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  1. Well he is PART right In that RTD is ending Who after next year the BASTARD!!!!
  2. He means Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons
  3. Jack and Nina were never Married just F$%K buddies
  4. Jack and Nina were never Married just F$%K buddies
  5. Jack's Father will return (Jack has a new Mystery relative that aint so new) Someone at CTU will go to the great agencey in the Sky making room for two people to workthings out. (Its NOT Chloe and Morris) and People who thought Josh was Jack's Bastard son have it all wrong (the truth is FAR worse)
  6. Hows this for Confimation. check this page as well http://www.animepunch.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8586
  7. A Blow up of Harry's costume that I saw in Toy's R Us
  8. For a minute there I thought it was the Library that was re directing the page some censor thingy. Good to know its not just me. Edit: I tried .net/forums when I log on I get the .com cyber squatter page http://animepunch.com/forums/index.php?sid...1b8328471c2b54d
  9. 20 Bucks says that Audry is still alive and that this is one big mind frell.
  10. Here's a thought how come the hyperdermic Didnt melt when Claire tried to Stab Teddy!?!?
  11. Nope Hannah is Anti HRG so why work in the Lions Den??
  12. So what was your favorite part of the ep?
  13. Any one else laugh when Simone got shot?? I just knew she was gonna buy it.
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