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  1. I agree. Nanashi's Information Group www.nanashino.info www.macrossmechanics.info www.unspacy.info www.zjentohlauedy.info
  2. The VF-171 looks awesome! Even though it not accurate as it could be.... I bought an Experten VF-4 (Ichijyo type) variable kit. Woo hoo! ^o^ Nanashi's Information Group www.nanashino.info www.macrossmechanics.info www.unspacy.info www.zjentohlauedy.info
  3. It is from the new Variable Fighter Master - File VF-1 Valkyrie book. - Nanashi's Information Group
  4. You are right. How careless of me. Corrected: http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/vf1-main_wing.jpg The rest is word for word. Nanashi's Information Group
  5. While we are on the subject.... Some reference material: Nanashi's Information Group
  6. OTM newly-developed materials (hyper-carbon etc.) would of course allow for super-strong and thin formed nozzle structure/assemblies to be fabricated (hehe). I don't like the "WARNING HOT AIR" notice.... they should probably says 'WARNING HOT GAS'. Actually, Shoji Kawamori drew the VF-4 in detail with "V.E. BLAST" (Vernier Exhaust Blast- ?) painted at the vernier thruster locations. -Nanashi's Information Group
  7. http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/gu11_and_loader_cart.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/vf1-pilot_suits.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf1/vf1-ejection_seats.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf4/vf4g-photo1.jpg http://users.fini.net/~ed/vv/vf4/vf4g-photo2.jpg -Nanashi's Information Group
  8. With Shoji Kawamori listed as Supervisor, I wonder if we are to assume that this work (with its revisions/apparent mistakes/omissions) is as official as the Variable Fighter's Aero-report of the first This is Animation Special Macross Plus.... There is no mention of the VF-1B The VF-0's gunpod.... should be GPU-9 not GU-9.... F/A-20N Dragon II..... What happened to the Tigershark? No more F203 / F-203 designation? So now its okay for the VF-1 to have more than 2 hardpoints per wing? Regardless... must start translating.... -Nanashi's Information Group
  9. Its sitting on my hard drive in pieces... incomplete. -Nanashi's Information Group
  10. Ack.... forgot this one comment: Why does everyone always forget the VF-1's long-range anti-air reaction missile? Everyone either forgets about it, gets it confused with the RMS-1 large-sized anti-warship reaction projectile or doesn't even know it exists.... : ( www.macrossmecha.info
  11. At first glance it seems like a modern day MAT book.... there is actually unofficial MAT stuff mixed in. I wonder why Ninomiya's concept of specialized ground-attack variant VF-1G of Model Graphix got changed to a variant that appears it should be designated the VEFR-1. Finally, the AMM of the composite-guided multipurpose missile AMM-1's designation is explained.... Air-launched Medium-range Missile. Is it official? Probably not.... : ( Lots of new fan-created model numbers and ideas. What is up with the square-shaped radar antenna/FCS? Pretty cool schematics and CG..... but.... hardly a comprehensive official master file.... www.macrossmecha.info
  12. Back to the subject of gun pods from Macross Chronicle #22.... I'm surprised that no one has made a comment concerning the mislabeling of the VF-11B's 30mm Vulcan gun pod as "GU-15". The GU-15 is of course the YF-19/VF-19's gun pod. This isn't the first mistake I've noticed with the Chronicles. There are actually quite a few. Perhaps a separate pinned errata thread is needed. -Nanashi's Information Group
  13. 'Giant' is written as 巨人 (kyujin) as in giant race/people meaning Zjentohlauedy. -Nanashi's Information Group
  14. It says "8-engined all-wing giant['s] bomber" referring to the Northrop [Grumman] err, I mean Wingthrop SB-10/10 seen in Macross Plus and designated with the PlayStation video game Macross VF-X 2. The word 'giant' does not refer to the enormous size of the aerospace craft, but rather to its operators: giant Zjentohlauedy affiliated with the U.N. Spacy/UNAF/U.N.S. Air Force. -Nanashi's Information Group
  15. Looks like Macross Ace #001 has sold out on Amazon Japan and is at #70 of all Japanese book sales on site.... I am glad I got my copy. I love it. I really like the new uniforms and flight suits of Macross-The First. Welcome back HAL. I am also glad to see so much mecha art.
  16. http://www.macrossmecha.info/ac/qf4000/qf4000.html http://www.macrossmecha.info/a/apsf01+/apsf01+.html Nanashi's Information Group www.macrossmecha.info
  17. The current entry for the Auerstadt can be found here: http://www.macrossmecha.info/fs/auerstadt/auerstadt.html Nanashi's Information Group www.macrossmecha.imfo
  18. Back in 1987, Shoji Kawamori wrote on VF-4 detail design sheets for the Musas[h]iya 1/72 VF-4 fighter mode kit which had the words the words 'ram air nozzle' and 'ram wing nozzle'. The ram wing nozzles can move up and down to act as air brakes. There is a lot of BS on that Wikipedia entry. I am compiling a VF-4 entry here. Remember to look to the Macross Compendium or the site below: www.macrossmecha.info
  19. Formerly know as the Macross World forums member 'Nanashi'.

  20. Did anyone notice has sold out on Amazon Japan less than a week after being released? I am glad I pre-ordered mine. Actually, package was here in my city, in Virginia on the 22nd amazingly a day after being released in Japan. What sucked was FedEx lied about trying to deliver it on Saturday. I had eyes and ears on the the front of the house continuously and never seen nor heard a peep from the carrier. So after all that, I had to wait until Christmas Eve before I could run through the goods. Sadly, there isn't anything I don't already have as far as line-art from production design sheet collections and books. I was really hope I would get some new line-art, like of that ship escorting the Prometheus from the DYRL game. Alas none..... : ( But it is good to have the newest best possible quality to make screen captures for my site. www.macrossmecha.info
  21. New Macross class ships use the designator NCV not NEW. The hull number for the M-Frontier is NCV-025 and the M-Galaxy's is NCV-021. Please see attached screen capture beow: www.macrossmecha.info
  22. There were no ships shown in Macross Frontier that were of the same type as the Algenicus. A new type of ship was depicted however. www.macrossmecha.info
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