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  1. I don't have the really old Hasegawa F-14s with the raised paneling - I haven't seen those. I have the 80s version with very finely recessed panel lines - I'm afraid they'd disappear with a coat or two of paint, shape seems really good and all the panels are there, just no riveting. I've heard that they are a bitch to align and get the gaps out - a bit over engineered from what I've been told. I do love the GWH, just wished the RIO coaming was correct. I have the original F-14D that were in the magazines from FineMolds - I didn't know they were rare - I was hoping to turn one of those to a F-14B.
  2. Hi @Urashiman - I have both the FineMolds and GWH and the Hasegawas. I don't know if I'll build the older Hasegawas, maybe as in flight someday (they just don't hold up to the current kits I even have all the resin Verlinden aftermarket stuff and even those don't hold up to the current stuff). The GWH is amazing except for the RIO console housing, its just way too narrow to display it with the canopy open - its just fine if you close the canopy. If you want canopy open, there are amazing 3D printed cockpit instrumentation that are leaps above and beyond Photoetched stuff from a Russian company called Quinta. They have North American hobby companies that carry their stuff as well. The wings are great as it has great flaps, slats and even spoilers which is rare. Just don't use the GWH decals or the instructions, its placement is suspect of some of the data stenciling and the graphics are way too large on a few items and wrong placement on the sparrow missile stripes. The FineMolds seems to be begging to be built with everything opened to see all the access panels. Can't wait to see your build, most importantly, have fun! Don't worry, we're not ARC around here 😛
  3. Yes, I'm planning on sleeping through this and hope some fellow Canadians would posts some local sources soon after (TIA!)
  4. Woohoo!!! MyKombi asked for Super Parts shipping payment!!!
  5. UPDATE: received the DHL pkg today! Just a DHL bag around the box, no bubble wrap, the outer box is almost exactly the right size so there's less room to move, but I did get a slight crease at the corners of my real box inside - luckily I'm not a box nazi, but I still like clean boxes. Woohoo, they just left it at my door without asking for Brokerage or Duties - has anyone experienced this from Canada? I'm sure to get a bill later on as FedEx did this once a few years back. Did they change the plastic sheet around the plane from other Bandais - its covered in a frosted plastic sheet instead of the clear plastic sheet. The paint apps are gorgeous, makes me glad I missed the 04 in the original release and I'm too cheap to buy it to complete the set at the inflated prices. I hope it doesn't look too out of place with the rest of the older VF-31s. Overall I find it floppier, slight looser than the first release. Because its floppier, I found it easier to massage the arms in place and get the canons pointed correctly and that dreaded gap behind the canopy can be massaged away more easily. However, the nosecone seems to be easily rotated slightly off true (which bugs me, I wished it had a notch or some detent that keep it pointing true) and the wings on mine still don't peg into the legs (I'm going to refrain from sanding them till I get the Super Parts to see how it integrates with those). Its slightly less swooshable due to its floppiness, but slight nicer as a display piece to just look at (less gaps if you massage them and don't pick it up). I find the gun underneath doesn't clip to the front like the previous one did - might just be my variation in my batch. Oh well, you win some and you loose some, its a nice looking piece sitting there and I really can't wait for the super packs, I love how they attach to the side now instead of sitting on top - huge improvement design wise!
  6. @no3Ljm I believe they came with the Yamato GBP set - I think they are the perfect hand size upgrade, not too big not too small.
  7. So glad to see you're taking this on John! I'm sure it will be wonderful. Might I add my 2 cents in its development, I would suggest you start with the standard valkyrie forward fuselage as the curves and details are already quite established and you can see that the designs all have a common forward fuselage like the VF-4 and VF-1. The mid sections is obvious that K based it on the F-15, so take as many details from that real world aircraft as you can. Designing aircraft is a very different beast than armor or other mechs so I would always steal as much from real aircraft as possible instead of making it up, the rear landing gears could just be a copy of the F-15 gears and in the same placement as the real aircraft as well and the forward gears just be the VF-1 forward gear or if you keep with the F-15 styling, the single wheeled gear from the F-15 too. I wished I had time for resin kits nowadays...
