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  1. I agree. Nanashi's Information Group www.nanashino.info www.macrossmechanics.info www.unspacy.info www.zjentohlauedy.info
  2. The VF-171 looks awesome! Even though it not accurate as it could be.... I bought an Experten VF-4 (Ichijyo type) variable kit. Woo hoo! ^o^ Nanashi's Information Group www.nanashino.info www.macrossmechanics.info www.unspacy.info www.zjentohlauedy.info
  3. It is from the new Variable Fighter Master - File VF-1 Valkyrie book. - Nanashi's Information Group
  4. You are right. How careless of me. Corrected: http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/vf1-main_wing.jpg The rest is word for word. Nanashi's Information Group
  5. While we are on the subject.... Some reference material: Nanashi's Information Group
  6. OTM newly-developed materials (hyper-carbon etc.) would of course allow for super-strong and thin formed nozzle structure/assemblies to be fabricated (hehe). I don't like the "WARNING HOT AIR" notice.... they should probably says 'WARNING HOT GAS'. Actually, Shoji Kawamori drew the VF-4 in detail with "V.E. BLAST" (Vernier Exhaust Blast- ?) painted at the vernier thruster locations. -Nanashi's Information Group
  7. http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/gu11_and_loader_cart.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/vf1-pilot_suits.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/vf1-ejection_seats.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf4/vf4g-photo1.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf4/vf4g-photo2.jpg -Nanashi's Information Group
  8. With Shoji Kawamori listed as Supervisor, I wonder if we are to assume that this work (with its revisions/apparent mistakes/omissions) is as official as the Variable Fighter's Aero-report of the first This is Animation Special Macross Plus.... There is no mention of the VF-1B The VF-0's gunpod.... should be GPU-9 not GU-9.... F/A-20N Dragon II..... What happened to the Tigershark? No more F203 / F-203 designation? So now its okay for the VF-1 to have more than 2 hardpoints per wing? Regardless... must start translating.... -Nanashi's Information Group
  9. Its sitting on my hard drive in pieces... incomplete. -Nanashi's Information Group
  10. Ack.... forgot this one comment: Why does everyone always forget the VF-1's long-range anti-air reaction missile? Everyone either forgets about it, gets it confused with the RMS-1 large-sized anti-warship reaction projectile or doesn't even know it exists.... : ( www.macrossmecha.info
  11. At first glance it seems like a modern day MAT book.... there is actually unofficial MAT stuff mixed in. I wonder why Ninomiya's concept of specialized ground-attack variant VF-1G of Model Graphix got changed to a variant that appears it should be designated the VEFR-1. Finally, the AMM of the composite-guided multipurpose missile AMM-1's designation is explained.... Air-launched Medium-range Missile. Is it official? Probably not.... : ( Lots of new fan-created model numbers and ideas. What is up with the square-shaped radar antenna/FCS? Pretty cool schematics and CG..... but.... hardly a comprehensive official master file.... www.macrossmecha.info
  12. Back to the subject of gun pods from Macross Chronicle #22.... I'm surprised that no one has made a comment concerning the mislabeling of the VF-11B's 30mm Vulcan gun pod as "GU-15". The GU-15 is of course the YF-19/VF-19's gun pod. This isn't the first mistake I've noticed with the Chronicles. There are actually quite a few. Perhaps a separate pinned errata thread is needed. -Nanashi's Information Group
  13. 'Giant' is written as 巨人 (kyujin) as in giant race/people meaning Zjentohlauedy. -Nanashi's Information Group
  14. It says "8-engined all-wing giant['s] bomber" referring to the Northrop [Grumman] err, I mean Wingthrop SB-10/10 seen in Macross Plus and designated with the PlayStation video game Macross VF-X 2. The word 'giant' does not refer to the enormous size of the aerospace craft, but rather to its operators: giant Zjentohlauedy affiliated with the U.N. Spacy/UNAF/U.N.S. Air Force. -Nanashi's Information Group
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