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  1. He lived long and he certainly prospered. Goodbye old friend, please send our love to Mr. Doohan and Mr. Kelly when you see them.
  2. Its no joke. Its a little thing called "Exponential growth."
  3. Wow...I felt like I just got punched in the gut. I actually feel really heartbroken over his loss. It's always sad when you hear a famous actor pass away, but effect feels even more compounded when its someone you enjoyed watching since being a wee lad, to say nothing of the circumstances surrounding the loss. I also kinda felt like we lost one of our own too, as he was every bit the geek like the rest of us are. Damn shame indeed. Rest in peace dear sir, and for all the laughs we've got to enjoy.
  4. Ah gotcha wasn't clear on that and now I know, thanks guys. Well after all this, I gotta say these next few days will pretty boring now. Nothing like a premature finish to ruin your popcorn party eh guys? I can only imagine what's happening at HG....
  5. Not long I guess, as the rest of us will get blamed too. Now that this... odd surrealism has passed, will HG be returning the funds? Mr. Mckeever said so himself right guys? Right?
  6. Umm...wha.... I don't even... I can only imagine how Keith will react to the sight of that...
  7. Please do. If your can, try to get some photos. I want to see the emptiness for my self.
  8. Why am I suddenly reminded of North Korea as I read that sentence? Hell I'll bet they have a private office slogan, going along the lines of "Robotech Macross is BEST Macross!". Yikes.
  9. Fairy lemurs eh? They can be threatening ya know, if given the right antagonistic look. This one's on me HG. Your welcome. EDIT: I regret nothing.
  10. You forgot to add real estsate( ) in there. http://www.harmonygoldproperties.com/ Now back to our regularly scheduled waiting game.
  11. Are you cool with toy pics? http://gbmshop.blogspot.com/2013/09/vf-27-super-lucifer-brera-sterne.html
  12. Ah the new series speculation roller coster... ...oh how I missed this ride.
  13. Okay I just saw the film myself and l gotta admit, it turned out better than expected for me. Then again my expectations were low so yeah. Also...
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