack open that 'hidden' dungeon! YEAH BABY! YEAH! 343693[/snapback] Damnit, I guess that's what I get for being in a hurry to beat the game. I guess I'm spending a few hours in the Mosel Ruins.
  7. OK I've died about 20 times against Luther, and he always get's me with his Insanity Prelude. Fayte (HP around 8000), Cliff(HP around 10000), and Albel (HP around 10000) are my strongest guys. If anyone's laid the smack down on this guy, I'm open to suggestions. My main strategy consists of using Albel's Aura Wall to stun Luther. For the most part it works until he starts doing Insanity Prelude.
  8. If there is a new SEED, can't say I'd be optimistic unless, they stuck morosawa in a cage during the duration of the series and Okawara was only allowed to do clean-ups.
  9. I'll be intersting seeing GM/Dagger/Leo-like Earth units fighting Orbial Frame or LEV looking Martian units.
  10. This was great, that's all I can say. Especialy the beer cans in the light ball tubes.
  11. Conan the Destroyer. 338230[/snapback] T3, but then again I wouldn't really blame Ah-nold for that one. If anything I want to see True Lies sequel.
  12. Anyone have pics of the Federation battleships like the Aquaelie from Star Ocean Till the End of Time?
  13. I think Astray R goes into detail about how Andy managed to survive.
  14. Well if they like the new flashy stuff, show them Macross Zero. Sure it's about 10 years old, but Macross Plus still looks pretty nice, you can show them that one too.
  15. Ever hear the concept that two bad might begat a good? begat.... is that even a real word? Woohooo, I'm a success at poor writing thanks to the influence of the team Fukuda. 336038[/snapback] Yeah but that's math not genetics. If those two have a dominant Can't-write-for-crap gene, then that kid isn't going to be able to write for crap either.
  16. OK if banning the sale of violent games to kids is unconsitutional, then how come the same doesn't apply to porn? Is two lesbians going at it, more "damaging" to a kid than a game like Manhunt?
  17. I wonder if we'd still have problems like this if people were reqired to pass a test before they can legaly have a kid. Yeah games like Metal Gear Solid 3, Naval Ops, and Ace Combat are nothing more than shallow blood and gore games that can't hold a candle to any of the NES games.
  18. Does Fukuda and wife have a kid? If so, how old? May be we can have the toddler have a go. 335855[/snapback] No, don't even go there. Let's just say I don't want to be known for executing an entire family...
  19. I'd say points 2 and 3 Anubis brought up were the worst things about Destiny. What the hell happend to the Alliance, the only reason ZAFT even held the line in the last war was their technological edge, if they didn't have GENESIS in the last war, it would have been all over for them. But on the other hand it seems like the Alliance high command was always a bit on the incompetent side, who give command of their most advanced battleship, mobile suits, and their nuclear strike forces to a CEO?! It's just really REALLY annoying to see the Alliance get down graded like that after seeing them totaly trash Armory 1. Then with the whole unbalanced MS, it just made things boreing, you already knew what was going to happen. Is Murasame really that much more better than the Windam? If it wasn't for Archangel Orb would have taken out Minerva at that point, I don't care how good Shinn is he's only one person and he can't be a several places at once. A 9th grader can write better than these morons.
  20. They should have had Neuman go into SEED mode and throw the Archangel around like it was some mobile armor on horse steroids.
  21. I'm all for punishing parents who don't keep their jackass kids in line. But I don't really see anything wrong with this, stores aren't supposed to be selling these games to kids, and in the end this law could shift more blame to the parents. Now if a kid wants to get a game like Manhunt, then the parent would have to buy it for them, meaning the parent would now know it has violence and what not in it. It also looks like they're strating to realize games aren't just for kids, so companies might be more willing to push the envelope on what content they put in their games. It's not like they're banning the game outright or anything, so now that violent games are treated in a similar manner as cigs or booze, so now if some de de dee parent tries to sue a game company because their kid is a out of control little sh!t the company can just say, "well who bought it for him?"
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