  8. I can confirm how gorgeous @Anasazi37 decals were! I might still prefer my old version over the new Bandai one after his decals.
  9. Still waiting for mine to arrive, LP gave me a DHL tracking number, but it was 4 days later for the actual DHL pickup and its been in transit with DHL for 8 days now. I'm just expecting to be hit with a big brokerage & customs/duties fee any day now - argh.
  10. wm cheng

    Hi-Metal R

    With this be a World Wide Release or has that not gone into effect for Macross Zero? Hoping to get in Canada if its not too marked up with crazy shipping - these 1/100 are kinda small for something around $200cdn (including S&H)
  11. Mine is on its way by DHL is slow (been 7 days transit already - now no updates) and their customs & brokerage the worst of the 3 couriers - but this isn't LP's fault. Luna Park was always the last resort (like NY was) its only when I can't secure a pre-order anywhere else, they always seem to still have something at a slight markup. I haven't had much luck securing one on release date that wasn't marked up more than LP. Is this AX still available anywhere now? I hear your frustration @borgified especially a fellow Canadian.
  12. YES PLEASE!!! I have the old Galaxy Explorer from my childhood, built it again with my daughter a few years ago, what a great set - all I'm missing over all these years is that darn antenna. I'd love to have a new revised version next to my old one to see what 40yrs of my life has gone through 😛
  13. Amazing @Chronocidal! Really captures the shape so much better.
  14. Your angle is a little low for perspective. If you were looking at someone eye level, you want their eyes to line up with the people's eyes in the distant background. The imaginary horizon should cross the subject's eye level too, so the 5'-10" line on the doors (3/4 way up) in the background should be at eye level to your figures (showing more ground) if your point of view is at eye level around 5'-10". Right now your eye level is about ankle high like a mouse. Hope that helps.
  15. @Lolicon yep Mandrake is definitely legit and have gotten a few good things from them in the past. They are also very picky at their condition descriptors, often I can't find the "slightly package damage". Yep Canadians are dinged every time on FedEx, Purolator or DHL badly. EMS is the best option as I get a 75% success rate of no customs but that has ended temporarily and is not an option in the near future for Canadians. It has added about $100cdn to the cost of all our Pandemic Valks recently I found.
  16. Wow, got a pretty quick email response saying that the parcel is ready and I should receive it by next week (hope its pack ok).
  17. Haven't heard a word from Luna Park (ordered it the day of the pre-order when I missed out on all the usual online stores). I emailed them today with a very polite ask - we'll see if anything comes of that.
  18. YES I 1000% agree @Thom - had many arguments about it, but always lost out to the practicalities of accommodating the shooting crew. You never want a grumpy crew on your hands as Art Dept would be the first to be blamed as we usually aren't on set late into the night of a 18hr shoot. Small sets means its difficult to light and you have to wild out walls to allow for shooting which slows down the crew and restricts the director's choices in long tracking shots - believe me I've heard all the excuses. It's hard to argue when time is against you especially on a TV series and not a feature. But yes, everything is huge - at least we don't have that cavernous interior or nothing for the turbo lifts to roller coaster through on Discovery!!!🤣 On K-19 (old Russian Sub) the sets had to be designed to break apart (wild) 1/3rd - 2/3rds on train tracks because they were so heavy to allow the camera into those tight quarters, shots had to be planned months in advance to have a schedule that allowed wilding of such major pieces (but that was a Harrison Ford feature!)
  19. Not a bad price @borgified especially if its $14.99 flat shipping and no customs or brokerage fees - but I'm not a real fan of the YF-29 so I think I'm going to pass on it. But I'm definitely looking forward to this if we get more Macross Stuff available in Canada!!! Thanks for letting me know about a Canadian Store/site - this would be a huge bonus if it can pan out for other releases that I want in the future.
  20. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Gorgeous work @arbit. Does the Blast shield come up too? You need a few on-deck hands and shooter. I wished there was another Valkyrie in the back waiting in the wings. Looks amazing, you should be proud.
  21. Are you saying there is a Shapeways figures of these? I'd love some.
  22. Meh... when are they ever going to do a gold chrome C-3PO (gold paint doesn't cut it anymore)? Is that windshield a new specific part?
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